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Compare the Top ERP Software of 2020

Compare the best ERP software currently available using the table below.

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    One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 20,000 customers. Adaptability has never been more important. We give you the visibility and control to make the right decisions, now. Scale up, spin off, adopt new business models, NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and easily. With every NetSuite upgrade, your configurations and customization migrate seamlessly. Your core business system now becomes your customer-facing commerce system with a customizable, customer-specific, pixel perfect experience. Real-time analytics is the NetSuite user interface. Users know what they should be doing and how they’re helping the business, with vital business data displayed from right within the system.

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    Making a difference to construction companies on a daily basis, BuildSmart provides contractors with the tools to make informed decisions based on real time data, addressing the perils of siloed and uncoordinated data and delivering real time accurate costing and financial information. Ultimately helping you to protect your profit margins. Industry specific and legislative compliant covering the nuances of construction accounting embracing Procurement, Plant and Equipment Management, Stock or Inventory Management, Payroll and Subcontractor Management all feature rich and construction specific.

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    Lô đề sốGenius Solutions

    Genius Solutions is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, including software, implementation services and field expertise for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers. Genius ERP is built for manufacturers handling make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order and assemble-to-order manufacturing. Accurate estimating, product engineering, inventory control, production planning, accounts management, field services and complete oversight: one system that helps simplify complex manufacturing.

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    Lô đề sốTIW Technology

    ERP software as it should be. Sprung from deep manufacturing roots, ALERE was built with the understanding that your ERP system is only as good as the data it captures and how easily that captured data can later be retrieved for analysis. Commonly used by small to mid-sized businesses, ALERE has been integrated into a wide range of industries, with a wide range of needs, while still easily scaling as those organizations grow. ALERE's real-time reporting mechanisms provide managers and sales reps with up to the second information on financials, inventory, and work order status. Flexible work orders, advanced BOM structures, a powerful MRP system, barcoding, real-time costing and a finite scheduler can meet the demands of even the most dynamic manufacturing floors. ALERE’s support for mixed mode manufacturing has become a keen edge in today’s highly manufacturing competitive environment, enabling our customers to become more competitive, efficient and profitable.

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    Lô đề sốInspired Technology Systems

    Lô đề số Software for Cold Storage Management, Food Production, Food Distribution, Distribution, or Service Providers. Web based cloud software requires minimal up-front costs. A simple monthly subscription model offers little risk. To top it all, it works on any web-enabled device like computers, tablets, smart phones, and hand held bar code scanners. Use our ERP and WMS Software to run your business. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need all in one place, and also having the ability to customize our already unmatched ERP system to further suit your unique business needs. "Go Live" in record time with our feature-driven turnkey solution, or tell us what you're looking for and we'll create a custom-written package just for you. WMS, Order Entry and Sales, AR and Billing, Purchasing, AP and Check Processing, Reporting and Graph Dashboards, CRM, Preventative Maintenance, Lot control + traceability, SQF and HACCP Document Management, Scheduling Calendars.

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    Lô đề số abas ERP is a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small and mid-size manufacturing companies. Whether for management or finance, purchasing or sales, service or cost accounting, production or warehousing, abas ERP helps companies unlock the full potential of their teams. The software is scalable and user-friendly and is loaded with a wide range of features, including sales management and CRM, advanced planning and scheduling, purchasing, ERP production planning and control, BI & analytics, financials and accounting, and so much more.

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    SAP Business One Icon

    SAP Business One

    Sapphire Systems

    Lô đề số SAP Business One is a powerful ERP solution available on-premise, in the cloud, or powered by SAP HANA, SAP's in-memory computing database. SAP Business One covers all core business functions in one platform, giving managers access to critical data and allowing for quicker, better business decisions. Some of the functionalities available in SAP Business One are CRM, stock contol, sales management, financials, purchasing, reporting, and more.

