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Compare the Top Predictive Analytics Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best Predictive Analytics software currently available using the table below.

  • 1
    Fraud.net Icon



    Lô đề số Fraud.net delivers the world’s most advanced infrastructure for fraud management – powered by a sophisticated collective intelligence network, world class artificial intelligence, and a modern, cloud-based platform that helps you: * Unify fraud data from any source with a single connection. * Detect fraudulent activity for 99.5%+ transactions in real-time. * Respond to fraudulent transactions with smarter, faster, and more accurate decisions. * Optimize fraud management by uncovering hidden insights in terabytes of data. Fraud.net is a real-time, enterprise-strength fraud prevention and analytics solution organized around its business customers’ needs. Through a single point of command, it unifies and analyzes data from disparate systems and sources, tracks digital identities and behaviors, and then deploys the latest tools and technologies to stamp out fraudulent activity while allowing good transactions to sail through. Contact us today for a free trial.

  • 2
    Omniscope Evo Icon

    Omniscope Evo


    Visokio builds Omniscope Evo, complete and extensible BI software for data processing, analytics and reporting. A smart experience on any device. Start from any data in any shape, load, edit, blend, transform while visually exploring it, extract insights through ML algorithms, automate your data workflows, and publish interactive reports and dashboards to share your findings. Omniscope is not only an all-in-one BI tool with a responsive UX on all modern devices, but also a powerful and extensible platform: you can augment data workflows with Python / R scripts and enhance reports with any JS visualisation. Whether you’re a data manager, scientist or analyst, Omniscope is your complete solution: from data, through analytics to visualisation.

    Starting Price: $59/month/user
  • 3
    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics Icon

    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics


    SensrTrx is a manufacturing analytics platform that provides visibility into the data from machines, devices, and people and puts it all into context. SensrTrx is revolutionizing manufacturing by offering a complete solution from sensors to data collection to analytics that provides real-time insights into the productivity of the factory. Those insights give a manufacturer the ability to reduce costs, ensure customer on-time delivery, and improve quality. SensrTrx enables companies to start small, think big, move fast and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing analytics.

  • 4
    Indigo DRS Data Reporting Systems Icon

    Indigo DRS Data Reporting Systems

    Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting Systems

    Lô đề số Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System for Rapid Report Development (RRD) using HTML, XML, XSLT, XQuery and Python to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with HTML. Representing the ultimate in reporting software our advanced technology and reusable reporting system is a powerhouse in data reporting. Indigo DRS is totally unique in its ability to query in XQuery, Python and SQL and use data from multiple different sources and types simultaneously making it the only choice for demanding business, financial, scientific and engineering reporting. With advanced reporting features, unmatched functionality and effortless integration of this powerful software technology into your business you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities!

    Starting Price: $500 per month / user
  • 5
    MATLAB Icon


    The MathWorks

    MATLAB® combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly. It includes the Live Editor for creating scripts that combine code, output, and formatted text in an executable notebook. MATLAB toolboxes are professionally developed, rigorously tested, and fully documented. MATLAB apps let you see how different algorithms work with your data. Iterate until you’ve got the results you want, then automatically generate a MATLAB program to reproduce or automate your work. Scale your analyses to run on clusters, GPUs, and clouds with only minor code changes. There’s no need to rewrite your code or learn big data programming and out-of-memory techniques. Automatically convert MATLAB algorithms to C/C++, HDL, and CUDA code to run on your embedded processor or FPGA/ASIC. MATLAB works with Simulink to support Model-Based Design.

  • 6
    Smartlook Icon



    Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the "whys" behind their users' actions. Eliminate the guesswork and discover real, actionable reasons. With a unique feature set, Smartlook finally gives you a way to understand user behavior at the micro level. Always-on visitor recordings show you what every last visitor does on your website or app, while automatic event tracking lets you know how (and how often) your visitors do specific things. You can then build conversion funnels to see your conversion rates as well as uncover why people are churning. Heatmaps for websites give you mass data about where most people click, scroll, hover, and otherwise interact with your pages. Smartlook started in 2016 with web analytics and branched into mobile app analytics in 2018. Ranked within the Top 100 Software Products in the 2019 G2 Crowd Awards.

