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Compare the Top Digital Asset Management Software of 2020

Compare the best Digital Asset Management software currently available using the table below.

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    Lô đề số Nuxeo makes it easy to build smart content applications that enhance customer experiences, improve decision making, and accelerate products to market. The Nuxeo Platform is a modern content services platform for low-code application development with a scalable architecture and flexible metadata model that provides advanced content management capabilities, including AI and machine learning, for any type of content. Regardless of size, volume, or where your content is stored, we enable organizations to securely access, find and use information across business units, applications, channels, and processes.

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    Filecamp is a SaaS solution providing intuitive Digital Asset Management with unlimited users. With Filecamp you can easily showcase and share your files with your clients or with other parts of your organization. Every customer can have its own custom branding and password protection if required. Using different download presets, anyone that you allow can quickly download the right resolution of your images. Filecamp is 100% responsive and works well on all platforms.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month Partner badge
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    Imagen is an intuitive cloud-based digital asset management platform that makes storing, finding, viewing and managing your content a breeze with fast, secure and controlled access through a highly-customisable content portal. Our clients include industry-leading organisations within the Sports, Media and Enterprise sectors including, MLB, Channel 4, Aon, The Press Association, ATP Media, IMG, Endemol, and BP.

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    Lô đề số IntelligenceBank marketing operations software helps content marketers seamlessly manage digital assets, creative content approvals and compliance, and creative project management. Through integrating Digital Asset Management (DAM), online brand guidelines, marketing workflows and approvals with calendars and kanban, IntelligenceBank gives you a way to easily manage marketing and creative projects from end to end, within the one system. Our beautifully designed software is used by over 400 brands globally. We offer 24/7 support with offices in the US, Australia, and Canada.

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    Lucidpress Icon



    Lucidpress is a design & brand templating platform that empowers non-designers in your company to create and distribute marketing collateral all on their own (without going off brand). Lockable templates protect your brand while allowing colleagues to make small design tweaks and customizations, easing the workload off your creative team. Say goodbye to rogue branding forever with Lucidpress -- the brand templating platform trusted by over 7 million users worldwide. Get high-quality printed materials shipped straight to your location with our web-to-print features. Or, reach your audience even quicker with Lucidpress's direct mail delivery. Whether its social media posts or printed brochures, our cloud-based platform helps your business manage the brand experience from start to finish.

    Starting Price: $50 per month
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    Device42 Icon



    Device42 is a robust, comprehensive data center and network management software solution specifically designed by engineers with IT experience to discover, document, and manage medium and large datacenters. Featuring an intuitive web-based interface, Device42 actionable insight into enterprise infrastructures, with clearly identified hardware, software, service, and network interdependencies, powerful visualizations, and easy-to-use UI, webhooks, APIs, and so much more. Lean on Device42 to prepare for and plan network changes and reduce MTTR should an unexpected outage occur. Device42 has what you need for maintenance, audits, license certificate, warranty, and lifecycle management, passwords/secrets, inventory, asset tracking, capacity planning and budgeting, building room and rack layouts… Oh, and Device42 integrates with your favorite IT management tools? Including ITSM, CM, and SIEM integration; data mapping; and more! Try it for yourself today, free for 30 days!

    Starting Price: $1499.00/year
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    Suttle-Straus Icon


    Lô đề sốSuttle-Straus

    We know that your designers want the freedom to be creative and spend time on new projects. To do that, they need an easier way to customize existing marketing materials for different users. We've helped lots of big brands like Sub-Zero, Sherwin Williams, Steelcase and La-Z-Boy lift the customization burden from their design teams by creating customized brand portals for them. We take your art files, turn them into online templates, and give your network self-service access to customize their own materials. You still have control to approve final versions before they download or print. Our customized brand portals are also connected to commercial print and mail workflows at Suttle-Straus, so end users can order marketing collateral, request new signage and trigger direct mail campaigns to their neighborhoods all using approved corporate templates.

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    Aitarget Icon



    Aitarget has built an award-winning Advanced Automated Advertising Solution with the focus on achieving business-oriented results through creative automation on Facebook and YouTube. We connect your digital advertising spend with next-generation AI targeting technologies. Aitarget main focus is achieving business-oriented results through creative automation. We empower eCommerce with Creative SaaS by maximizing cost efficiencies.

    Starting Price: $2500.00/month
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    DropTrack Icon



    Lô đề số DropTrack is a software tool that helps record labels, independent artists, and producers organize and promote their music. We get your music heard by industry influencers including global DJs, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, music supervisors, and playlist curators. DropTrack provides real-time feedback and analytics on who listened to your music, when and where.

