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Compare the Top CPQ Software of 2020

Compare the best CPQ software currently available using the table below.

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    Lô đề sốConnectWise

    ConnectWise Sell is a professional quote and proposal automation software for IT solution providers. ConnectWise Sell offers a wide range of tools that enables IT solution providers to save time, quote more, and win big. Top features include professional quote or proposal templates, product catalog and sourcing, workflow automation, sales reporting, and integrations with best-in-breed solutions like Cisco, Dell, HP, and Salesforce.

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    Lô đề số EASA enables customers to blend the agility and flexibility of Excel, with the convenience and security of a low-code platform. EASA has a unique approach to deploying existing, Excel spreadsheet-based tools as secure, custom web applications. These apps can be deployed within a web portal for use by internal or external staff, including partners, resellers, suppliers or customers. Even sophisticated spreadsheets with VB and macros can be deployed with EASA. Common use-cases include the deployment of spreadsheets used for CPQ (configure price quote), reporting, financial analytics, engineering calculations, and many more. Your existing spreadsheet becomes the “engine” for the web app, eliminating any need to extract the logic and reprogram in a separate solution. If your company has made a significant investment into an Excel-based tool such as CPQ calculators, insurance raters, engineering or scientific calculators, then EASA is the obvious solution.

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    QUOTE SMARTER, FASTER AND MORE PROFITABLY A single quote with an incorrect configuration can impact your hard-earned reputation. A misquoted price can tip a deal into the red. Why put your business at risk? servicePath is a configure, price and quote (CPQ) platform that is specifically designed to make complex quotes simple. Quotes that used to take days and involve multiple departments can be done in less than an hour in servicePath. Cut your risk of issuing a bad quote by having all the latest solution configurations and cost elements on one platform. Become more frictionless with servicePath.

    Starting Price: $75 USD/user/month* (billed annually) Partner badge
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    Armatic Icon



    Lô đề số Armatic is the highest rated software solution for Payment Processing, Billing/Invoicing, Recurring Billing and Subscription Management. Billing and Invoicing: Create beautiful invoices with our powerful invoice editor synced into your accounting system. Provide a customer portal, automatic charging, payment collection, and apply late fees. Recurring Billing & Subscription Management: Armatic provides enterprise-class subscription billing management for fast-growing businesses worldwide. Enable trial periods, manage plans, or prorate subscriptions. Payment Processing: Armatic is processor agnostic and provides integrations to all types of payment solutions from credit card payments, ACH, SEPA to wires. We handle partial payments, automatic failed payment retry, and automatic payment recovery. Finance Team dramatically reduce outstanding AR with Armatic. Sales teams close more deals, and customer success teams improve customer satisfaction scores with Armatic.

    Starting Price: $35/user/month
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    Flowlens MRP Software Icon

    Flowlens MRP Software


    Lô đề số Flowlens is cloud manufacturing CRM and MRP software for Small - medium sized manufacturers and dealers of equipment, machinery, plant and industrial systems. Flowlens gives you - one place for your business - sales, inventory, purchasing - production, profitability - after sales service and asset history - CRM / Supplier management - tasks, uploads, email tracking - automatic document creation Flowlens links to Xero, Quickbooks Online, Sage 50 and Kashflow accounts packages, enabling data to be seamlessly transferred without manual rekeying. Flowlens customers typically migrate away from manual repetitive processes, spreadsheets and hours of effort, to enjoy savings of a day a week or more per person. Visit our website to watch case studies and view a full demo webinar video. Manufacturers and dealers wishing to learn more can avail of a free trial for 2 weeks, with expert help included. Flowlens also provides expert implementation and training packages.

    Starting Price: $149 per month
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    PandaDoc Icon



    Create and manage all kinds of business documents with PandaDoc document management software. Powerful, integrated, and secure, PandaDoc lets business users create, send, track, and eSign documents quickly and easily. Whether you're looking to manage organizational documents such as proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more, PandaDoc can help you get things done.

    Starting Price: $19.00/month/user
  • 7
    Legalesign Icon



    Legalesign is UK-based enterprise software to send, sign and manage contracts online. Companies use Legalesign to gain significant productivity and financial benefits, increase their customers' satisfaction by removing the need for a printer and enabling them to sign from anywhere and, last but not least, relieve the burden of tiresome paperwork upon long suffering staff everywhere.