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    Wholesalers in the United States! Automate & optimize your inventory, e-commerce, quotes & shipping from any computer or mobile device. WHAT CAN ZANGERINE DO FOR YOU? * Save money by eliminating errors * Reduce wasted time with automation * Grow sales with more efficient e-Commerce * Upgrade to real-time data that improves decision making * Increase security & accountability * Create competitive advantage with custom features ERP FEATURES * Purchasing * Inventory management * Barcode scanning * CRM * Sales quotes * Process payments * B2B e-Commerce platform * Customer portals * Order management * Multi-warehouse, 3PL & Dropship fulfillment * Pick, pack & shipping labels * RMA management * 58 Preset managerial accounting reports WHAT MAKES ZANGERINE DIFFERENT? * Our software is built specifically to fix the challenges of Wholesalers * Our team helps you go live in just 5 sessions * We are the only ones that GUARANTEE successful implementation

    Starting Price: $199.00/month
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    Lô đề số Jazva is a cloud-based e-commerce management software built for high volume retailers and wholesalers. Powerful and full-featured, Jazva helps automate, simplify, and synchronize multichannel selling. This single platform delivers a set of features for online sales including listing management, multi-channel product management, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), order fulfillment, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and interactive reporting and analytics tools.

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    MIE Trak Pro Icon

    MIE Trak Pro

    Lô đề sốMIE Solutions, Inc.

    We want your company to grow and succeed in a competitive manufacturing industry. MIE Solutions provides ERP software for the discrete manufacturing industry, including aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication, electronics, and more. We offer both on-premise and cloud solutions to our customers as well as perpetual and SaaS licensing options. The software, MIE Trak Pro, has a multi-division capability and can be used in both small, start-up manufacturing businesses as well as mid-sized and enterprise companies in the discrete manufacturing industry. MIE Solutions provides services to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We want your business to grow and improve because what you do and what you make is important to us! Manufacturing is an ever-developing industry and we understand this. Let us help you grow and continue supporting your customers with on-time delivery and competitive prices (while remaining profitable).

    Starting Price: $125/user/month Partner badge
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    Runn Icon



    Runn is a modern resource and capacity planning platform that gets remote teams on the same page. Know exactly where projects are at, and what’s required to deliver them, with real-time forecasts of capacity, resources needed, billings and profitability. Runn has a modern and easy-to-use interface that provides your team with a shared view of all the people and projects in your organization. Plan new work alongside existing projects and instantly see how changes to your plans and resourcing affect your company’s bottom line. Runn is intuitive to use and lets you quickly schedule work using simple drag and drop functionality. Runn also allows you to collaborate with your co-workers in real-time, seeing updates live without having to refresh your browser. Runn combines resource and capacity planning with integrated actual tracking and powerful forecasting to deliver meaningful insights and a full picture of your organization.

    Starting Price: $ 10 per person, per month
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    YetiForceCRM Icon


    YetiForce Sp. z o.o.

    Lô đề số Are you looking for a system to boost your sales? Do you want to improve your relationships with customers? Do you want to contribute to the fastest growing open source project on GitHub? You can use YetiForce completely free of charge. With YetiForce’s help you will manage 12 business processes in your company, no matter the size. The vast number of features available for free helped us win the first place in Capterra’s “Most Affordable CRM Software” ranking. YetiForce’s open source code was released under a very flexible and liberal license, which gathers a large and active community around the project. You too can contribute to it no matter if you are a professional programmer or software development is just your hobby. Download YetiForce for free and find out why you should become one of more than 250 000 people who already use it. Testing versions: GitStable: http://gitstable.yetiforce.com/ GitDeveloper: http://gitdeveloper.yetiforce.com/

    Starting Price: $0 - FREE
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    Dolibarr ERP CRM Icon

    Dolibarr ERP CRM


    Dolibarr is a software company based in France that was founded in 2003 and offers a software product called Dolibarr ERP CRM. Pricing starts at 0. Dolibarr ERP CRM offers training via documentation, and in person sessions. Dolibarr ERP CRM is CRM software, and includes features such as customer surveys, mailing list management, subscriber management, template management, and WYSIWYG email editor. Dolibarr ERP CRM offers business hours support, and online support. Dolibarr ERP CRM offers a free version, and free trial. Dolibarr ERP CRM is available as SaaS, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android software. Some alternative products to Dolibarr ERP CRM include Armatic, Waste & Recycling One, and NetSuite.

