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Compare the Top Compliance Software of 2020

Compare the best Compliance software currently available using the table below.

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    Lô đề số Your Safety & Compliance Made Easy! A business that operates in industries involving Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Excavating know first hand the importance of staying in compliance with mandatory documentation. In addition, how a company manages to keep everything organized is equally important. SiteDocs is a highly interactive advance Safety Management System that takes organizations from pen-and-paper archiving to a complete, cloud-based, digital workspace. Built with features that allow users to work remotely, mobile, and even offline, the system can virtually be accessed across multiple devices that run on iOS or Android. Employees can now easily complete & sign forms, upload photos with comments and acknowledge receipt of important documentation. All while admin users ensure that staff records, reports, and certifications are automatically updated using system parameters within the web-based panel.

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    integrum Management Systems

    Lô đề số integrum is a user-friendly, flexible, yet comprehensive, integrated management system for Governance, Risk & Compliance, Safety, Health, Environment, Quality Management System. Assisting over 1.5 million users from businesses of all sizes across the globe to streamline processes, reduce risks and accelerate business growth. integrum offers off the shelf business processes, that can be used as-is, modified or processes can be configured to your specific requirements. Drag and Drop functionality allows for quick and simple configuration of any business process. Supported by mobile apps (Apple and Android) that allow the flexibility for any business process to be completed in the field in real-time. Then, we use all of the data your team is generating and provide real-time business intelligence reports that provide insights into what is happening in the business. Allowing the business to make fast, data-driven decisions, and providing governance over the business.

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    Intellect's QMS software is proven to enhance quality operations and reduce overall quality costs by 40%. Our apps are designed by certified quality experts and can easily be tailored with our no-code platform and drag-and-drop technology to fit your exact business needs. Give your team remote access, mobile apps, dynamic workflow, analytics and reporting with a modern and easy to use solution. Apps include Document Control, Employee Training, Audit Management, CAPA, Nonconformance, and more.

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    Lô đề số Qualio is an all-in-one quality and compliance management platform built for small and growing businesses in life sciences and healthcare. Reliable, affordable, and easy to use, Qualio helps companies building life saving products get to market faster by reaching 100% ISO, GxP, and FDA compliance. With Qualio, companies can conveniently manage document control, training, CAPAs, NCRs, audits, suppliers, complaints, and more in one platform.

    Starting Price: $1000/user/month
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    Lô đề sốSafetyChain Software

    Lô đề số SafetyChain is the #1 Plant Management Platform that improves yield, maximizes productivity, and ensures compliance for food, beverage, & CPG manufacturers. Trusted by over 2,000 facilities, SafetyChain is the only complete solution for production (OEE & SPC), safety and quality (QMS), and supplier compliance.

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    Lô đề sốVisual Click Software

    Server File Activity Tracking - Audit who is creating, accessing, moving, and deleting your files and folders. Track file permission changes. Real-time alerts about critical file activities. Workstation File Activity Tracking - Audit who is copying files to USB or other removable drives. Track who is uploading files from a browser or via FTP. Block files from being created on USB/removable device. Email alerts when a removable device is connected. Active Directory Auditing - Keep audit logs and get real-time alerts of important Active Directory changes without dealing with SACLs or Windows Event Logs. Server Authentication Auditing - Track authentications into Windows Servers and Citrix sessions. Review all failed logon attempts. Workstation Logon/Logoff Tracking - Get visibility on workstation logons/logoffs, including locks, unlocks and password changes. Review all failed logon attempts. GPO Auditing - Track creation, deletion, and linking of Group Policy Objects.

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    Lô đề số SaltStack is an intelligent IT automation platform that can manage, secure, and optimize any infrastructure—on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge. It’s built on a unique and powerful event-driven automation engine that detects events in any system and reacts intelligently to them, making it an extremely effective solution for managing large, complex environments. With the newly launched SecOps offering, SaltStack can detect security vulnerabilities and non-compliant, mis-configured systems. As soon as an issue is detected, this powerful automation helps you and your team remediate it, keeping your infrastructure securely configured, compliant, and up-to-date. The SecOps suite includes both Comply and Protect. Comply scans and remediates against CIS, DISA-STIG, NIST, PCI, HIPAA compliance standards. And Protect scans for vulnerabilities and patches and updates your operating systems.

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    Lô đề số RiskWatch risk assessment and compliance management solutions use a survey-based process for physical & information security in which a series of questions are asked about an asset and a score is calculated based on responses. Additional metrics can be combined with the survey score to value the asset, rate likelihood, and impact. Assign tasks and manage remediation based on survey results. Identify the risk factors of each asset you assess. Receive notifications for non-compliance to your custom requirements and any relevant standards/regulations.

