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Compare the Top Artificial Intelligence Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best Artificial Intelligence software currently available using the table below.

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    Lô đề số Low code, intelligent process automation of your content. Quickly build and deploy AI workflows that orchestrate an ecosystem of best-of-breed AI models. Transform audio, video, text and data content into actionable intelligence, at scale, with no AI expertise. Leverage digital workers to save manual review time, gain valuable data insights, and cognitively enrich applications and business processes. Contact us to discuss your content automation challenges.

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    Lô đề số The training data platform for AI teams. A machine learning model is only as good as its training data. Labelbox is an end-to-end platform to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place, while supporting your production pipeline with powerful APIs. Powerful image labeling tool for image classification, object detection and segmentation. When every pixel matters, you need accurate and intuitive image segmentation tools. Customize the tools to support your specific use case, including instances, custom attributes and much more. Performant video labeling editor for cutting-edge computer vision. Label directly on the video up to 30 FPS with frame level. Additionally, Labelbox provides per frame label feature analytics enabling you to create better models faster. Creating training data for natural language intelligence has never been easier. Label text strings, conversations, paragraphs, and documents with fast & customizable classification.

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    Azul Systems

    Zulu Embedded™ is the only fully certified, completely customizable 100% open source Java platform for embedded systems plus IoT and IIoT edge devices, gateways and dedicated applications. Across a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Zulu Embedded™ meets all Java SE standards and requires no coding changes to your application. Leverage industry-standard Java tools for development and profiling. As a pure, 100% open source offering there are no license fees. Every Zulu Embedded support plan offers redistribution-ready downloadable runtimes, access to all security updates, technical troubleshooting, and a wide set of packaging alternatives. We will work with you to determine the bundle requirements, support, and pricing model needed to match your requirements.

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    Fraud.net Icon



    Fraud.net delivers the world’s most advanced infrastructure for fraud management – powered by a sophisticated collective intelligence network, world class artificial intelligence, and a modern, cloud-based platform that helps you: * Unify fraud data from any source with a single connection. * Detect fraudulent activity for 99.5%+ transactions in real-time. * Respond to fraudulent transactions with smarter, faster, and more accurate decisions. * Optimize fraud management by uncovering hidden insights in terabytes of data. Fraud.net is a real-time, enterprise-strength fraud prevention and analytics solution organized around its business customers’ needs. Through a single point of command, it unifies and analyzes data from disparate systems and sources, tracks digital identities and behaviors, and then deploys the latest tools and technologies to stamp out fraudulent activity while allowing good transactions to sail through. Contact us today for a free trial.

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    SkySpark Icon



    SkyFoundry’s software solutions help clients derive value from their investments in smart systems. Our SkySpark analytics platform automatically analyzes data from automation and control systems, metering systems, sensors and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. SkySpark helps building owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.

    Starting Price: $60.00/one-time
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    Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization  Icon

    Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization

    Smart Software

    Smart Software is a leading provider of demand planning, inventory optimization and supply chain analytics solutions headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA. Founded in 1984 Smart has helped thousands of customers plan for future demand utilizing industry-leading statistical analytics. Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization (IP&O) is the company’s next generation suite of native web applications, helping inventory carrying organizations reduce inventory, improve service levels and streamline Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning. Smart IP&O, hosted on Amazon Web Services, is a Digital Supply Chain Platform driving three applications: demand planning, inventory optimization, and dashboard reporting. Smart IP&O functions as a transparent extension of our customers’ ERP systems of choice, receiving daily transaction data and returning forecasts and inventory policy values to drive replenishment and production planning.