    Starting Price: 0
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    Flowlens MRP Software Icon

    Flowlens MRP Software


    Flowlens is cloud manufacturing CRM and MRP software for Small - medium sized manufacturers and dealers of equipment, machinery, plant and industrial systems. Flowlens gives you - one place for your business - sales, inventory, purchasing - production, profitability - after sales service and asset history - CRM / Supplier management - tasks, uploads, email tracking - automatic document creation Flowlens links to Xero, Quickbooks Online, Sage 50 and Kashflow accounts packages, enabling data to be seamlessly transferred without manual rekeying. Flowlens customers typically migrate away from manual repetitive processes, spreadsheets and hours of effort, to enjoy savings of a day a week or more per person. Visit our website to watch case studies and view a full demo webinar video. Manufacturers and dealers wishing to learn more can avail of a free trial for 2 weeks, with expert help included. Flowlens also provides expert implementation and training packages.

    Starting Price: $149 per month
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    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics Icon

    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics


    SensrTrx is a manufacturing analytics platform that provides visibility into the data from machines, devices, and people and puts it all into context. SensrTrx is revolutionizing manufacturing by offering a complete solution from sensors to data collection to analytics that provides real-time insights into the productivity of the factory. Those insights give a manufacturer the ability to reduce costs, ensure customer on-time delivery, and improve quality. SensrTrx enables companies to start small, think big, move fast and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing analytics.

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    Enterprise Universal ERP API Icon

    Enterprise Universal ERP API

    STFB Inc.

    Enterprise Universal ERP API is a complete HTTP REST API with hundreds of accounting & ERP functions that you can use to add accounting and ERP functionality to your own applications! All basic Accounting and ERP functionality is included and made available via API calls! GL, AR, AP, OE, Inv, Warehousing, CRM, MRP, and ECommerce calls included. Since the Enterprise ERP API is implemented in stored procedures, and can be called either directly or via HTTP REST, ANY LANGUAGE or PLATFORM can be used to access the ERP business logic! IF the language / development environment / software platform can access MySQL or SQL Server, then it can use the ERP business logic directly! One of the BEST new features of this API, is that it will allow your company to hire outside developers to build sub-systems and add-ons to your software product WITHOUT having to SHARE THE SOURCE CODE WITH THEM! You can simply send your new outside developers the API Call List & API Documentation!

    Starting Price: $2999.99 One Time
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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Icon

    Microsoft Dynamics 365


    Accelerate your business growth with Dynamics 365, the next generation of CRM and ERP applications. Unify your data. Get predictive insights. Achieve amazing results. Make smarter decisions. Take actions that drive your business. Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a single view of customers. Find and nurture the right leads. Create connected customer experiences. Stay on top of market trends. Deliver positive customer experiences—faster. Optimize resources and help technicians be more efficient. Reduce operational costs. Redefine your traditional global financial management. Automate processes to increase efficiency. Decrease operational expenses and financial complexities. Move from reactive to predictive operations. Automate and simplify your manufacturing and supply chain management. Maximize the life of your assets. Unify your physical and digital commerce. Build brand loyalty through personal engagement. Exceed customer expectations.

    Starting Price: $190 per user per month
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    Wrike Icon



    Get full visibility and control over your tasks and projects with Wrike. A cloud-based collaboration and project management software, Wrike is trusted by leading companies, such as airbnb and Verizon, to help their teams achieve more. Wrike offers world-class features that empower cross-functional, distributed, or growing teams take their projects from the initial request stage all the way to tracking work progress and reporting results.

