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Compare the Top Billing and Invoicing Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best Billing and Invoicing software currently available using the table below.

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    BQE Software

    Lô đề số Effortlessly provide principals, project managers, and entire staff with the information they need. Monitor KPIs like project performance, time and expense, and profitability on BQE Core Architect's powerful dashboard. Watch real-time status of tasks by phase, track progress, and compare budgeted hours and costs vs. actual so nothing falls through the cracks. Efficiently allocate resources with interactive Gantt charts and accurately forecast every time. Manage your new sales opportunities, activities, and performance through Core CRM, specifically built to address the needs of professional services. Discover how BQE Core Architect helps you focus on the essential parts of your practice while effectively managing client projects. Sign up for a free 15-day trial today.

    Starting Price: $7.95/month/user
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    Lô đề số Send and receive e-invoices with Peppol. Automize your invoicing process & safely send invoices to governments. Connect your software to Peppol with our API. Why E-invoicing? - Traditional invoicing costs are high, including paper postage and manpower. The costs of sending E-invoices is 59% cheaper and receiving costs are reduced by 64%. - Paper invoicing requires paper filing, retention and storage space, which costs time and money. E-invoices are send from bookkeeping system to bookkeeping system, fully in the cloud without physical interference. - You can no longer send PDF or paper invoices to government, ministries or public entities. With Peppol you can send your e-invoices to governments worldwide, all according to the newly established European Directive. For ERP systems: Allow customers to send & receive electronic invoices from within your own software to enable automated invoicing, invoicing to governments and a much safer business transaction.

    Starting Price: €495 / mo
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    Lô đề số Founded in 2014 and based in Orlando, Florida, Fattmerchant delivers merchant services through 0% interchange fee markups, access to wholesale credit card processing rates, fixed monthly subscriptions with no contracts, and proprietary technology. It offers services ranging from integrations into existing systems, e-commerce, and online, mobile and virtual terminals. Fattmerchant helps business owners of all sizes take in person, over the phone, on-the-go, and e-commerce payments from anywhere within a single, simple platform. In addition, Fattmerchant’s Omni software platform provides meaningful data analytics and integrates with popular business tools such as QuickBooks Online and Google My Business to let merchants see the health of their business. The payment processing company will work with each customer to help them choose the payment option that will work for their business.

    Starting Price: $99/month Partner badge
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    Lô đề số Certify Expense effortlessly streamlines your operations through automation and superior customer service. Automatically create reports for employees, streamline approvals, and make reimbursement and reporting effortless for accountants. Certify is rated as a Leader in expense management by analyst firm, IDC, and is trusted by more than 4,000 organizations including Boot Barn, H&R Block, and Virgin Galactic, to streamline expense processing, purchasing and travel booking.

    Starting Price: $8/user/month
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    Tipalti automates the entire payment process, liberating you to focus on making a strategic impact. Cut the manual work and focus on revenue growth and cash flow management instead of back-office financial operations. End-to-end automation provides the infrastructure for long-term success. KPMG-certified FATCA tax compliance, audit trails, and role-based views mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Best-in-class supplier payment experience, with global coverage, rich payment method choice, and unparalleled supplier visibility.

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  • 6

    Lô đề sốCyanic Automation

    Lô đề số Digital job book to run your survey company. Have the ability to store all your customers and job locations in an easy to use intuitive software system built specifically for surveyors. With the ability to search previous jobs, input work hours and keep track of billing. With Cyanic Job Book you can store your: customers, jobs, track costing, and so much more. Automatically organizes all labor equipment and material cost for each job and allows you to create invoices with one click. Professional Invoices can be exported to PDF or imported to your accounting system of choice. Ensures that all work gets invoiced and nothing falls through the cracks. Simplify quoting by finding past jobs in the same area. Find any job using any job details, legal addresses, or area on a map. Find pertinent information on past jobs to quickly complete existing jobs. Organize all your clients in a system made for surveyors. Create rate sheet templates for different kinds of jobs and different clients.

