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Compare the Top Brand Management Software of 2020

Compare the best Brand Management software currently available using the table below.

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    Lô đề số Centralize all business reviews from across different platforms with Podium, an online review solution. Podium allows users to see their reviews and gain more customer feedback for quick and better-informed decisions. Podium can be accessed through its free iOS and Android app for sending review invitations, check analytics, and manage existing reviews.

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    Filecamp is a SaaS solution providing intuitive Digital Asset Management with unlimited users. With Filecamp you can easily showcase and share your files with your clients or with other parts of your organization. Every customer can have its own custom branding and password protection if required. Using different download presets, anyone that you allow can quickly download the right resolution of your images. Filecamp is 100% responsive and works well on all platforms.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month Partner badge
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    Lô đề sốSuttle-Straus

    We know that your designers want the freedom to be creative and spend time on new projects. To do that, they need an easier way to customize existing marketing materials for different users. We've helped lots of big brands like Sub-Zero, Sherwin Williams, Steelcase and La-Z-Boy lift the customization burden from their design teams by creating customized brand portals for them. We take your art files, turn them into online templates, and give your network self-service access to customize their own materials. You still have control to approve final versions before they download or print. Our customized brand portals are also connected to commercial print and mail workflows at Suttle-Straus, so end users can order marketing collateral, request new signage and trigger direct mail campaigns to their neighborhoods all using approved corporate templates.

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    Lô đề sốIntelligenceBank

    IntelligenceBank marketing operations software helps content marketers seamlessly manage digital assets, creative content approvals and compliance, and creative project management. Through integrating Digital Asset Management (DAM), online brand guidelines, marketing workflows and approvals with calendars and kanban, IntelligenceBank gives you a way to easily manage marketing and creative projects from end to end, within the one system. Our beautifully designed software is used by over 400 brands globally. We offer 24/7 support with offices in the US, Australia, and Canada.

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    Nuxeo Platform Icon

    Nuxeo Platform


    Nuxeo makes it easy to build smart content applications that enhance customer experiences, improve decision making, and accelerate products to market. The Nuxeo Platform is a modern content services platform for low-code application development with a scalable architecture and flexible metadata model that provides advanced content management capabilities, including AI and machine learning, for any type of content. Regardless of size, volume, or where your content is stored, we enable organizations to securely access, find and use information across business units, applications, channels, and processes.

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    Lucidpress Icon



    Lucidpress is a design & brand templating platform that empowers non-designers in your company to create and distribute marketing collateral all on their own (without going off brand). Lockable templates protect your brand while allowing colleagues to make small design tweaks and customizations, easing the workload off your creative team. Say goodbye to rogue branding forever with Lucidpress -- the brand templating platform trusted by over 7 million users worldwide. Get high-quality printed materials shipped straight to your location with our web-to-print features. Or, reach your audience even quicker with Lucidpress's direct mail delivery. Whether its social media posts or printed brochures, our cloud-based platform helps your business manage the brand experience from start to finish.

    Starting Price: $50 per month
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    Sitejabber Icon



    Sitejabber helps you grow your business through reviews by increasing conversions and building a brand consumers will trust. Sitejabber helps you collect authentic business and product reviews directly from your customers to instill confidence in shoppers on your site and convert them into paying customers. Save money by reducing Google Ads spend by getting Google stars next to your PPC ads. Increase your click-through rates by up to 20% and increase your conversions by up to 30%. Sitejabber is an official certified Google reviews partner.

    Starting Price: From $49 per month
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    RelayThat Icon



    RelayThat is a software business formed in 2016 in the United States that publishes a software suite called RelayThat. The RelayThat product is SaaS software. RelayThat is graphic design software, and includes features such as collaboration, image database, image editor, and templates. Alternative competitor software options to RelayThat include Lucidpress, hyper Digital Asset Management Server, and Maglr.

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    hyper Digital Asset Management Server Icon

    hyper Digital Asset Management Server

    Lô đề sốhyperCMS Content Management Solutions

    The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server helps organizations to have full control over all their digital assets, to automate processes and cut costs. Access all your rich rich content directly by conveniently integrating it into the creative workflow of internal/external teams and programs like Adobe CS, MS Office, and OpenOffice. Ensure process control with collaborative approval. Share the content directly on Social Media Networks. Create customized Brand Portals to promote and meassure the success of various rich content.

    Starting Price: $21.00/month for SaaS, $0 for the On-Premise Free Edition
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    Comrads Digital Asset Management Icon

    Comrads Digital Asset Management

    Comrads Solutions B.V.