    Starting Price: $9.80 per user per month
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    ProShop Icon


    Lô đề sốAdion Systems

    ProShop is a paperless and web based shop management, ERP, MES and QMS system for manufacturing companies in regulated industries. ProShop was built on the shop floor of a machine shop for nearly 20 years, and it's not like anything you've seen. Built to manage the complex manufacturing environment better than anything else on the market - by an order of magnitude. Never before has there been a system that gives you such insight into every detail of your manufacturing company. ProShop is best described as a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem (DME). It is 100% paperless, and combines the features found in ERP, MES, QMS, CMMS, and other software categories for machine shops, fabricators, job shops, contract manufacturers and others in regulated industries who need tight controls on their process and want exacting and timely information to make the best and most profitable decisions.

    Starting Price: $500.00/month
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    Tactic Icon


    Lô đề sốWaterloo Manufacturing Software

    Works with and does not replace your MRP / ERP! TACTIC is highly customizable, advanced planning and manufacturing production scheduling software developed by Waterloo Manufacturing Software. Suitable for discrete and batch industry manufacturers, TACTIC reduces supply and inventory costs while improving customer service. Manufacturers use TACTIC to promise delivery, plan and schedule production, plan material and capacity, and deal with changes and problems. TACTIC s sophisticated scheduling algorithms and what-if features let management teams continuously balance what’s good for business with what’s good for customers. Waterloo Manufacturing Software’s technical consultants provide a number of pre-sale and post-sale services for TACTIC. These services help you both asses the technology and get ever-increasing value from its use in your operations.

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    Dynamics 365 Business Central Icon

    Dynamics 365 Business Central


    Lô đề số Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV)—a comprehensive business management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Accelerate financial close, chart financial performance in real time, and improve forecast accuracy while maintaining compliance and security. Maximize profitability with an end-to-end view across operations, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management. Manage the sales process from start to finish within Outlook and deliver exceptional service with a connected view of customers and service operations. Plan and monitor your projects with real-time metrics on resources, profitability, tasks, and progress.

  • 22
    Odoo Icon



    Odoo is a fully integrated and customizable open-source suite of business applications including sales, CRM, project management, manufacturing, inventory, accounting and other business needs in one software solution. Odoo was designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and budgets. The depth of integration within Odoo helps users to reduce redundant manual processes. Every module is interconnected to provide an integrated experience from app to app, and users can automate many processes that would otherwise require manual inputs into multiple applications. Odoo keeps all business functions in one place allowing teams to collaborate with other departments from one unified platform. Odoo is open-source software and offers security features to business technology and software development communities around the world. The Odoo market offers numerous modules and apps that are suitable for a variety of business needs.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month/user
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    WP ERP Icon

    WP ERP


    Lô đề số ULTIMATE COMPANY/ BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION FOR WORDPRESS. Get a unique interactive experience of managing your business independently with the most reliable information Storage & system of record on WordPress. WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system through which you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform. The plugin provides powerful CRM, HR Manager, Accounting & Project Management capabilities that lets you take care of your career and venture from the backend of your site with full freedom! The plugin is so beginner-friendly that all you need is a one-click activation to get started! CORE MODULES WP ERP Comes with three powerful pre-built core modules – WordPress HR Management WordPress CRM System WordPress Accounting System OTHER MODULES Project Management via WP Project Manager To know more about WPERP and it's powerful features go to the link: http://wperp.com

    Starting Price: Free
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    Procurify Icon



    Transform your company's procurement process with Procurify. A cloud-based procurement software solution for mid-sized companies and large enterprises, Procurify lets companies approve, track, report and analyze their spending conveniently, increasing visibility throughout the procurement process and generating cost savings. With Procurify's fast and easy setup process, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive workflow, teams across purchasing, finance, and procurement departments are now more empowered than ever to create a better spend culture within the company.