  • 7
    LiveHelpNow Suite Icon

    LiveHelpNow Suite


    Fully integrated customer service suite meeting all of your customers' needs. All channels of support in one solution: Live Chat, SMS-to-chat, Chat Bots, Email management, Knowledge base management, VoIP Call Management, contact center analytics. Quick and easy installation, no setup fees, no contracts. Hosted with 99.999% uptime and financial grade AES-256 bit encryption. HIPAA, ADA and PCI compliant. #1 rated 7 years running as best live chat and SMS help desk platform #84 Inc 500 fastest growing company

    Starting Price: $21.00/month/user
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    Perfect Channel Icon

    Perfect Channel

    Lô đề sốPerfect Channel

    Lô đề số We build B2B and B2C marketplaces, increasing efficiency and transparency in our clients business processes. We are experts in auction technology, deploying diagnostic tools to deploy the most effectic auction models for any given marketplace. We overlay our markets with Data Science in the form of ML and AI, utilising real-time analytics and prediction algorithms.

  • 9
    User.com Icon



    User.com is a full-stack marketing automation software for all your messaging and relationships with customers. User.com is a single platform with many features providing you with easy-to-use, robust tools for marketing, sales, and support teams. Use the various features to send consistent communication to your customers across a variety of channels, from email marketing, live chat, web and mobile push, SMS messaging, call centers, and more, turning every visitor into happy customers. See every piece of data and measure everything with all activities organized in a single place, that can be customized to show only essential metrics as you determine, to make actionable decisions easy. Ready to check it out? Sign up for a free 14 day trial now at User.com →

    Starting Price: $49.00/month
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    Scandy Pro Icon

    Scandy Pro


    Scandy Pro for iOS allows users to capture full-color 3D scans. Compatible with iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro. and the new iPad Pro (2018 editions or later). Users can save scans and share files as .ply, .stl, or .obj formats. All rendering is done on-device and there is no need to register or store files in the cloud. Every user is provided with one free mesh save every day. Unlimited saves provided with the purchase of a subscription.

    Starting Price: Free
  • 11
    Roux Icon



    Add 3D vision to your app with ease. The Roux SDK provides a robust, stable, simple API for developers to interact with a multitude of depth-sensors. You don’t need to be a computer vision expert to use Roux. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating a program that uses 3D data in innovative ways. Natively fix flying pixels, auto-patch over exposed meshes - from scanning to SLAM, Roux makes it all possible. Roux does more than just create beautiful 3D scans. Our proprietary technology includes the features other teams would need to build from scratch. Live, on-device, collaborative tracking, scanning, meshing, and SLAM. Scandy’s existing 3D software allows your team to hit the ground running on iOS, MacOS and Linux. Initializing the SDK is easy – drop the framework into your project and you are ready to go. We’ve done the heavy lifting on the computer vision side to make your development lighter.

    Starting Price: $99/month Partner badge
  • 12
    Raima Database Manager (RDM) Icon

    Raima Database Manager (RDM)


    Raima Database Manager is an embedded in-memory database for IoT and Edge devices. It is an extremely powerful, lightweight and secure RDBMS . Field tested by over 20 000 developers worldwide and has more than 25 000 000 deployments.

  • 13
    Site24x7 Icon


    Lô đề sốManageEngine

    Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations within small to large organizations. The solution monitors the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure, including private and public clouds. End-user experience monitoring is done from more than 100 locations across the world and various wireless carriers.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month
  • 14
    PRTG Network Monitor Icon

    PRTG Network Monitor


    Lô đề số PRTG Network Monitor is an all-inclusive monitoring software solution developed by Paessler. Equipped with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with a cutting-edge monitoring engine, PRTG Network Monitor optimizes connections and workloads as well as reduces operational costs by avoiding outages while saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs). The solution is packed specialized monitoring features that include flexible alerting, cluster failover solution, distributed monitoring, in-depth reporting, maps and dashboards, and more.

