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Compare the Top Manufacturing Software of 2020

Compare the best Manufacturing software currently available using the table below.

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    TIW Technology

    Lô đề số ERP software as it should be. Sprung from deep manufacturing roots, ALERE was built with the understanding that your ERP system is only as good as the data it captures and how easily that captured data can later be retrieved for analysis. Commonly used by small to mid-sized businesses, ALERE has been integrated into a wide range of industries, with a wide range of needs, while still easily scaling as those organizations grow. ALERE's real-time reporting mechanisms provide managers and sales reps with up to the second information on financials, inventory, and work order status. Flexible work orders, advanced BOM structures, a powerful MRP system, barcoding, real-time costing and a finite scheduler can meet the demands of even the most dynamic manufacturing floors. ALERE’s support for mixed mode manufacturing has become a keen edge in today’s highly manufacturing competitive environment, enabling our customers to become more competitive, efficient and profitable.

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    abas ERP is a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small and mid-size manufacturing companies. Whether for management or finance, purchasing or sales, service or cost accounting, production or warehousing, abas ERP helps companies unlock the full potential of their teams. The software is scalable and user-friendly and is loaded with a wide range of features, including sales management and CRM, advanced planning and scheduling, purchasing, ERP production planning and control, BI & analytics, financials and accounting, and so much more.

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    New Tack Inc.

    LOCATE is a scalable, cloud-based inventory and order management solution designed to help product-based businesses succeed in the mid-market. From warehouse basics, such as kitting, barcoding, and tracking, to advanced workflows like drop shipping, outsource manufacturing, and wave picking, LOCATE brings the power of an ERP system to the mid-market. LOCATE is the ideal solution for inventory-based companies looking to grow. Designed with the end-user in mind, LOCATE offers powerful features within a flexible, intuitive software. Above all, our superior customer service is what sets LOCATE apart; our customers aren’t just purchasing software, they are partnering with a team who will help them succeed.

    Starting Price: $100/month/user
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    Lô đề số Our software has been designed to efficiently manage the challenge of megabyte to terabytes of Test Data and Product Quality in any format coming from R&D, Supply Chain, Repair and Manufacturing Environments. Our talented and committed team has over 100+ man years of experience and have been working with Fortune 1000 companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Industrial and Medical Device industries since 2006.

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    Lô đề sốKatana Smart Manufacturing Software

    Katana is the #1 modern manufacturing & inventory software tailored for scaling manufacturers using Xero or QuickBooks and selling on eCommerce (Shopify, WooCommerce). It makes production management & inventory control easier than ever for online merchants. Suitable for businesses looking to scale and bring structure to their everyday operations. Raw material inventory management and bill-of-materials management included. Seamless integrations with Xero, QuickBooks Shopify, and WooCommerce.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
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    Genius ERP Icon

    Genius ERP

    Genius Solutions

    Lô đề số Genius Solutions is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, including software, implementation services and field expertise for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers. Genius ERP is built for manufacturers handling make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order and assemble-to-order manufacturing. Accurate estimating, product engineering, inventory control, production planning, accounts management, field services and complete oversight: one system that helps simplify complex manufacturing.

  • 7
    eMaint CMMS Icon

    eMaint CMMS

    Lô đề sốeMaint CMMS - A Fluke Solution

    eMaint is an award-winning, cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software designed to improve how organizations manage their maintenance reliability operations, resources, equipment, and compliance. Suitable for any size organization or enterprise, eMaint saves companies valuable time and money by integrating the tools they need in one powerful platform. It covers work order management, maintenance scheduling, reports and dashboards, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, mobile maintenance, inventory management, and asset management.

    Starting Price: $33.00/month/user
  • 8
    CMS IntelliCAD Icon

    CMS IntelliCAD


    Lô đề số CMS IntelliCAD® is the intelligent, powerful and affordable full-featured CAD Software and is fully programmable with hundreds of third party solutions. CMS IntelliCAD also offers a full suite of 2D and 3D AutoCAD® compatible drawing tools! It is the smartest choice for engineers, architects and consultants, or anyone who communicates using CAD drawings. It is designed to give you the best unrivaled compatibility and a true CAD Software alternative to Autodesk® AutoCAD® software and is fully programmable with hundreds of third party solutions. CMS IntelliCAD also offers DWG file extension native support! And now also with Microstation DGN file support.

    Starting Price: $179.95/one-time/user
  • 9
    The Lean Machine Icon

    The Lean Machine

    Lean & Mean Business Systems

    Harness the power of a robust and powerful quality management software (QMS) system with The Lean Machine. Validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, The Lean Machine is a cutting-edge all-in-one quality and material management system packed with key features, such as remote desktop support, animated training tutorials, customized integrations, including QuickBooks or ERP integration. Core modules include document management, quality management, organizational management, risk management, inventory management, compliance management, and more.