    Starting Price: $499.00/month
  • 25
    ERPNext Icon


    Frappe Technologies

    ERPNext is the world's best 100% open source ERP. It is comprehensive, designed for self implementation, and easy to use. All our plans provide world class hosting, all modules, in-app support and backups. ERPNext is designed for self-implementation, and most companies don't need any help, just a bit of determination. To help you, there are tons of videos and other resources that will help you. If you sign up for a paid account, we conduct one-on-one sessions to help you configure the system. Yes, we would be happy to schedule a remote, one-on-one demo. Just send us a request for one.

    Starting Price: $5 per user per month
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These ERP suites were created with the small to midsize enterprise (SME) market in mind. This designation is less an indicator of the actual size of an enterprise and more an indicator of its complexity. This distinction is important, given that an organization that isn't particularly complex may not have a sufficient need for a customized ERP suite. Typically, an SME would need to be involved in international commerce, have a complex supply chain, or simply be a large enough enterprise to require custom business solutions for an investment in ERP software to be worthwhile.

How does enterprise resource planning software work?

Lô đề sốAt its core, an ERP suite is modular software that handles the most basic financial aspects of running a business. Users can build outward from that base by adding additional modules to handle other specific business functions. These modules can include business functions such as supply chain management and business intelligence. It can also include materials resource management, which is a broad topic that can address fixed asset management, review point of sale performance, offer project management solutions, and even manage inventory through Just-In-Time strategies.

What differentiates ERP software from more basic accounting software is that an ERP suite provides a system that can be used to manage an entire enterprise instead of merely track its finances. Outside of convenience, users also benefit from all of these resources working cohesively through one base ERP suite thanks to the possibility of creating new processes or gaining a better holistic view of an organization that wouldn't be available under a series of unconnected software tools.

For example, while accounting software would only offer a basic framework limited to accounting processes, most ERP systems have more expansive options that allow for modules that integrate basic payroll functions into a broader human resources tool. An ERP suite can also add modules that would customize inventory software for an organization with unique distribution or logistical needs.

The More Complex an Entity, The Greater The Value of Customization

At first glance, generic single-use applications that only serve one specific part of an enterprise may seem sufficient. It may not be obvious on the surface but a one-size-fits-all application likely won't be effective for every type of enterprise. Payroll systems, for example, can have vastly different requirements across different types of businesses. A service organization will be more concerned with payroll software that is able to integrate billing and expense management, while a restaurant chain is going to be more concerned about recording employee tips and factoring in any related tax issues. Both of those types of enterprises will have needs that are far different from that of a construction company that has to account for contractors versus employees and even calculate different rates of pay for the same worker depending on what task he or she is performing that day.

Lô đề sốAnother area outside of payroll that can have a wide variance in needs is inventory. For example, an enterprise that focuses on manufacturing will need more than just spreadsheets tracking inventory; such a company would potentially need a barcode scanning system to track building components. Those needs are completely different from a seasonal business that would need an automated system able to manage production levels for high and low volume seasons.

Lô đề sốUltimately, the modular and highly customizable nature of ERP suites requires an SME to game plan for what they need from the suite long before contacting a vendor. To determine exactly what type of ERP suite is needed, an enterprise must do a top-down review of its processes and the way it does business. This includes contemplating every phase of business from development, to implementation, to manufacturing, to the sales and billing process all the way through customer support. An enterprise will need to consider how all of these phases work together and how it processes information between all of these phases. The process of an enterprise looking inward when reviewing its ERP needs will go far beyond the questions that are asked for standard financial software, which includes reviewing the number of servers needed and calculating the number of software licenses required. While those questions would still apply to an ERP suite an enterprise would need to go deeper and ask questions that will lead to a greater understanding of the way an enterprise operates.