    Starting Price: £6.00 ($9.00)
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    QuoteWerks Icon


    Aspire Technologies

    Lô đề số For efficient sales quotes and proposal creation, turn to QuoteWerks. QuoteWorks is a market-leading Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution designed to help businesses evolve their sales process so they can sell more, faster, and easier. The solution offers seamless PSA/CRM integrations, Quickbooks and Sage 50 integrations, credit card payment processing, approval and peer review, quote labor, Word-based proposals, a powerful dashboard, and so much more.

    Starting Price: $199.00/one-time/user
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    Salesforce CPQ Icon

    Salesforce CPQ


    Provide quotes faster, control pricing, and win deals with Salesforce CPQ. A CPQ solution built for the world's #1 CRM platform, Salesforce CPQ gives companies the tools they need to take control of the sales process--from quote to cash. Salesforce CPQ is offered in three editions, including full Quote-to-Cash that supports billing and collection.

    Starting Price: $75.00/month/user
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    KBMax Icon



    KBMax is redefining CPQ and ecommerce for manufacturers globally. Our product configurator can handle complex business rules, visualization, real-time pricing, CAD automation and website embedding. This end-to-end solution results in an awesome buying experience, a faster sales cycle, and a more efficient manufacturing process. We're different because we: Make it easy to sell and buy complex products faster Handle the most complex business rules with a visual, no-code engine that simplifies configuration and maintenance Automate rules, workflows, CAD drawings and documents to ensure accuracy and efficiency Eliminate the middleman, allowing customer to buy directly rather than through a sales person. Our product configurators can be embedded into any webpage Enable B2B2C when distributors and partners can sell directly to customers

    Starting Price: $100.00/month/user
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    Technicon CPQ Icon

    Technicon CPQ


    Build top-quality, custom quotes in a short time with Technicon CPQ, a CPQ platform by Tacton and Technicon. Technicon CPQ enables sales staff to quickly turnaround accurate quotes, proposals and bid packages. Technicon CPQ allows users to generate their own quotes without any delay, allowing sales staff to focus on other opportunities. Technicon CPQ features multiple languages and currencies, web-based, online and offline capabilities, mobile compatibility, analytics and more.

    Starting Price: $20000.00/one-time
  • 12
    CIS Configurator Icon

    CIS Configurator

    Complete Information Solutions

    If you're looking for an affordable and easy to use CPQ solution, choose CIS Configurator. Designed to make quoting easy, CIS Configurator streamlines the sales process to empower sales teams to quickly configure, price and quote, complex products, helping to win more deals faster. The platform is a web-based software that offers a rule-based configurator, pricing management, integration with other ERP or CRM systems, centralized location for all quotes, and pipeline visibility.

    Starting Price: $695.00/month
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    BlueprintCPQ Icon


    Blue Zebra

    Lô đề số Enhance your Enquiry-to-Order process with BlueprintCPQ, a cloud-based, enterprise-class CPQ (configure, price, quote) software. With BlueprintCPQ, businesses can complete quotations faster and more accurately. It can be deployed as a standalone system or can also be integrated with leading CRM tools, such as Salesforce, Magento, SAP and SalesLogix platforms.

    Starting Price: $70.00/month/user
  • 14
    Verenia CPQ Icon

    Verenia CPQ


    Verenia is a top-rated cloud CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution on the market today. It combines CPQ, Self-Service, Sales Portals, and B2B and B2C eCommerce in one easy-to-use platform. Verenia CPQ also integrates with leading CRM and ERP platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Made2Manage, Syspro, and more.

    Starting Price: $500.00/month
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    Powertrak CPQ Icon

    Powertrak CPQ

    Axonom Powertrak

    Lô đề số Powertrak CPQ Software Suite by Axonom is a cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform that enhaces and streamlines the sales quoting, ordering, pricing, and product configuration processes. With Powertrak, sales teams and channel partners are more empowered to turn leads into conversions faster by making accurate product and pricing information more accessible. Powertrak offers seamless integrations with leading business tools, such as, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce.com, Oracle, NetSuite, and Macola Software.

    Starting Price: $500.00/month
  • 16
    Odoo Sales Icon

    Odoo Sales


    Odoo is the only software in the world that allows you to integrate all your sales channels: online sales, e-commerce, internal sales, CRM information and point of sale (POS). Monitor your sales strategy with our real-time interactive dashboards, automate quotes and more.

    Starting Price: $12.00/month/user
  • 17
    TeamGram Icon



    The CRM that doesn’t stop when you close. TeamGram works across departments, helping everyone in your company collaborate to achieve amazing sales performance and customer satisfaction. Use it to write quotes, track orders, manage post-sale activities, assign tasks to mobile teams and more. TeamGram dashboard provides real-time insights into vital business metrics, without having to dig through spreadsheets. Quickly discover what needs your attention and make faster decisions. The pipeline view enables you to see all your deals at a glance and makes it easier to focus on your next actions. Drag&drop your deals from one stage to the next, take control of your sales process in a very simple and visual way.