    Starting Price: $100 + $10 per user per month
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    Lô đề sốChrome River Technologies

    Chrome River EXPENSE is a highly-configurable, automated expense management solution that delivers the same intuitive and elegant interface on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Our SaaS products provide a world-class business rules engine and technology infrastructure that CFOs, finance and accounting teams, travel managers, and business travelers all love. Chrome River enables your organization to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase visibility and compliance, all while providing the ultimate employee experience. By partnering with Chrome River, you can future proof your business by leveraging tools that move with you as your business grows. Chrome River delivers the long-term value you are looking for in an expense management provider. We are committed to your success.

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    Armatic is the highest rated software solution for Payment Processing, Billing/Invoicing, Recurring Billing and Subscription Management. Billing and Invoicing: Create beautiful invoices with our powerful invoice editor synced into your accounting system. Provide a customer portal, automatic charging, payment collection, and apply late fees. Recurring Billing & Subscription Management: Armatic provides enterprise-class subscription billing management for fast-growing businesses worldwide. Enable trial periods, manage plans, or prorate subscriptions. Payment Processing: Armatic is processor agnostic and provides integrations to all types of payment solutions from credit card payments, ACH, SEPA to wires. We handle partial payments, automatic failed payment retry, and automatic payment recovery. Finance Team dramatically reduce outstanding AR with Armatic. Sales teams close more deals, and customer success teams improve customer satisfaction scores with Armatic.

    Starting Price: $35/user/month
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  • 9
    NetSuite Icon



    Lô đề số One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 20,000 customers. Adaptability has never been more important. We give you the visibility and control to make the right decisions, now. Scale up, spin off, adopt new business models, NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and easily. With every NetSuite upgrade, your configurations and customization migrate seamlessly. Your core business system now becomes your customer-facing commerce system with a customizable, customer-specific, pixel perfect experience. Real-time analytics is the NetSuite user interface. Users know what they should be doing and how they’re helping the business, with vital business data displayed from right within the system.

  • 10
    DocuSend Icon


    Mail Technologies Inc

    Lô đề số Remotely send your documents directly to the U.S. Post Office through our cloud-based mailroom. DocuSend works with any accounting, billing or CRM software that produces PDF documents containing a valid mailing address. Users can upload directly or developers can integrate our REST API to offer a "Send Mail" button in their software, either as a reseller or for internal direct connectivity. There are enormous economic advantages for any business or organization that needs to safely print and mail documents on-demand.

    Starting Price: $0.83 for 1 pg 8.5 x 11" document Partner badge
  • 11
    Plooto Icon



    Lô đề số With Plooto, managing your clients' accounts payables and accounts receivables became much more efficient, streamlined and profitable. Trusted by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and firms, Plooto is ideal for accountants and bookkeepers looking to scale their practice and grow their AR and AP services. Reduce your AR and AP processes from 5 hours to just 10 minutes.

    Starting Price: $25/Monthly
  • 12
    Melio Icon



    Lô đề số The Simplest Way to Pay Vendors & Contractors. Pay any invoice with a bank transfer for FREE, or use your credit card to defer payment and earn rewards (2.9% fee). Vendors receive a check or a bank deposit. Enter details manually, upload a file or take a photo of an invoice. It's super easy. Integrate QuickBooks to auto-sync it all. Schedule payments to pay exactly when you want. Pay with a bank transfer or card, even where cards are not accepted. Choose how vendors get paid. Your vendor receives a check or bank transfer without needing to sign up to Melio. Pay vendors with a business credit card even if your payment receivers don’t accept them. Get rewards and take advantage of up to 45 days of float until your next credit card billing cycle. Invite users from your company or your accountant and easily set up their roles and permissions to schedule payments. Control approval of each transaction and stay on top of your cash flow.