    Comrads Digital Asset Management, the online hub to organize, manage and share digital assets. With our SaaS application you can find files faster, easily create brand consistent content and shorten the time-to-market of your multimedia campaigns and publications. Comrads offers scalable solutions to meet the specific needs of any organization. Our modules add extra functionalities to our DAM application. Discover all our modules in more detail: - Digital Asset Management - Brand Management - Product Asset Management - Webtop-publishing / Brand Templates - Creative Workflow Management - Marketing Order Management Comrads can rightly call itself a true pioneer in the field of DAM. More than 100k+ marketers, brand managers and designers worldwide use the Comrads' portals on a daily basis. They have a shorter time-to-market and are assured of simplified and consistent collaboration. Comrads enables its clients to utilize the full potential of their valuable marketing materials.

    Starting Price: €250.00/month
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    Mentionlytics Icon



    Lô đề số The perfect combination of powerful analytics, comprehensive data sources and easy-of-use. Mentionlytics is a Web and Social Media Monitoring platform for all company sizes or individuals. Monitor your brand, competitors, hashtags on multiple social media platforms and web. Furthermore, get unique automated insights from SIA, the A.I. Social Intelligence Advisor.

    Starting Price: $39.00/month
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    SEMrush Icon



    SEMrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that ensures businesses get measurable results from online marketing. Trusted by more than 4,000,000 marketing professionals, SEMrush offers insights and solutions for companies in any industry to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all marketing channels. With 30 tools for search, content, social media and market research in the platform, data for more than 140 countries, seamless integration with Google and task management platforms, SEMrush is now a must-have solution for all companies who are serious about online.

    Starting Price: $99.95/month
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    Rize Icon


    Rize Reviews

    Rize is a done-for-you service to generate positive reviews & attract more customers. Rize offers custom review response writing to save businesses time and effort! The tool allows you to efficiently solicit feedback from your customers via email, text message, in-store kiosk or even printable "review us" cards. The tool integrates with Every review site - and focuses on the sites that matter most to your business and in your industry. Whether you receive positive or negative brand feedback, responding to online reviews is critical to your business' online reputation. Show search engines and your target audience your commitment to customer satisfaction with Rize Review’s review response service, done by actual humans -- and not automated -- with years of online reputation management experience. Make it easy for customers to trust you. Ready to rise above the competition? Sign up for a risk-free trial and start managing your online reputation.

    Starting Price: $199/month
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    Falcon.io Icon



    Falcon.io makes social media management and marketing simpler. The refreshingly intuitive, plug 'n' play Falcon SaaS platform integrates social media listening, engagement, publishing, advertising, and analytics tools. All are supported by the Audience customer profiles feature that enables a superb customer experience across touchpoints. Falcon.io has also been lauded for the quality of its customer service, which ranges from 24/7 support to comprehensive onboarding and strategic consultancy services. Founded in 2010, Falcon.io has offices in New York, Copenhagen, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia, and Melbourne. Its client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Toyota, William Grant & Sons, momondo, Panasonic, Coca-Cola, and many more.

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    Lô đề số Visualize staging, planning, and workflow for your marketing campaigns with Atomized, an innovative marketing visualization platform. Built for marketing teams at brands, agencies, and small businesses, Atomized offers the tools users need to create visual marketing calendars that connect teams, content, and marketing apps in one central view. It integrates with leading DAM systems, workflow tools, social tools, email automation tools, and many more.

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
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    eClincher Icon



    Lô đề số eClincher brings you an all-in-one social media management platform. Offering amazing features like: publishing and scheduling posts, reply to all interactions from one Inbox (social CRM), monitoring and listening feeds, auto publishing with smart queues, suggested content, advanced analytics reporting, post approval, team collaboration, and much more. eClincher is ranked #1 ROI platform for social media management category. 100% Guaranteed to get your WOW reaction! eClincher is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Canva, Zendesk, and much more. Start your absolutely FREE TRIAL today.

    Starting Price: $59.00/month/user
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    Loomly Icon



    Loomly is the Brand Success Platform that empowers marketing teams to manage, nurture and amplify brand success on social media. As an all-in-one collaborative solution, Loomly allows you to manage your brand assets with Library, fuel your storytelling with Post Ideas, polish your content with Post Optimization Tips, control your brand messaging with Post Mockups & Approval Workflows, reach your audience with Native Scheduling, Post Targeting, Post Sponsoring & Ads Manager, engage with your community through Interactions and measure your performance with Advanced Analytics. Loomly is available via a monthly or yearly subscription and you can try it for free for 15 days (unlimited features, no credit card required, no obligations).