  • 10
    Q.Shop Icon



    Lô đề số Q.Shop, formerly known as Quince Shop Floor Data Collector, is a manufacturing software solution that is specifically designed for those in the repair and overhaul industry. Repair and overhaul manufacturing can be labour intensive and complex. Q.Shop is a unified data collection system that brings together shop floor inspection plans, process manuals, work instructions, and machinery inputs in one place. Q.Shop platform facilitates traceability and simplifies collaboration among technicians, supervisors, and managers. Q.Shop manufacturing solution also offers a complete job and employee scheduler. It maximizes process efficiency, in regard to not only machine operation but also personnel placement. Operators are scheduled based on their shift hours, experiences, skill levels and amount of achieved certifications/ licenses. Q.Shop increases productivity by providing the most suitable schedule for your current workforce, machinery, inventory and sales volume.

  • 11
    Noviqu Ensight Icon

    Noviqu Ensight


    We help manufacturers realize the true potential of their most important asset, people. By providing a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the people and equipment in the facility our customers can reduce cost, decrease downtime and increase revenue and profit margins. We combine safety, maintenance, quality, training, and work into one complete platform that integrates with existing tools and ERP's to create a better overall picture of the facility. By utilizing our product employees are better trained, more informed, all while increasing transparency of the facility to managers.

    Starting Price: $300/month/facility
  • 12
    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics Icon

    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics


    SensrTrx is manufacturing productivity and analytics software that provides real-time visibility on the factory floor that helps reduce downtime, improve on-time delivery, and increase profitability of manufacturing companies. SensrTrx empowers manufacturers to start small, think big, move fast, and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing productivity and analytics software.

  • 13
    Flowlens MRP Software Icon

    Flowlens MRP Software


    Lô đề số Flowlens is cloud manufacturing CRM and MRP software for Small - medium sized manufacturers and dealers of equipment, machinery, plant and industrial systems. Flowlens gives you - one place for your business - sales, inventory, purchasing - production, profitability - after sales service and asset history - CRM / Supplier management - tasks, uploads, email tracking - automatic document creation Flowlens links to Xero, Quickbooks Online, Sage 50 and Kashflow accounts packages, enabling data to be seamlessly transferred without manual rekeying. Flowlens customers typically migrate away from manual repetitive processes, spreadsheets and hours of effort, to enjoy savings of a day a week or more per person. Visit our website to watch case studies and view a full demo webinar video. Manufacturers and dealers wishing to learn more can avail of a free trial for 2 weeks, with expert help included. Flowlens also provides expert implementation and training packages.

    Starting Price: $149 per month
  • 14
    Salesforce Icon



    Lô đề số Salesforce helps sales teams accelerate their performance and achieve their goals. Salesforce is the world's most-used CRM, and so much more. With Salesforce, teams get access to tools that allow them to grow their accounts, find new customers, and close deals—faster and from anywhere. It offers a wealth of features that include contact management, opportunity management, lead management, email integration, reports and dashboards, sales forecasting, files sync and share, and so much more. Spend less time digging around in spreadsheets and more time running your business. No hardware, no software, no hassle. Our simple setup assistant will have you streamlining sales and answering customer questions in just minutes. Give buyers seamless, personalized experiences by connecting data across sales, service, and marketing. See a complete view of the customer — their account, activity history, and connections. Pull in social data for a deeper view of your customers.

    Starting Price: $25.00/month/user
  • 15
    ProShop Icon


    Adion Systems

    Lô đề số ProShop is a paperless and web based shop management, ERP, MES and QMS system for manufacturing companies in regulated industries. ProShop was built on the shop floor of a machine shop for nearly 20 years, and it's not like anything you've seen. Built to manage the complex manufacturing environment better than anything else on the market - by an order of magnitude. Never before has there been a system that gives you such insight into every detail of your manufacturing company. ProShop is best described as a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem (DME). It is 100% paperless, and combines the features found in ERP, MES, QMS, CMMS, and other software categories for machine shops, fabricators, job shops, contract manufacturers and others in regulated industries who need tight controls on their process and want exacting and timely information to make the best and most profitable decisions.

    Starting Price: $500.00/month
  • 16
    Tactic Icon


    Waterloo Manufacturing Software

    Works with and does not replace your MRP / ERP! TACTIC is highly customizable, advanced planning and manufacturing production scheduling software developed by Waterloo Manufacturing Software. Suitable for discrete and batch industry manufacturers, TACTIC reduces supply and inventory costs while improving customer service. Manufacturers use TACTIC to promise delivery, plan and schedule production, plan material and capacity, and deal with changes and problems. TACTIC s sophisticated scheduling algorithms and what-if features let management teams continuously balance what’s good for business with what’s good for customers. Waterloo Manufacturing Software’s technical consultants provide a number of pre-sale and post-sale services for TACTIC. These services help you both asses the technology and get ever-increasing value from its use in your operations.

  • 17
    WATS - Electronics Manufacturing Icon

    WATS - Electronics Manufacturing


    Use Manufacturing Test & Repair Data to improve cost of internal inefficiencies, warranty claims and supply chain collaboration. WATS is a Manufacturing Intelligence solution for any sized Electronics manufacturers, within the industries of industrial electronics, consumer electronics, medical instrumentation, automotive, and aerospace & defence. WATS features global data acquisition, from your internal and sub-contracted manufacturing. From any test or repair data format. It helps you to quickly identify your most frequent failures and issues, across multiple dimensions. Such as True First Pass Yield for products, revisions, factories and test stations, OEE, CPK, dashboards++ In addition to detailed test and repair data analytics, WATS features customizable alarming capabilities, operator interfaces, detail-rich test asset maintenance management, and centralized distribution mechanism for properties such as test software, unit firmware, serial numbers and MAC addresses.