    Starting Price: Free
  • 13
    ACHWARE Icon



    Lô đề số Our cloud-based AP software automates invoice processing and enhances your existing accounts payable financial software to create a seamless platform that allows your accounts payable department personnel to work from anywhere, remotely or in the office, without purchasing expensive accounting software. ACHWARE™ provides a secure, simple, and cloud-based AP add-on solution for receiving, tracking, routing, approving, archiving, and paying vendor invoices while integrating with most accounting software systems. Our software provides you with wizards to easily configure the system to work the way you want it to work. Also, our software allows you to connect your financial stakeholders to AP information with a cost effective and flexible solution that is accessible from anywhere and from any device. This software will eliminate manual processes to reduce the number of accounting errors and allowing you to become more productive, reduce costs, and go paperless.

    Starting Price: $299 per year Partner badge
  • 14
    Zahara Icon



    Zahara's cloud based platform automates budget management, suppliers, purchase requisitions, multi-level purchase approvals, deliveries and invoice reconciliation and approvals. Zahara integrates with most leading accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero to give expanding SME's real time visibility and centralized control of their purchasing. Zahara can be used to control spend in an organization. We take the initial request to buy something and automate the approval process and sending of the PO to the Vendor. Deliveries can be receipted, vendors invoices matched and processed and then exported to finance. Zahara adds control yet speeds up processing.

    Starting Price: From $129.00/month Partner badge
  • 15
    InfoFlo Icon


    Carmel Vision

    Infoflo is an easy to use CRM that is perfect for managing customer relationships and includes the most robust Outlook sync on the market! It is a fully integrated contact, relationship, email, calendar, document, sales, task management solution and VoIP. It includes a Quick Books, Outlook and Google Sync. InfoFlo includes FREE Life-Time and is an affordable $99 ONE-TIME cost per user

    Starting Price: $99.00/one-time/user
  • 16
    BQE CORE Legal - Time and Billing Icon

    BQE CORE Legal - Time and Billing

    BQE Software, Inc.

    It's now easier than ever for Law firms to capture all their billable hours with BQE Core Legal, a robust, fully-integrated cloud-based time billing, accounting, and matter management platform. BQE Core lets Legal Professionals track billable hours and manage expenses effortlessly from anywhere, anytime, on any device. BQE Core's powerful, easy-to-use dashboards deliver real-time insight of your firm’s financials, matters, tools for tracking staff performance and customizable and automated reporting. Discover how BQE CORE Legal helps you focus on the essential parts of your business while effectively managing client matters. Sign up for a free 15-day trial today.

    Starting Price: $7.95/month/user
  • 17
    YetiForceCRM Icon


    YetiForce Sp. z o.o.

    Lô đề số Are you looking for a system to boost your sales? Do you want to improve your relationships with customers? Do you want to contribute to the fastest growing open source project on GitHub? You can use YetiForce completely free of charge. With YetiForce’s help you will manage 12 business processes in your company, no matter the size. The vast number of features available for free helped us win the first place in Capterra’s “Most Affordable CRM Software” ranking. YetiForce’s open source code was released under a very flexible and liberal license, which gathers a large and active community around the project. You too can contribute to it no matter if you are a professional programmer or software development is just your hobby. Download YetiForce for free and find out why you should become one of more than 250 000 people who already use it. Testing versions: GitStable: http://gitstable.yetiforce.com/ GitDeveloper: http://gitdeveloper.yetiforce.com/

    Starting Price: $0 - FREE
  • 18
    Prodoge Icon



    Prodoge is a platform for global business and payments. Anyone with the Prodoge mobile app can get started sending payments, promoting their business, and selling their goods & services in under a minute to anyone in the world. Prodoge helps buyers, sellers, friends, and family connect globally, send money, and grow their business. As a Peer to Peer platform, Prodoge does not act as a bank, charges zero fees to merchants, or people sending money, and settlements are near instant. No fees, no chargebacks, no waiting for your money. Global business is open to everyone. Start selling and sending payments today. Available now for iOS & Android. Supporting Dogecoin, Doge Cash, Verge, Digibyte, Bitcoin, and all major credit & debit cards via Stripe. Features: Mobile Point of Sale Mobile Invoicing & Payments Mobile Transaction Records Embeddable Widget Creator for Accepting Crypto Currency on Websites Profiles for accepting payments and selling your goods & services

    Starting Price: Free
  • 19
    WebFletch Business Manager Icon

    WebFletch Business Manager


    Job Management Software for businesses. Assign jobs to your engineers and schedule work for your customers. Automatically generate job-sheets. Engineers can update jobs via our iPhone or Android App.