  • 7
    Mixpanel Icon



    Lô đề số At Mixpanel, our mission is to increase the rate of innovation. Not only as a company, but for the businesses we serve. Through our analytics and engagement product, companies can analyze how and why their users engage, convert, and retain in real-time across web, mobile, and smart devices. Then they can use that data to improve their business and products. Mixpanel serves over 26,000 companies from different industries around the world, including Samsung, Twitter, and BMW. Headquartered in San Francisco, Mixpanel has offices in New York, Seattle, Austin, London, Barcelona, Paris, and Singapore.

    Starting Price: $89 per month
  • 8
    Zendesk Explore Icon

    Zendesk Explore


    Zendesk Explore provides analytics for businesses to measure and improve the entire customer experience. Building the best customer experience works better when it's driven by data. With Zendesk Explore, you get instant access to the customer analytics that matter—and the deeper understanding of your customers and business that comes with it. Customer support can happen anywhere—on email, chat, phone, or your social channels. It’s good to have a customer analytics tool that can keep up. Explore integrates data from every channel, so you can measure how customers interact with your brand without losing the thread. Explore comes with best practice dashboards and analysis built in, so teams of any size get the metrics that help them track towards success. You can analyze team performance, take stock of operational metrics, or get a better understanding of your customer experience. No matter what it is, Explore has a dashboard to get it done.

    Starting Price: $9 per agent per month
  • 9
    Neural Designer Icon

    Neural Designer


    Neural Designer is a machine learning software with better usability and higher performance. You can build artificial intelligence models using neural networks to help you discover relationships, recognize patterns and make predictions in just a few clicks. Neural Designer´s strength consists in giving you the ability to make complex operations and build predictive models in an intuitive way thanks to its graphical user interface. You can run any task and instantly see the results in tables, charts or graphs. Among its uses, you can find algorithms for data statistics and preparation, different training strategies, testing and deployment of the model or exporting your results into other tools like R or Python. Each algorithm uses the latest technology and is optimized with CPU parallelization and GPU acceleration to achieve the best performance and give you the results in seconds. Try Neural Designer and benefiting from the results in no-time.

    Starting Price: $995.00/year/user
  • 10
    datapine Icon


    RIB datapine GmbH

    datapine’s business intelligence and dashboard software helps people to turn data into actionable insights and make data-driven decisions in real-time. A user-friendly drag & drop interface empowers managers to data scientists to visualize and analyze complex data by asking important business questions and receiving answers immediately. It offers a wealth of innovative analytics features like predictive analytics and dynamic, interactive business dashboards for modern, KPI driven businesses. Dozens of fast and easy data connectors to all common data sources (databases, flat files, social media, marketing analytics, CRM, ERP, helpdesk etc.) and a wealth of pre-build dashboard templates for different business functions (marketing, sales, management, HR etc.), industries (retail, logistics, healthcare, market research etc.) and platforms (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk etc.) help new users to get started quickly.

    Starting Price: $249.00/month
  • 11
    AUSIS - AI Underwriting  Icon

    AUSIS - AI Underwriting


    AUSIS – Full-stack Behavioural Underwriting AUSIS enables insurance businesses to provide in-depth underwriting, scoring & decisions in real-time. AUSIS provides reduction in cost, time, risk & fraud with enhancing efficiency, decision power, alternative scoring and more. AUSIS helps increasing STP from NSTP and also enables non-invasive methods of health data aggregation from AQI, Location, Mortality, Social, Photo, Video, Health Devices, Weather, Sanitation and more. AUSIS reduces up to 40% reduction in per policy issuance.