    Starting Price: €249 / month
  • 18
    Cin7 Inventory Management Icon

    Cin7 Inventory Management


    Cin7 is a web based inventory system that helps businesses manage their inventory anywhere, in real time. Suitable for omni-channel retailers and wholesalers, Cin7 integrates cloud inventory, Point of Sale, warehouse management, B2B ecommerce, 3PL, and direct EDI, in one robust platform. Cin7 also features seamless integrations for Shopify, Magento, Xero, Amazon, Ebay and more.

  • 19
    Priority Matrix Icon

    Priority Matrix


    Lô đề số Priority Matrix is a productivity tool for Outlook and Microsoft Teams that helps teams manage, prioritize, and focus on high-impact tasks. Customers save 100 hours per person per year using Priority Matrix to help them have more effective meetings, better prioritize emails, and create team alignment across the entire organization. *Priority Matrix is featured by Microsoft on the Teams app store, and is used by thousands of organizations. Use Priority Matrix to get more out of Microsoft Teams, increase engagement of Office, and help everyone better unify emails and chat together on one platform. What makes Priority Matrix better than the rest? - Full-featured project management solution that works within Teams and Outlook - Designed to reduce context switching so that you can stay focused. - Integrated with Outlook so you don't need any other apps to collaborate - Artificial Intelligence technology helps prioritize and track the right project and people

    Starting Price: $12.00/month/user
  • 20
    Global Shop Solutions Icon

    Global Shop Solutions

    Global Shop Solutions

    We simplify your manufacturing.™ Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides the applications needed to deliver a quality part on time, every time from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, scheduling, inventory, accounting, quality control, CRM and 25 more. Available in the cloud or on premise, our manufacturing customers benefit from real-time inventory accuracy, improved on-time delivery, lower administrative costs, increased sales and improved customer service. Headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas includes a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Global Shop Solutions training center. Through its offices in the U.S., Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the company supports thousands of manufacturing facilities in over 25 countries and nearly 30 industries.

  • 21
    CyberPlan Icon



    CyberPlan is the Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software (APS) used by the leading manufacturing companies to plan their productions. It is used to plan and schedule the production of manufacturing companies that want to be competitive and to have full control of their supply chain. CyberPlan is used in MTS, ATO, MTO and ETO companies, even in the most complex productions that engineer extremely complicated product accordingly to the customer requests down to the companies making CPG.

    Starting Price: $1500.00/month
  • 22
    DBA Manufacturing Icon

    DBA Manufacturing

    Lô đề sốDBA Software

    DBA Software is a software organization that offers a piece of software called DBA Manufacturing. DBA Manufacturing features training via documentation, and webinars. The DBA Manufacturing software suite is Windows software. DBA Manufacturing offers online support. DBA Manufacturing offers a free trial. DBA Manufacturing is MRP software, and includes features such as billing & invoicing, job costing, job tracking, order management, purchasing, quotes / estimates, scheduling, shipping management, and work order management. Software pricing starts at $1995.00/one-time. Some competitor software products to DBA Manufacturing include Pilot ERP, REALTRAC, and Rootstock Cloud ERP.

    Starting Price: $1995.00/one-time
  • 23
    Anvyl Icon



    Lô đề số A production hub for the modern supply chain. Anvyl provides a single place to manage suppliers, oversee production, and track in-depth manufacturing data. Get the visibility you need to deliver great products. Anvyl streamlines supply chain communication, automates workflows, and delivers real-time production analytics from order to delivery. Manage your suppliers and find new ones on our highly-vetted network. Submit requests for quotation (RFQs), get cost breakdowns, and accept quotes right on the platform. See your entire parts library and supplier directory in one place. Quickly issue purchase orders and organize important quality and logistics documents. Collaborate with suppliers and members of your own team, automate check-ins across critical production milestones, and integrate data from freight forwarders and other logistics partners.

  • 24
    WorkClout Icon



    Founded in 2018, WorkClout is a software organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software called WorkClout. WorkClout offers online, business hours, and 24/7 live support. WorkClout features training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. The WorkClout software suite is SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. WorkClout is MRP software, and includes features such as document management, forecasting, quality control, quote management, resource management, supplier management, supply chain management, and traceability. WorkClout offers a free version, and free trial. Some competitor software products to WorkClout include Infor M3, Infor LN, and Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine).

  • 25
    ERPAG Icon



    ERPAG is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) cloud service for small to mid-sized businesses. A game-changing cloud ERP software, ERPAG covers all the features small-midsized companies need to succeed. It includes tools for sales, inventory, purchasing, POS, accounting, financials, servicing, dropshipping, and manufacturing. Plans start at $49 per month for 2 user accounts.

    Starting Price: $49.00/month
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