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    Parapet Icon



    Lô đề số Using a unified approach, Parapet helps you manage your enterprise's risks, compliance, audit, health and safety in one place. Parapet enables you to develop a culture that is risk-aware and prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Parapet also helps the enterprise adopt technologies that improve decision making and performance.

    Starting Price: $3.00/month
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    Certainty Software Icon

    Certainty Software

    Lô đề sốCertainty Software

    Lô đề số Certainty is a powerful and trusted enterprise-level audit and inspection software solution to manage and report business risk, compliance and performance metrics easily and efficiently. Used by more than 100,000 professionals to complete over 2,000,000 audits and inspections annually, Certainty Software is an audit and inspection management solution that provides all you need to easily collect, collate and report consistent, accurate and meaningful metrics across your business. Certainty allows for data entry from paper, browser, Excel import or the Certainty app for smartphones and tablets and provides all you need to design and manage audit/inspection checklists; collect and report audit/inspection data and manage and mitigate the risks, incidents and issues identified in the audit/inspection process.

    Starting Price: $14 per user per month Partner badge
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    SmartCompliance Icon


    Lô đề sốSmartCompliance

    Lô đề số Insurance tracking and compliance management solutions. Self-service & full-service solutions that automate certificate of insurance or proof of insurance renewals, eliminate manual data entry, & help ensure compliance. COI tracking software and services that manage the time-consuming process of collecting certificates of insurance, sending renewal requests and confirming third-party compliance. Proof of insurance tracking software and services that help property managers easily track tenant policies to ensure coverage & compliance with renter’s insurance requirements. Certificate issuance solution and services that relieve the burden of creating, delivering, storing and managing certificates of insurance. Experience for yourself why SmartCompliance is the most trusted provider for certificate of insurance or proof of insurance tracking, issuance, and compliance management.

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    Donesafe Icon



    Lô đề số Donesafe, #1 all-in-one HSEQ platform that connects your management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter, and report HSEQ data in real-time. Donesafe is a modern & fresh platform with end to end functionality. It works online with any device, including offline with native iOS and Android apps. Use our out-of-the-box templates or configure to align with your business requirements.

    Starting Price: from $600 annually
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    SanerNow Icon


    SecPod Technologies

    SecPod SanerNow is the world's best unified endpoint security & management platform that powers IT/Security Teams automate cyber hygiene practices. It works on an intelligent agent-server model to execute effective endpoint management and security. It gives you accurate vulnerability management with scanning, detection, assessment, prioritization, and remediation capabilities. SanerNow is available on both cloud and on-premise, whose integrated patch management automates patching across all major OSs like Windows, MAC, Linux, and a vast collection of 3rd party software patches. What makes it unique? You can now access other salient features like security compliance management, IT asset management, endpoint management, software deployment, application & device control, and endpoint threat detection and response, all on a single platform. With SanerNow, you can remotely perform and automate these tasks to secure your systems from the emerging wave of cyberattacks.

    Starting Price: $50/year/device
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    Zenefits Icon



    Zenefits is a SaaS cloud-based human resources platform that helps more than 11,000 small and mid-sized companies empower their workforce, manage change and stay compliant. Zenefits' People Platform delivers the most comprehensive, intuitive HR experience in the market. Its HR, Benefits, Payroll and Performance apps combine with advisory services and tightly integrated partner apps to radically simplify HR administration – reducing paperwork and complexity so companies can focus on starting, running and growing their businesses. When new employees are hired, HR professionals using Zenefits only need to complete a few online fields to begin the onboarding process. Employees sign all agreements online, and Zenefits can automatically process their information. When employees leave, HR can remove them from payroll and benefits and initiate COBRA setup with a single process. Zenefits also offers an employee self-service portal.

    Starting Price: $8.00/month/employee
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    Netwrix Auditor Icon

    Netwrix Auditor


    Netwrix Auditor is a visibility platform that enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid IT environments and eliminates the stress of your next compliance audit. Monitor all changes across your on-prem and cloud systems, including AD, Windows Server, file storage, databases, Exchange, VMware and more. Simplify your reporting and inventory routines. Regularly review your identity and access configurations, and easily verify that they match a known good state.

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    EHS Insight Icon

    EHS Insight

    Lô đề sốEHS Insight

    Lô đề số EHS Insight is an environmental, health and safety (EHS) management platform that empowers organizations to ensure company-wide compliance. Affordable and quick to setup, EHS Insight offers the best value in EHS software today by providing businesses with the tools they need to manage incidents, audits and inspections, compliance obligations, corrective actions and more. EHS Insight also comes with fantastic support to assist businesses during and after software implementation.

