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Compare the Top Remote Desktop Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best Remote Desktop software currently available using the table below.

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    ConnectWise Control is a remote support solution for Managed Service Providers (MSP), Value Added Resellers (VAR), internal IT teams, and managed security providers. Fast, reliable, secure, and simple to use, ConnectWise Control helps businesses solve their customers' issues faster from any location. The platform features remote support, remote access, remote meeting, customization, and integrations with leading business tools.

    Starting Price: $19
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    Lô đề số Make the most of your remote support solution with SolarWinds Take Control (formerly MSP Anywhere.) Developed by SolarWinds MSP, this 100% cloud-based remote control software offers live two-way chat, five-second connection time, responsive remote sessions, and reliable remote support tools including command line and windows event viewer. SolarWinds Take Control provides offer peer-to-peer technology that enables instant and on-demand remote support and access to Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android-based mobile devices.

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    Lô đề sốCybele Software

    Lô đề số Access Windows applications and desktops via web browser without installing or configuring any client-side software. Thinfinity Remote Desktop allows users to securely access computers from any device with an HTML5 browser. Publish your Windows Applications on the Cloud and allow your users and clients to run your Windows Applications from anywhere on any device. Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server enables ISVs to quickly transform their Windows applications into Web-based, Cloud-hosted services. Offer your Software as a Service (SaaS)! With support for Windows, macOS X, iOS, Android and Chromebook among others, Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server will enable you to provide users with remote access solutions immediately, wherever they are.

    Starting Price: $80
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  • 4

    Kasm Technologies

    Lô đề số Kasm is a web accessible desktop and isolation platform that is focused on accessibility and security by allowing users to access applications in an isolated and fresh environment every time they connect to the web. Individual users and organizational admins have the option to install Kasm on-premise, private cloud or allow us to host it for you on our SaaS Solution. Kasm’s multi-functional and fully customizable platform not only protects users by isolating their personal computers from web threats, phishing, malware and ransomware, but our VDI & Remote Access will give your team secure remote access to approved applications and resources, thus providing organizations with peace of mind while training and collaborating in a safe web browsing environment.

    Starting Price: $4/month/user Partner badge
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  • 5

    ISL Online

    ISL Light is an easy-to-use remote desktop software for security-conscious users. It comes at a great price-performance. ISL Light is a powerful tool that helps IT staff and support technicians solve problems remotely, either through unattended access, remote support or even though screen-sharing on mobile devices. It works cross-platform and offers 256-bit encrypted sessions with all standard remote access features plus some important extras: session recording, live chat, videocall, multi-monitor support, file transfer, reporting and many more. Users can choose between cloud or on-premise service. ISL Online license does not limit the number of users, workstations and clients you support. It's a reliable and highly secure software used in all industry sectors including banks, hospitals, governmental institutions and insurances.

    Starting Price: $145/year
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  • 6
    Atera Icon



    Lô đề số Atera is a cloud based all-in-one remote monitoring & management (RMM) platform for MSPs & IT pros. Atera includes everything you need to solve your clients toughest IT problems in one, centralized location. Atera's fixed cost pricing model helps IT businesses of all sizes grow with no extra costs. Fixed Cost with unlimited devices, it's that simple. Start your 30-day free trial today.

    Starting Price: $79.00/month/user Partner badge
  • 7
    LogMeIn Rescue Icon

    LogMeIn Rescue


    Rescue by LogMeIn is an affordable and reliable remote support software. Rescue offers a wealth of features that enables businesses to provide a seamless support experience for their end users and improve the productivity of their support team. Its top features include remote control, remote diagnostics, multi-platform support, device configuration, video support, and integrations and APIs.

    Starting Price: $149.00/month
  • 8
    Dameware Remote Support Icon

    Dameware Remote Support


    A remote IT administration and management software lets you remotely control Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers so you can quickly support thousands of end users without having to leave your desk. Dameware is a complete remote assistance solution that includes desktop remote control and the ability to administer Windows tasks remotely from a single, central console.