    Starting Price: $19.00/month
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    Gumlet Icon



    Lô đề số Gumlet automatically resizes image, applies lossless compression and delivers images via Super-fast CDN. Gumlet's JavaScript and WordPress plugin make integration super easy. Within an hour you can optimize all the images on your website. Gumlet detects screen size of your users' devices and optimizes each image to fit perfectly for that device size. Our customers achieve: - Upto 60% image optimization - Significantly faster mobile page load times - 40% reduction in CDN costs - Better SEO and higher organic traffic Checkout free trial and test it! PS: Gumlet is developed by the team behind world's most popular image resize library: php-image-resize. (http://github.com/gumlet/php-image-resize)

    Starting Price: $5 / month / website
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    RelayThat Icon



    Lô đề số RelayThat is a software business formed in 2016 in the United States that publishes a software suite called RelayThat. The RelayThat product is SaaS software. RelayThat is graphic design software, and includes features such as collaboration, image database, image editor, and templates. Alternative competitor software options to RelayThat include Lucidpress, hyper Digital Asset Management Server, and Maglr.

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    CatalogIt Icon


    Lô đề sốIt Unlimited

    Lô đề số CatalogIt is a powerful, intuitive CMS (Collections Management System) application for museums, collecting organizations, professional conservators and private collectors. CatalogIt allows multiple users to securely catalog and collaboratively manage collections anywhere on any device. As a secure, cloud- and mobile-native subscription SaaS, CatalogIt provides peace of mind that collections information is secured, documented using authoritative controlled vocabularies, protected offsite, and accessible to approved users.

    Starting Price: $120.00/year
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    hyper Digital Asset Management Server Icon

    hyper Digital Asset Management Server

    hyperCMS Content Management Solutions

    The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server helps organizations to have full control over all their digital assets, to automate processes and cut costs. Access all your rich rich content directly by conveniently integrating it into the creative workflow of internal/external teams and programs like Adobe CS, MS Office, and OpenOffice. Ensure process control with collaborative approval. Share the content directly on Social Media Networks. Create customized Brand Portals to promote and meassure the success of various rich content.

    Starting Price: $21.00/month for SaaS, $0 for the On-Premise Free Edition
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    PIMworks Icon


    Mobius Knowledge Services

    PIMworks is a product experience management software that helps retailers and brands centrally manage product data. The product experience of the customer can be improved through an ML-based product catalog enrichment feature that helps in creating an accurate and personalized product catalog. PIMworks also helps internal teams - product managers, marketing teams, and catalog managers streamline the workflows through multiple task management features. You can also syndicate content to multiple channels through in-built APIs and ready-to-use templates. PIMworks has a lot of integrations including Bigcommerce, Magento, and Shopify to name a few. The overall product data performance can be monitored and analyzed with insights available on the dashboards.

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    Comrads Digital Asset Management Icon

    Comrads Digital Asset Management

    Comrads Solutions B.V.

    Lô đề số Comrads Digital Asset Management, the online hub to organize, manage and share digital assets. With our SaaS application you can find files faster, easily create brand consistent content and shorten the time-to-market of your multimedia campaigns and publications. Comrads offers scalable solutions to meet the specific needs of any organization. Our modules add extra functionalities to our DAM application. Discover all our modules in more detail: - Digital Asset Management - Brand Management - Product Asset Management - Webtop-publishing / Brand Templates - Creative Workflow Management - Marketing Order Management Comrads can rightly call itself a true pioneer in the field of DAM. More than 100k+ marketers, brand managers and designers worldwide use the Comrads' portals on a daily basis. They have a shorter time-to-market and are assured of simplified and consistent collaboration. Comrads enables its clients to utilize the full potential of their valuable marketing materials.

    Starting Price: €250.00/month
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    Microsoft OneDrive Icon

    Microsoft OneDrive


    Access, share, and collaborate on all your files from anywhere. OneDrive connects you to all your files in Office 365 so you can share and work together from anywhere while protecting your work. Easily store, access and discover your personal and shared work files in Office 365, including Microsoft Teams, from all your devices. Edits you make offline are automatically uploaded next time you connect. Work faster and smarter with anyone inside or outside your organization. Securely share files and work together in real-time using Word, Excel and PowerPoint across web, mobile and desktop. Create, view, edit, and share files on the go with the OneDrive mobile app. Easily capture whiteboards and scan work receipts, business cards, and other paper documents for safe keeping. OneDrive helps protect your files. You can easily recover files from accidental deletes or malicious attacks and administrators can manage security policies to help keep your information safe.