    Starting Price: $10/month/user
  • 12
    Splunk Cloud Icon

    Splunk Cloud


    Turn data into answers with Splunk deployed and managed securely, reliably and scalably as a service. With your IT backend managed by our Splunk experts, you can focus on acting on your data. Splunk-provisioned and managed infrastructure delivers a turnkey, cloud-based data analytics solution. Go live in as little as two days. Managed software upgrades ensure you always have the latest functionality. Tap into the value of your data in days with fewer requirements to turn data into action. Splunk Cloud meets the FedRAMP security standards, and helps U.S. federal agencies and their partners drive confident decisions and decisive actions at mission speeds. Drive productivity and contextual insights with Splunk’s mobile apps, augmented reality and natural language capabilities. Extend the utility of your Splunk solutions to any location with a simple phrase or the tap of a finger. From infrastructure management to data compliance, Splunk Cloud is built to scale.

  • 13
    MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics Icon

    MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics


    Lô đề số MicroStrategy is a software company based in the United States that was founded in 1989 and offers a software product called MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics. MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics is business intelligence software, and includes features such as dashboard, and website analytics. MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics offers online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support. MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics offers a free trial. MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics is available as SaaS, Mac, and Windows software. Some alternative products to MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics include OpenText Magellan, Omniscope Evo, and Qrvey.

  • 14
    Radius Icon



    Lô đề số Radius is a United States software company that was founded in 2009, and offers a software title called Radius. Radius offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. Radius offers a free trial. Radius is big data software. With regards to system requirements, Radius is available as SaaS software. Radius includes business hours support. Some alternative products to Radius include Marketing Optimizer, Tenfold, and GleanView.

  • 15
    Multirater Surveys Icon

    Multirater Surveys

    Multirater Surveys

    Lô đề số MultiRater Surveys is a customizable online unlimited usage, subscription based people analytics platform, designed to help businesses increase their leadership capability and maximize their people capital investment. With MultiRater Surveys, management teams can easily create and implement: - 180 Degree Performance Reviews - 360 Degree Leadership Development Surveys - Employee Feedback/Engagement Surveys - Customer Pulse Surveys Sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial today (no payment details required)

    Starting Price: $110.00/month
  • 16
    Mintrics Icon



    Lô đề số Mintrics is the ultimate social video analytics dashboard, with market and competitor intelligence. It lets brands, agencies, and content creators understand exactly which videos are performing well, which aren't, and why. With Mintrics, all of your videos across Facebook and YouTube are analyzed in one place. It connects to the various APIs using the users' tokens to gather data that is not available publicly, runs all sorts of calculations and displays unique metrics with historical data. But since metrics are useless on their own, Mintrics offers benchmarks, monthly reports, and personalized recommendations. First, on a page/channel level to clearly indicate how a given video's performing against the rest, and then industry benchmarks that show performance against the competition at large. You also get to track & group your competitors in lists and view the market insights in whole using Mintrics live leaderboard!

    Starting Price: $79
  • 17
    devtodev Icon



    Lô đề số devtodev is an analytical platform developed by games industry professionals specifically for game developers. With devtodev you can convert players into paying users, improve in-game economics, predict churn, revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as analyze and influence user behavior. The company has a growing customer base of game companies developing free-to-play games that choose to save time and money by using out-of-the-box universal and convenient analytics tool.

    Starting Price: Free
  • 18
    ABBYY Timeline Icon

    ABBYY Timeline


    ABBYY Timeline is a Process Intelligence platform that allows businesses to use the information contained within their systems to create a visual model of their processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments. The vast majority of process execution today is tracked, managed, and performed through any number of IT systems of record. That means you already have a record of just about every aspect of any of your processes. You just need the right tool to recreate an end-to-end view of process execution. Traditional business intelligence tools, dashboards, and reports can’t create this for you. ABBYY Timeline can. When properly ingested, merged, and analyzed, this wealth of data can be used to discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies.

    Starting Price: $1000 per month
  • 19
    Einstein Analytics Icon

    Einstein Analytics


    Lô đề số Make the right decision every time using analytics that go beyond business intelligence software. Spot opportunities, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and more with Einstein Analytics. Discover the story your data has to tell. Automatically find simple answers to complex business questions in your data. Learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what to do about it with transparent, understandable AI models. Identify how to achieve all of your business goals. Get the exact information you need by tailoring analytics to your business. Improve any business outcome with precise recommendations and specific guidance. Visualize your entire business on a single screen. Avoid needing multiple systems and logins. Create complete visualizations, predictions, insights, and more by bringing all your data — even from external systems — onto a single platform.