    Starting Price: £29.00/month
  • 20
    RetailGraph Icon


    Softworld India Pvt Ltd

    RetailGraph is basically known as complete wholesale & retail management software that has specifically been designed for small and mid-sized retailers & wholesalers to help them with a complete Point-of-sale (POS) solution. Businesses can use this solution to meet unique retail requirements. This future-ready Point of Sale software for retail/wholesale stores comes equipped with advanced features that automate various store-related operations. It also provides a centralized monitoring environment for those who have retail or wholesale stores & chains. Mobile application integration is an advantage of using it. RetailGraph is built on the most popular and secure platform named Microsoft.NET, whereas the SQL server has been used to store complex crucial data of the business. In a very short time of span, it has become the most popular and powerful wholesale/retail shop software in India.

    Starting Price: $900/User
  • 21


    Lô đề sốTimesheets.com

    Lô đề số Timesheets.com provides everything you need to track time and expenses in a single, powerful solution. Our easy-to-use service can track billable time, time for payroll, time-off, expenses and HR documents. Perfect for any small to mid-sized business, Timesheets.com can be setup in minutes and comes with free, unlimited live support by phone, email or chat. Try us for free today.

    Starting Price: $4.50 per user per month.
  • 22
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Icon

    Microsoft Dynamics 365


    Accelerate your business growth with Dynamics 365, the next generation of CRM and ERP applications. Unify your data. Get predictive insights. Achieve amazing results. Make smarter decisions. Take actions that drive your business. Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a single view of customers. Find and nurture the right leads. Create connected customer experiences. Stay on top of market trends. Deliver positive customer experiences—faster. Optimize resources and help technicians be more efficient. Reduce operational costs. Redefine your traditional global financial management. Automate processes to increase efficiency. Decrease operational expenses and financial complexities. Move from reactive to predictive operations. Automate and simplify your manufacturing and supply chain management. Maximize the life of your assets. Unify your physical and digital commerce. Build brand loyalty through personal engagement. Exceed customer expectations.

    Starting Price: $190 per user per month
  • 23
    Intellistant Icon


    Infolink Technologies Pvt.Ltd

    Intellistant is more than a CRM software for Business automation! Packed with all essential modules from Lead generation to Quotation / Invoice / Payment management with a smart product catalog and a fully automatic Tax calculator, real-time reporting system for field force, comprehensive inventory module to track both incoming and outgoing stock, Analytics and Reports to make quick business decisions, Intellistant works as a Intelligent Business Assistant. Dedicated database and exclusive stand alone application for each customer ensures safety and security for data and documents.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month/user
  • 24
    PandaDoc Icon



    Create and manage all kinds of business documents with PandaDoc document management software. Powerful, integrated, and secure, PandaDoc lets business users create, send, track, and eSign documents quickly and easily. Whether you're looking to manage organizational documents such as proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more, PandaDoc can help you get things done.

    Starting Price: $19.00/month/user
  • 25
    FreshBooks Icon



    Make invoicing and billing painless for your small business with FreshBooks. A top-rated invoice and accounting software for self-employed professionals and small businesses, Freshbooks offers a fast, easy, and secure way of crunching numbers so companies can focus on doing the work they love. It offers a wealth of powerful features that includes invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, project management, payment processing, and reporting. Freshbooks also lets users work from anywhere with the Freshworks mobile app.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month
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