    Starting Price: € 1300.00/one-time
  • 15
    Vialatm Icon



    Simple and flexible GPS tracking and IoT platform. Basic functionality is free of charge. Vialatm is an easy-to-use web service with key features: one platform for GPS tracking and IOT; wide range of vehicle/personal trackers and mobile applications; work with BLE sensors and IoT devices; access via Web, Android, and IOS applications, with the possibility of receiving push events notifications; reports and graphs to monitor and analyze the operation of objects; convenient interface for defining event notifications; opportunity to structure objects into groups; creating your users and assigning roles for them; creating links for external observers (for an object or group of objects); a built-in scripting language that allows you to customize the business logic of the platform flexible; access via REST API for enhanced capabilities and integration with other systems; interface in 12 languages ​​(no problem to quickly add a new language).

    Starting Price: $0
  • 16
    DevicePilot Icon



    DevicePilot delivers Operational Excellence for IoT by giving you and your teams powerful tools to deliver IoT at scale. With our zero code integrations and click and pick query builders, everyone can get deliver operational improvements faster giving your IoT projects more impact. Instantly understand where your devices are, where they have been and how long they spent there Track uptime by any device property over any time period - eg maker by month, temperature by minute Combine this with any other relational or streaming data to build on your insights Give access to anyone on your team who can drive improvements in efficiencies - our tools are designed to be used by business people and techies alike.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
  • 17
    VoiceboxMD Icon



    Advanced medical dictation software is built for physicians and practitioners. Works on all EHR platforms and mobile.

  • 18
    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics Icon

    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics


    SensrTrx is manufacturing productivity and analytics software that provides real-time visibility on the factory floor that helps reduce downtime, improve on-time delivery, and increase profitability of manufacturing companies. SensrTrx empowers manufacturers to start small, think big, move fast, and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing productivity and analytics software.

  • 19
    Manage Petro Fuel Delivery Icon

    Manage Petro Fuel Delivery

    Manage Petro

    Lô đề số Manage Petro Software is a SaaS software company based in Canada that was founded in 2008 and offers a software product called Manage Petro FMS Software. Manage Petro Fuel Delivery features training via documentation, live online, webinars, and in-person sessions. Manage Petro is the only fully integrated cloud software on the market today that provides real-time data from our advanced mobile App and back office management solutions. FMS system automatically and instantly updates your order/work order, dispatch, billing, Fuel/ Inventory/Fleet management and accounting with a single entry.

  • 20
    DataMelt Icon



    DataMelt (or "DMelt") is an environment for numeric computation, data analysis, data mining, computational statistics, and data visualization. DataMelt can be used to plot functions and data in 2D and 3D, perform statistical tests, data mining, numeric computations, function minimization, linear algebra, solving systems of linear and differential equations. Linear, non-linear and symbolic regression are also available. Neural networks and various data-manipulation methods are integrated using Java API. Elements of symbolic computations using Octave/Matlab scripting are supported. DataMelt is a computational environment for Java platform. It can be used with different programming languages on different operating systems. Unlike other statistical programs, it is not limited to a single programming language. This software combines the world's most-popular enterprise language, Java, with the most popular scripting language used in data science, such as Jython (Python), Groovy, JRuby.

    Starting Price: 0
  • 21
    Logistics Cloud (aka PLTX Suite) Icon

    Logistics Cloud (aka PLTX Suite)


    The Freightgate Logistics Cloud is a full platform with preconfigured services specialized for Logistics, from global visibility, multimodal rate management, BPMN compliance workflows, sales and quote automation to zero touch dispatch, document generation and data stream management {API, EDI, XML, SOAP, REST and so much more} Freightgate even tracking via AIS satellites, mobile apps, ELD connections as well as proprietary sensors] Comprehensive Compliance offerings {10+2, CBP record keeping, DPS, FMC)

    Starting Price: one-time setup & concurrent sessions
  • 22
    Indigo DRS Data Reporting Systems Icon

    Indigo DRS Data Reporting Systems

    Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting Systems

    Lô đề số Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System for Rapid Report Development (RRD) using HTML, XML, XSLT, XQuery and Python to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with HTML. Representing the ultimate in reporting software our advanced technology and reusable reporting system is a powerhouse in data reporting. Indigo DRS is totally unique in its ability to query in XQuery, Python and SQL and use data from multiple different sources and types simultaneously making it the only choice for demanding business, financial, scientific and engineering reporting. With advanced reporting features, unmatched functionality and effortless integration of this powerful software technology into your business you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities!