    Starting Price: $50 per user per month
  • 20
    A7 IoB Icon

    A7 IoB


    View all business data in a single workspace with A7 IoB, an intuitive digital dashboard. A7 IoB allows users to control their biggest asset: business data. This enables them to make smarter data-driven decisions. A7 IoB enables users to connect with business applications and spreadsheets, create or select KPIs, and visualize data.

  • 21
    FlexSim Icon


    FlexSim Software Products, Inc.

    FlexSim is a problem solving tool that allows you to accurately answer any question about your business. It's powerful simulation software, built from the ground up to make simulation as easy as possible, without sacrificing an ounce of function or visual appeal. You can create beautiful, detailed models that deliver results yet make an impact in the way spreadsheets or charts never could, and you can do it all in just minutes with drag-and-drop controls and easy-to-use features.

  • 22
    Sisense Icon



    Prepare, analyze, and explore data from multiple sources with Sisense, a leading Business Intelligence (BI) reporting software. Trusted by industry-leading companies, such as NASDAQ, Phillips, and Airbus, Sisense offers an end-to-end, agile BI platform that helps business make smarter, faster data-driven decisions. Sisense features an open, single-stack architecture, best-in-class analytics engine, machine learning, and delivery of insights beyond the dashboard.

    Starting Price: $17000.00/year
  • 23
    Qymatix Predictive Sales Icon

    Qymatix Predictive Sales

    Qymatix Solutions GmbH

    Lô đề số Qymatix helps B2B companies transform data into actionable insights that support profitable growth. The AI-based Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics software and CRM provide real-time, actionable information on cross-selling, churn risk and price analytics for traditional and digital channels. Qymatix Solutions GmbH has developed a unique cloud technology that combines data models for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and HTML5 data visualisation for ERP and CRM Systems. Its advanced sales analytics software enables sales managers in business-to-business to perform cross-selling, churn prevention and pricing analytics in one click.

    Starting Price: 29 EUR per User / Month
  • 24
    Alteryx Icon



    One Platform that Unifies Analytics, Data Science, and Process Automation. The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes; enabling the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation. With the Alteryx APA Platform you can automate processes, embed intelligent decisioning, and power your people to deliver faster, better business outcomes. A unified platform for analytics, data science, process automation, autoML, and AI. Hundreds of ready-to-use automation building blocks that speed business outcomes and make upskilling easy. One of the largest and most open exchanges for learning and sharing of business outcomes. Proven business outcomes across 6,000+ customers and 36% of the Global 2000. 80+ natively integrated data sources from Amazon to Oracle to Salesforce. Securely connect to an unlimited number of additional sources.

    Starting Price: $5,195 per year
  • 25
    App Annie Icon

    App Annie

    App Annie

    Lô đề số App Annie is the industry's most trusted mobile data and analytics platform. App Annie's mission is to help customers create winning mobile experiences and achieve excellence. Founded in 2010, the company launched the first mobile market data solution. In 2019, App Annie acquired Libring, an advertising monetization and spend offering. Together, these solutions comprise the industry's most complete mobile performance platform. More than 1,100 enterprise clients and 1 million registered users across all geographies and industries rely on App Annie to drive their mobile business. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with 12 offices worldwide.

    Starting Price: Free

What Is Predictive Analytics Software?

Most business intelligence tools are designed for looking back on past data and categorizing that information in a way that’s easy to understand. Predictive analytics solutions, on the other hand, take an extra step and use that past data to predict future trends. These systems look at all of your company’s past performance in order to identify patterns and make very educated guesses about what the future will look like. Models are created to predict outcomes and help you make the decisions necessary to take the optimal path.

Lô đề sốHowever, it’s important to note that this isn’t a foolproof system. There is a margin of error to consider, but the best predictive analytics software can minimize that chance.

Lô đề sốThere are four types of analytics in particular that any prospective user should know about, each of which has a different functionality and purpose.