A comprehensive understanding of the way an enterprise functions is important for designing an ERP suite for reasons other than utilizing the wide range of business systems ERP can offer. Because ERP modules all function together on the same framework it's possible for an enterprise to achieve increased integration between the different modules and the various parts of the business they represent. Because standard business software usually has one function, it's rare that it encourages integration with other software. For example, assume a food processing company receives a delivery of beef on a specific day of the week. The company has employees that specialize in processing the beef when it arrives. In this circumstance, an ERP platform's HR module might coordinate with the inventory module to make certain the correct employees are scheduled to work on the day the beef arrives. Traditional business software is unlikely to have this capability. In most cases, the software would be unable to work with each other and the potential for synergy between processes would be lost.

The example above is just one of the many possibilities that might arise. The potential for what an ERP system is capable of is limited only by the boundaries of the platform and an enterprise's understanding of the manner in which it conducts its business.

The Cloud and It's Effect on ERP Pricing

ERP software is not a new concept. First marketed decades ago, ERP has long been available but until recently was typically outside the budget of most SMEs. The reasoning is pretty simple; the computing power needed to operate these modules and allow them to run optimally can be intense. ERP suites often need multiple servers to function. Many require a server for each separate module. For instance, an SME might have separate servers for an HR module, one for the database backend, one for financials, etc. That's not to mention additional redundant servers for increased performance and backup. All of this hardware adds up quickly, often costing more than the ERP suite itself. It's no surprise that since the development there have been many enterprises unable to take advantage of an ERP system due to budget constraints.

Lô đề sốLuckily for some SME's, cloud-based computing has opened doors to ERP not seen before. Many vendors are using cloud-based computing to power their ERP's which they are deploying with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The SaaS model allows a business to license software that is centrally hosted elsewhere. It allows them to save on the upfront hardware costs of hosting the software themselves, including server and network costs. With all servers operating on the cloud, an ERP system can offer a much lower cost and much higher scalability.

The higher scalability possible through the cloud can make an enormous difference for some businesses. For example, a retail business might have a module for online sales. During the holiday season, it's not uncommon for businesses to see large spikes in traffic. To accommodate that traffic without SaaS distribution would require the business to buy new servers for redundancy to handle the increase in traffic. That would involve a large hardware cost for a server that will no longer be necessary for much of the remaining year. That leaves the company with a tough choice: settle for spotty e-commerce during peak online buying, or spend more money on hardware that will only be needed a few weeks out of the year. Cloud-based ERP systems remove the need for that difficult choice. A company can simply pay for additional cloud-based servers for the busy holiday season and then dissolve those servers once they are no longer needed. This allows an enterprise to only pay for the server space they need and only when they need it.

One final benefit of SaaS deployment of an ERP suite is lowered licensing costs. When software is hosted on-site an enterprise must pay a setup fee as well as a dollar amount per licensed user. This amount per user is often between $1,000 and $5,000 and the license would last until there are significant changes made to the software. Cloud-based ERP systems often charge a nominal setup fee or waive it completely. What’s more, the monthly amount is usually between $90 and $500. In many instances, the subscription route of paying a lower monthly rate can be significantly cheaper than the traditional method of paying a larger lump sum per license.

Lô đề sốThere is one area in which an ERP system won’t save any money over traditional software, and that is when using a third party to handle software deployment. Most ERP vendors suggest or require an enterprise to deploy an ERP suite through a third-party partner. The third-party partner will manage the actual deployment of the ERP system which can take up to several months. This is more than simply installing software, as the third-party partner is responsible for in-depth work including coding middleware that connects the modules if they weren’t already coded prior to purchase. These third-party partners are also responsible for employee training and troubleshooting after deployment. While hiring a third-party partner may not be required it’s likely to be highly recommended by the vendor.

Lô đề sốThe bottom line is that an enterprise should take stock of the way it does business and evaluate its needs long before even contemplating an ERP system. There will likely be a third-party partner to guide an enterprise through the process and smooth out any issues, so the real work is for an enterprise to go into the relationship knowing exactly what it wants from an ERP system.