    Starting Price: $370.00/one-time/user
  • 9
    TeamViewer Icon



    TeamViewer is the world’s #1 brand for remote connectivity solutions. Through innovations in technology and an incredibly fast and secure global network, we’re making the world a smaller place — paving the path towards a truly global workspace. TeamViewer allows you to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and servers from anywhere, on a 3G or better internet connection. This access is device agnostic and completely secure. Any modern smartphone can now be your window to your workplace. Over 20 million support sessions happen daily on the TeamViewer platform. With our 256Bit AES encryption and ISO27001 certified data centers, providing support to your customers & employees has never been safer or easier. It’s like sitting right next to them, offering the help they need, the moment they need it most.

  • 10
    AnyDesk Icon


    AnyDesk Software

    Connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike. AnyDesk works across all your devices and operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FreeBSD and even your Raspberry Pi! Collaborate and communicate with ease, whether you’re holding online meetings and presentations or working on the same document from the other side of the world. Simply copy and paste or use the new transfer tab to transfer files between computers. No administrative privileges or installation needed. Simply download the 3MB file and you’re off. Require unattended access to your computer when you’re on the road? No problem, you’ll just need to install and set a password. Customize the AnyDesk user interface to give customers a remote desktop experience consistent with your brand.

    Starting Price: $10.99 per month
  • 11
    Zoho Assist Icon

    Zoho Assist


    Lô đề số Zoho Assist, your all-in-one remote access solution, helps you to access and manage remote devices. Through a web-based on-demand remote support session, you can directly analyze and establish control over your overseas assets in just a few seconds. Zoho Assist is entirely cloud-based, so you can set up unattended remote access and keep tabs on your remote PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and servers effortlessly. Zoho Assist is compatible with all major firewalls and traverses smoothly through proxies. Start your technical support today with industry-standard, best-in-class SSL with 256-bit AES data security to protect your data from phishing and other malicious activities. 

    Starting Price: $10.00/month/user
  • 12
    Dameware Remote Everywhere Icon

    Dameware Remote Everywhere


    Lô đề số SolarWinds® Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) provides a powerful remote support solution for IT professionals to access nearly any platform or device to solve issues quickly. It delivers clear visibility and communication capabilities to solve technical problems fast and delight end users. Packed with all the features of premium, expensive solutions, DRE offers powerful tools, reporting, and session monitoring at an affordable price.

  • 13
    Chrome Remote Desktop Icon

    Chrome Remote Desktop


    Lô đề số Securely access your computer from your phone, tablet, or another computer. It's fast, simple, and free. Get remote support for your computer, or give remote support to someone else. Available on the web via Google Chrome browser, Android and iOS.

  • 14
    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Icon

    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

    Lô đề sốCitrix Systems

    Deliver secure virtual apps and desktops. Provide secure remote access to employees while cutting IT costs. Only Citrix provides a complete virtual app and desktop solution to meet all your business needs. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver Windows, Linux, and web business applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud—public, on-premises or hybrid—within a modern digital workspace.

    Starting Price: $12.00 per user per month
  • 15
    GoToMyPC Icon



    Work more efficiently with GoToMyPC Remote Desktop Software. No matter where you are or what you need to do, remote access benefits both you and your business. Avoid the daily traffic jam and save time and energy by working from home during rush hour. No more separation anxiety – your computer is always a couple taps away. Just log in from another computer or mobile device. Access the programs, files and networks you need to do your job, and be home in time for dinner. We designed our software for maximum speed, security and usability, ensuring you can easily log in and connect to your host computer from any remote computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Instantly work on your files, programs and network – just as if you were at your desk. Stay productive wherever you go using your preferred mobile device. Now work is just a tap away with precious mouse control, screen zoom and full keyboard access. With GoToMyPC mobile apps, you can connect over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

    Starting Price: $35 per month
  • 16
    ShowMyPC Icon



    Lô đề số Remote support, online meetings, and demonstration tools offering website integration, screen sharing, audio, and desktop recording. Browser-based, no download HTML5 viewer, blazing-fast Windows RDP support, access and manage unattended PCs.