  • Descriptive - makes use of data as it arrives to identify wider trends in the here and now. Without descriptive analytics, you can’t get a solid idea of how things are going right now.
  • Diagnostic - organizes and analyzes past data in order to determine exactly what led to fluctuations. Without diagnostic analytics, you can’t really figure out why certain decisions resulted in the changes that they did.
  • Predictive - predicts what will happen in the future based on past data. Without predictive analytics, you can’t leverage your past data to try to predict the best course going forward.
  • Prescriptive - analyzes possibilities in the future and helps you decide which would be best. Without prescriptive analytics, you may have some idea of what certain decisions will lead to, but you won’t be able to tell which would be best for you and your business.

Common Predictive Analytics Software Features

There are many different types of predictive analytics software, but many of them share some common core features, including the following:

  • Predictive Modeling - Simply put, predictive modeling is a specific type of statistical analysis that tries to determine what will lead to different results. By creating models and inputting past data, a predictive modeling system predict how new data will impact your business and future.
  • Data Mining - While inputting data may sound fairly simple, there is quite a bit of complexity when it comes to figuring out which parts of the data are valuable. A strong data mining program can efficiently extract the most important bits of information and prepare them for input into your predictive models.
  • Text Analytics - Getting the right numbers out of your data is hard, but what’s even harder is getting the right information out of textual sources. Specialized programs are needed to get usable data out of formats that aren’t already organized for easy data extraction.
  • Data Visualization - Even if you extract the best and most efficient data, then set up the best possible model to predict your success, it doesn’t help much if you, the user, can’t understand it. To understand your data best, you will need some form of data visualization. Looking at columns of figures on a document can only go so far, which is where various forms of data visualization come in handy.
  • R Integration - While R integration isn’t found in every piece of predictive analytics software, it is found in many. One of its main advantages is that it allows users to mine and sort through vast amounts of data much faster.

Predictive Analytics Software Buyer Types

When it comes to picking predictive analytics software, the most important consideration is exactly what type of buyer you are. There’s no product that is so much better than the rest that every single buyer should pick it without reservation. Instead, there are a variety of products that offer very different benefits and are suited to different types of buyers. Consider the following types of buyers and what product might be best for them.

Financial Sector

Lô đề sốWhen it comes to banking and other areas of finance, predictive analytics software has been critical for as long as the software has been around. It’s the foundation for everything from credit scores to fraud prevention. This is even more true for financial advisors that need to track the market in order to make profits and prevent losses in the future.


The key for any store is to figure out what the customers want and get ahead of the curve. Predictive analytics software is one of the easiest ways to do that, allowing savvy stores to track what customers do, how they respond to stimuli, and how you can convince them to keep coming back.


Besides the previous applications of predicting how people and man-made institutions act, predictive analytics can also be highly valuable when it comes to predicting how the body, diseases, and treatments work. On top of that, the software can also make administration and insurance much more streamlined.

Market Trends

Lô đề sốThere are some trends regarding predictive analytics software that you should keep in mind:

Ease of Use

It’s hardly news that business intelligence systems are moving towards increased user-friendliness, allowing them to be used and understood by more than just dedicated IT professionals. Predictive analytics is naturally part of this trend, growing more and more user friendly by the year. This trend will help the major decision-makers to better understand what the data means and why it’s indicating a certain course of action.

Cloud Migration

More and more services are moving towards the cloud as technology improves and people become more comfortable with entirely digital data. For businesses that don’t have the space or personnel to house an entire predictive analytics suite on site, pursuing a cloud-based option can pay big dividends and such options will only become more viable as time passes.

Wider Usage

The financial sector is certainly the biggest share of the market when it comes to predictive analytics, but that won’t necessarily hold true forever. As more and more retailers, manufacturers, and healthcare companies take advantage of the power of predictive analytics, the rate of spread will only increase.


Lô đề sốImprovements in the underlying technology play a big role in the advancement of predictive analytics. When considered along with the fact that businesses are more likely to gather and organize data efficiently today, it’s no surprise that predictive analytics is rapidly improving and expanding every year. More and more predictive analytics products will become available every year, with an ever-expanding range of features and capabilities.