    Starting Price: $200.00/month
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    WipeDrive Icon


    WhiteCanyon Software

    Lô đề số WipeDrive allows home users, corporations and government entities to securely and permanently erase data from hard drives, removable media, and mobile devices, providing a cost-effective, secure, and socially responsible way of recycling and retiring computer storage. WipeDrive is the world leader in secure data destruction.

    Starting Price: $19.95/one-time/drive Partner badge
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    ArchiverFS Icon


    Lô đề sốMLtek Limited

    Lô đề số The file archiving solution for servers and network storage systems that lets you use any device as second tier storage. Featuring a tiny footprint on the host system along with full support for cloud, DFS, replication, de-duplication, and compression ArchiverFS lets you use any NAS, SAN or cloud platform as storage for your old unstructured files. If you can share it to the network with a UNC path and format it with NTFS then you can use it as second line storage. At no point do we use a database to store files, pointers to files or file meta data. ArchiverFS uses pure NTFS from start to finish. ArchiverFS lets you move your old unused files on-mass from you primary first tier storage to secondary storage whilst persisting all file attributes, permissions and directory structures. A selection of links can be left behind in place of old files that have been moved including completely seamless symbolic links that look and behave just like the original file.

    Starting Price: $1590.00/year Partner badge
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    DriveStrike Icon


    Lô đề sốDriveStrike

    DriveStrike is easy to use, implement and manage. With DriveStrike you can execute secure remote wipe, remote lock, and remote locate commands on any platform. Integrated drive encryption support as well as mobile device management MDM for mobile platforms. Our professional support team is always available to answer your questions and help you install our services or manage your account and devices. Protecting your data and devices has never been easier or more cost effective. If you have questions or need help understanding how best to protect your data please contact us and we will gladly answer your questions. Protect your business with a device and data protection platform that keeps all devices safe with a single solution and Dashboard. Keep your Workstations, MacBooks, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops safe, secure, and organized.

    Starting Price: $0.75 per month
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    StandardFusion Icon


    Lô đề sốStandardFusion

    Lô đề số A GRC solution for technology-focused SMB and Enterprise Information Security teams. StandardFusion eliminates spreadsheet pain by using a single system of record. Identify, assess, treat, track and report on risks with confidence. Turn audit-based activities into a standardized process. Conduct audits with certainty and direct access to evidence. Manage compliance to multiple standards; ISO, SOC, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP and more. Manage vendor and 3rd party risk, and security questionnaires easily in one place. StandardFusion is a Cloud-Based SaaS or on-premise GRC platform designed to make InfoSec compliance simple, approachable and scalable. Connect what your organization does, with what your organization needs to do.

    Starting Price: $750 per month
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    iGrafx Icon



    Lô đề số We believe that process is at the center of everything. We deliver business transformation software that turns your processes into a portfolio of valuable assets. Our platform is the most comprehensive, supporting RPA and workflow automation, customer journey, governance, risk, compliance, and more, as well as SaaS and private cloud deployment. It’s also the most scalable, currently supporting the largest, global enterprise requirements. We possess 400+ years of process passion, and we share it.

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    Integrify Icon



    Integrify is a low-code, cloud-based workflow automation platform that helps businesses build automated processes, design dynamic forms, create self-service portals and dashboards, track performance, and review activity audit trails. Thanks to our open API, Integrify can integrate with most enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc. That means our customers can freely move data between systems as part of any process. We also offer a dedicated account manager, full implementation services, and coaching to help make every automation project successful. -Unlimited Forms -Unlimited Processes -Unlimited File/Document Storage -Unlimited Transactions/Requests -Unlimited Audit Trails -Unlimited Reports/Dashboards -Branded Self-Service Portal -API Integration -Free Workflow App Starter Templates -Dedicated Account Manager

    Starting Price: $35/mo/user
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    MailMeter Icon


    Waterford Technologies

    Lô đề số MailMeter is an email archiving and compliance solution with an advanced investigative interface made specifically for organizations that need to perform frequent in-depth searching and analysis for compliance, public records and eDiscovery on past email activity, email messages and attachments. It offers group searching, tagging, export capabilities and much more.

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    MasterControl Icon



    MasterControl provides a complete line of quality and compliance software solutions and services to customers worldwide. Combining industry best practices and flexibility, MasterControl products enable companies to ensure compliance and get to market faster. MasterControl's enterprise quality management software system covers audit and observations, batch records, Bill of Materials (BOM), documents and records, food safety, training and competencies, and more.

    Starting Price: $1000.00/month
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    Jolt Icon



    Jolt is a cloud-based operations platform for anu business. Trusted by thousands of operators from a wide range of industries, Jolt is a one-stop shop for productivity tools that help companies stay on top of their business. Jolt offers smart checklists and forms, employee scheduling, time & attendance tracking, and date code labeling in addition to several hardware integrations.

    Starting Price: $0.01/month
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