    Starting Price: $12 per user per month
  • 18
    Connected2Fiber Icon



    Lô đề số Connected2Fiber's Industry Growth Cloud for connectivity is a system of intelligence around location to enable buyers and sellers to drive growth for connectivity providers. Combining location intelligence, workflow including planning, prospecting, pricing and market participation, along with the award winning ecosystem within The Connected World. Over 600 million locations are being managed to drive growth across 150+ service providers globally.

  • 19
    Ascend Icon


    Lô đề sốMindbox Studios

    Lô đề số Ascend provides the sales tools your team needs to succeed. Get bids done right. Close deals faster and improve the accuracy of your team's estimates. Improve visibility, leverage historical data, and improve project margins with easy-to-use software tools. Reduce quote turnaround time and increase the accuracy of your estimates. Generate proposals using templates and spec docs for quicker signoffs. Get visibility into your pipeline and anticipate capacity issues sooner. Link your systems for easy access to all of the customer info.

    Starting Price: $25 per month per user
  • 20
    Expivi Icon



    Lô đề số Expivi’s 3D Product Configurator is an interactive tool that allows potential customers to experience products in 3D, view them from any angle, and customize colours, textures, components and more. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) integration allows you to show your customers a unique price for each option selected and a total price for the final product. Expivi is a simple-to-use cloud based 3D Product Configurator platform that is changing how people shop online. This interactive and visual e-commerce platform generates an immersive shopping experience with the help of instant 3D configurations and augmented reality. Businesses can effortlessly upgrade their online stores by using Expivi’s user-friendly tools on their own existing marketplace. All within the web browser. Platform clients can log in easily and set up and apply projects effortlessly without the help of third-party tools and assistance. Easy integration with Magneto, WooCommerce and Shopify.

    Starting Price: $99 per month
  • 21
    Zomentum Icon



    Lô đề số Zomentum is an end to end sales enablement platform for MSPs. Zomentum helps MSPs to ace their sales and generate more revenue.

    Starting Price: $99/month (up to 2 users)
  • 22
    ScopeStack Icon



    Lô đề số Build your pricing and statement of work in one simple step. The ScopeStack platform allows you to easily pick and choose features across different technology towers for a simple scoping process. No more long hours behind the computer, managing word templates and editing grammar. The ScopeStack platform automatically builds the scope while you are choosing features and functions. Visually determine which projects are more profitable and use key business metrics to auto approve projects.

    Starting Price: $500 per month
  • 23
    Configure One Icon

    Configure One

    Configure One

    Lô đề số Configure, price, and quote even the most complex products in minutes with Configure One, a top-rated configurator and CPQ software. Ideal for small and large manufacturing companies, Configure One helps companies sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. The platform also goes beyond traditional CPQ solutions by offering functionality such as product visualization, drawings, detailed Bill of Materials (BOM), routings, and integration to ERP, CRM, and CAD solutions.

  • 24
    Apttus CPQ Icon

    Apttus CPQ


    Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPQ Application Suites for 2018, Apttus CPQ is an intelligent software designed to reinvent the selling experience. Apttus CPQ uses the power of artificial intelligence to help sales teams improve the sales process and gain improvements in new leads, cross-sells and up-sells, as well as the entire sales cycle times. Built on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, Apttus CPQ accelerates business growth through features like Max, an AI assistant for CPQ; integration with Apttus Incentives; omni-channel capabilities; integration with leading CRM software, and more.

  • 25
    Quoter Icon


    Lô đề sốQuoter Software

    Quoter is an online quoting platform for sales teams. Quoter helps sales teams save time, increase control, and win deals faster by streamlining the sales quote and proposal process. It comes with reusable quote and proposal templates, quote and email tracking, easy, online acceptance and payment, CRM and accounting integration, and so much more. Create more quotes, eliminate bottlenecks, and get paid faster with Quoter. Quoter is a lightning fast, modern quoting platform for technology service providers. Our easy-to-use platform, automation workflows, and unlimited user pricing plans will empower your team to create more quotes than ever before. All of our core plans include unlimited users. Create impressive, accurate quotes in just a few clicks. Rest easy knowing exactly when your quotes are opened. Seamless PSA, CRM, distributor, and accounting integrations. Leverage our automation to encourage more people to quote.

    Starting Price: $99 per month
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