    Starting Price: $20.00/month
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    Trustpilot Icon



    Lô đề số Grow brand trust. Show brand trust. Trustpilot reviews get you closer to your customers and power your business forward. Built on honesty and transparency, Trustpilot is the people's choice for reviews. With over 400,000 businesses reviewed and 1.1 trillion ratings and reviews displayed in Google annually, companies use Trustpilot to establish credibility and improve their reputation. Get great reviews by making it easy for customers to leave reviews. Tap into your customers' desire to share their experiences and build your brand. Increase conversions with the power of your customers. Share your best reviews everywhere customers are looking. Turn customer reviews into increased influence and sales. Trustpilot is the world's most powerful review platform. Every heartfelt review helps create ever-improving experiences for both people and companies.

    Starting Price: $199.00 per month
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    Brandfolder Icon


    Lô đề sốBrandfolder

    Lô đề số Brandfolder helps brands tell their best brand stories. As the industry's leading digital asset management (DAM) software solution, Brandfolder empowers brands to become more consistent, organized, and efficient. With its easy-to-use interface, powerful features, and highly responsive customer support, Brandfolder enables users to easily store, share, and showcase the crucial aspects of their brands.

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    ExpertVoice Icon


    Lô đề sốExpertVoice

    Sell more product with better buying experiences. ExpertVoice is the world's largest advocacy marketing network. ExpertVoice is the home to the largest community of experts in the world. Our community of 1,000,000+ vetted experts range from retail sales associates to category professionals, and they're passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable about products ranging across 30+ unique categories. With ExpertVoice, brands can easily track a range of campaign engagements including reach, likelihood to recommend, training completed, content consumption, products seeded, and more. Our expert recommendations drive incremental consideration for your brand — resulting in higher conversion rates at the point of purchase.

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    Qualtrics Brand Experience Icon

    Qualtrics Brand Experience


    Turn your brand into a religion. Understand your market, your brand performance, and your competitors better than ever before. Qualtrics BrandXM™ gives you easy-to-use tools to help you: strengthen brand equity, improve brand perceptions, and drive sustainable growth. Iconic brands have people lining up round the block when they launch new products, charge a premium over their competitors, and elicit unwavering loyalty from their customers. Brand experience is how you take control of your most important asset and optimize it to identify new opportunities for growth, attract new customers and drive loyalty and spend. Our easy-to-use tools help you monitor your brand, your market, and your competitors to make it easy to find breakthrough insights to turn your brand into a religion.

  • 22
    Percolate Icon



    Percolate is a software company based in the United States that was founded in 2011 and offers a software product called Percolate. Percolate offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. Percolate is brand management software, and includes features such as drip campaigns, dynamic content, customizable CTAs, and sales intelligence. Percolate offers online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support. Percolate offers a free trial. Percolate is available as SaaS, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. Some alternative products to Percolate include ATOMIZED, Mindmatrix, and SproutLoud.

  • 23
    Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers Icon

    Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers


    Lô đề số Exclaimer is a United Kingdom software company that was founded in 2001, and offers a software title called Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers. Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers offers training via documentation, webinars, and live online. Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers is brand management software, and includes features such as artwork management. With regards to system requirements, Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers is available as Windows software. Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers includes online support, and business hours support. Some alternative products to Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers include BEAM Brand Center, BlueSky ETO, and Ceros.

  • 24
    Widen Collective Icon

    Widen Collective


    Celebrating 70 years in business Widen was named "DAM Vendor of the Year." Widen Collective is a scaleable cloud-based digital asset management system designed to serve medium to large size enterprises. Widen Collectives data-driven platform five key applications incorporate brand management, video management, and creative work management, integrating with over 30 apps from creative suites to collaboration and auto-tagging. Count on Widen Collective to deliver the products, services, solutions, and global support you need to ensure your working smarter and faster.

    Starting Price: $27990.00/year
  • 25
    Wedia Icon



    Wedia is a provider of Digital Asset Management software solutions for large organizations. We help customers streamline content production, enforce compliance, and deliver the best customer experiences, which ultimately improve sales. We are recognized by industry analysts, including Gartner and Forrester. We serve over 250 brands internationally spanning retail and financial services through pharmaceuticals and automotive.

    Starting Price: $1200/year/admin
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