    Starting Price: $2 per user per month
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    Box Icon



    Lô đề số Secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Protecting your sensitive files in the cloud is a top priority. That's why we developed advanced security controls, intelligent threat detection, and complete information governance. But we know your needs don't stop there. Strict data privacy? Check. Data residency? Check. Industry compliance? Check. Your business depends on collaboration between lots of people, from teammates to customers to partners and vendors. Get everyone on the same page with one place to work together easily on your most important content. After all, you should be sharing files, not frustration. And you should have the peace of mind that it's all secure. Working on manual, cumbersome processes wastes hours each day. So we let anyone automate the repeatable workflows that are key to your business, like HR onboarding and contract and digital-asset management. Workflows start to move faster. You have more time to do what matters most.

    Starting Price: $5.00 per user per month
  • 18
    Kontainer Icon



    Digital Asset Management, PIM & Image bank One comprehensive platform for GDPR secure & professional storage, organization & sharing of your files, including: images, videos, logos and other files. Kontainer creates a simple & elegant overview of all your assets for storage and sharing both internally and externally with business partners. Kontainer offers different solutions depending on your use case: • Digital Asset Management • File Management • PIM - Product Information Management • Image bank for PR agencies • Marketing & PR tool • GDPR Consent tagging and management • Sales & Presentation tool All solutions can be combined with the number of users and/or amount of storage you need. For more information and our pricing visit our site or contact us to learn more. A user friendly, professional and GDPR secure B2B alternative to Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. Kontainer can easily be integrated with ERP, CMS, CRM, Email-marketing and SoMe.

    Starting Price: 280$/month
  • 19
    Panopto Icon



    Panopto is a video platform built for businesses and universities. When businesses and universities need an easy, reliable solution for managing, streaming, and recording videos, they turn to Panopto. Since our founding in 2007, we’ve built a video platform that any employee, instructor, and student can use regardless of their prior experience. Click the links below to find out what makes us the ideal solution for your organization. Secure video management. Industry-leading search. Flawless streaming.

  • 20
    Airtable Icon



    Organize your work your way with Airtable. An all-in-one collaboration software, Airtable combines the power of a relational database with the flexibility and ease of use of a spreadsheet. It works across platforms and devices, and syncs data in real-time. Users can choose from different formats to view the tasks at hand, including grid, calendar, Kanban, gallery, and forms.

    Starting Price: $12.00/month/user
  • 21
    pCloud  Icon



    pCloud is a cloud- based digital asset management platform and cloud storage that provides access to all your digital content including images,video, audio,docs, and more- anytime, anywhere,on any device. Keep all of your important files safe and centralized in one place. You can share with team members, clients, etc. across the globe and give them controlled access and permissions to your digital library. It has a user-friendly interface that clearly shows where everything is located and what it does. The software is available for multiple platforms – iOS and Android devices, Mac, Windows, and Linux. By installing pCloud on your computer (through its desktop application pCloud Drive), the app creates a secure virtual drive which expands your local storage space. Every change you make in your pCloud can be seen immediately on your computer, phone or tablet. pCloud's latest feature Branded links allows you to customize download links with your brand's style and logo.

    Starting Price: € 3.99 /mo
  • 22
    LightRocket Media Manager Icon

    LightRocket Media Manager


    Lô đề số LightRocket Media Manager is an enterprise-grade digital asset management platform. Our clients include major international organisations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Health Organization. We're a team of experts with decades of experience providing personalised service and continual upgrades for all our clients. The system is customizable and there are no limits on users or storage. Pricing can be tailored to your organisation's budget.

    Starting Price: Negotiated.
  • 23
    Workfront Icon



    Workfront is an award-winning online project management software that helps modern teams focus on the right work, produce their best work, and deliver it faster. Suitable for marketing teams of all sizes, Workfront enables users to plan timelines, plan and manage workflows, prioritize project requests, create and proof content, and use reporting functions all from one solution. From large projects, to ad-hoc requests, Workfront helps teams succeed.

    Starting Price: $30.00/month/user
  • 24



    Lô đề số Visualize staging, planning, and workflow for your marketing campaigns with Atomized, an innovative marketing visualization platform. Built for marketing teams at brands, agencies, and small businesses, Atomized offers the tools users need to create visual marketing calendars that connect teams, content, and marketing apps in one central view. It integrates with leading DAM systems, workflow tools, social tools, email automation tools, and many more.

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
  • 25
    eClincher Icon



    eClincher brings you an all-in-one social media management platform. Offering amazing features like: publishing and scheduling posts, reply to all interactions from one Inbox (social CRM), monitoring and listening feeds, auto publishing with smart queues, suggested content, advanced analytics reporting, post approval, team collaboration, and much more. eClincher is ranked #1 ROI platform for social media management category. 100% Guaranteed to get your WOW reaction! eClincher is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Analytics, Canva, Zendesk, and much more. Start your absolutely FREE TRIAL today.

    Starting Price: $59.00/month/user
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