    Starting Price: $500 per month / user
  • 23
    TensorFlow Icon



    TensorFlow is a software business that publishes a software suite called TensorFlow. TensorFlow is machine learning software, and includes features such as model training, statistical / mathematical tools, and visualization. Alternative competitor software options to TensorFlow include Mintrics, Splunk Cloud, and Dataiku DSS.

  • 24
    Google Cloud Platform Icon

    Google Cloud Platform


    Lô đề số Build What’s Next. Better software. Faster. Use Google's core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning. Secure and fully featured for all enterprises. Committed to open source and industry leading price-performance. Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul. Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products. Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance. From virtual machines with proven price/performance advantages to a fully managed app development platform. Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases for your applications. State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network. Fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.

    Starting Price: $0.01
  • 25
    Smith.ai Live Website Chat Icon

    Smith.ai Live Website Chat


    Lô đề số Smith.ai Live Website Chat is the fastest & friendliest way to capture, screen & convert website leads. Our Live Chat agents answer questions, screen leads & schedule appointments 24/7. Custom AI chatbots can assist with screening basic questions so you maximize meaningful interactions. Pay for relevant chats only. Easy setup on all website platforms. Instant chat transcripts in your email & CRM. Instant chat transcripts in your email & CRM. SMS and Facebook Messenger included. Let customers call you with Chat to Call. Smith.ai Live Chat is the most effective & affordable way to convert website leads to grow your business.

    Starting Price: $140/month
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What's the Best Artificial Intelligence Software?

Artificial Intelligence was once limited to movies and science fiction. Today, it is readily available. AI is accessible via computer and will be available on more devices in the future. So, what does artificial intelligence actually mean?

Lô đề sốIn 1955, John McCarthy, from Dartmouth College, created the term. He did so, while making a proposition for an AI summer research project. Since then, artificial intelligence, has been interpreted and defined by a number of scholars. Famous Scientist Marvin Minsky described AI as the science of creating machines that could do things as humans do. It is also referred to as the process of using computers, to perform exercises, that is generally expected of humans. Artificial Intelligence tasks include speech recognition, speech translation and visual observation.

In theory, artificial intelligence represents an extensive range of comprehensive principles that instructs a computer to perform, in relation to, a skillful human being. A system of neural networks are used in order to make AI possible. Neural networks, which resemble neurons in a human brain, allow computers to assimilate observational data and identify digital handwriting. Machine learning is another practical approach to AI. It is based on the suggestion that we should provide machines with data, and allow them to learn the information by themselves. The computer uses a communication algorithm to teach itself. The deep learning method is based on deeper analysis, data representation and pattern recognition. Deep learning software masters digital data, audio and visual impressions.

Technology makes substantial amounts of data available for the advancement of artificial intelligence. Recent works have been focused on business problem solving. Artificial intelligence is also being incorporated into various business plans. This type of intelligent planning and problem solving, equips businesses with a greater sense of empowerment.

What does Artificial Intelligence Software do?

Artificial intelligence programs are proficient and capable of smart behavior. This type of software is able to learn and solve problems. The two kinds of AI software are pure AI and applied AI. Pure AI is the algorithm software, which is provided with an applied set of data. Applied AI software automates work that has already been produced and uses it to develop new findings.

This advanced software is abundant in various applications. Current and future applications include virtual assistants, digital check scanners, facial recognition software, spam filters, online shopping and internet advertisements.

Artificial intelligence software is innovative and made possible because of data, computer storage and various algorithms. Evolving research helps with new ideas and experiences. Artificial intelligence continues to exceed limits and press through the most difficult barriers. Extensive dialogue continues to take place regarding the possibilities of artificial intelligence and what it can do for the world.