    Starting Price: $14.00/month
  • 17
    LogMeIn Pro Icon

    LogMeIn Pro


    Maintain Day-to-day Operations with the Most Reliable Remote Access Tool. Ensure peace of mind, flexibility, and productivity from anywhere with LogMeIn Pro. Simplify access to your work and store, share, and collaborate across all of your devices. Easy access to your most commonly visited websites, cloud and desktop applications. Fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop, or iOS and Android. Quickly access your computer desktop as if you were sitting in front of it. Extend computer and file access to anyone for instant collaboration. Complimentary access to LastPass to store all accounts in a secure password vault. Easily store all of your files, access them from anywhere, and quickly share with anyone. Print documents from a remote computer to the nearest local printer. View multiple remote monitors presented 1:1 on your local screens.

    Starting Price: $30 per month
  • 18
    AeroAdmin Icon



    Lô đề số All-in-one solution for everyday tasks in professional and private life AeroAdmin is a free remote desktop software that does not require installation or configuration. It is ready for use right after downloading and easily connects computers in different local area networks, behind NAT. Key Features: > No Installation and Configuration > Connects Computers in Different LAN, and works behind NAT > Unattended Access to Remote PCS and SERVERS > Total AES + RSA Encryption

    Starting Price: $89.99/year
  • 19
    LogMeIn Central Icon

    LogMeIn Central


    LogMeIn Central is a pure, cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution enabling IT professionals to effectively monitor, manage, and secure their endpoint infrastructure. ​Whether you have remote employees or endpoints scattered across the globe, LogMeIn Central provides IT organizations with the speed, flexibility, and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce IT costs, and mitigate risk.

  • 20
    Amazon WorkSpaces Icon

    Amazon WorkSpaces


    Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. You can use Amazon WorkSpaces to provision either Windows or Linux desktops in just a few minutes and quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops to workers across the globe. You can pay either monthly or hourly, just for the WorkSpaces you launch, which helps you save money when compared to traditional desktops and on-premises VDI solutions. Amazon WorkSpaces helps you eliminate the complexity in managing hardware inventory, OS versions and patches, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which helps simplify your desktop delivery strategy. With Amazon WorkSpaces, your users get a fast, responsive desktop of their choice that they can access anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

  • 21
    dualmon Remote Access Icon

    dualmon Remote Access


    Dualmon offers secure, fast, and affordable remote access for small and mid-sized companies. Available both in the cloud and on-premises, Dualmon Remote Access delivers unlimited on-demand remote assistance deployments. Key functions and capabilities of Dualmon Remote Access include remote printing, file transfer, user management, computer diagnostics, screen blanking, usage reporting, session recording, and more.

    Starting Price: $99.00/year
  • 22
    Goverlan Reach Icon

    Goverlan Reach

    Goverlan Inc.

    Lô đề số Increase ticket close rates and overall helpdesk productivity with Goverlan Reach, an on-premises client management software designed for medium to large enterprises. Goverlan Reach works behind the scenes to enable users to provide remote IT support, administration, and IT management. The platform is trusted by 13,000 customers and managing more than 3 million devices.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month/user
  • 23
    FixMe.IT Icon



    Cost-effective remote desktop application designed to deliver unattended and on-demand support to clients located anywhere in the world. Seamless, fast and easy to use, FixMe.IT instantly connects you to any remote computer and allows to easily transfer files as well as switch between multiple sessions, thereby saving you time, effort, and money. Purpose-built for sole proprietors and global corporations across different sectors and industries, FixMe.IT offers multi-session handling, unattended access, two-way desktop sharing, video-session recording, multi-window control, whiteboard tools, and more.

    Starting Price: $25.00/month/user
  • 24
    Splashtop Business Access Icon

    Splashtop Business Access


    Lô đề số Fast, simple, secure remote computer access for individuals and teams. Now you can easily access all your business applications and data anywhere, anytime, from any device Key Features and Benefits • Broad Device Support - Remote into your Mac or Windows computer from any Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device. • Easy to set up - Just sign up and install on your devices and you’re ready to go! • Easy to use - Intuitive gestures and menu interface delivers a native application experience including support for multiple displays. • High Performance - Patent pending streaming technology - including 3D graphics, HD video and synchronized audio - delivers an engaging user experience. • Connect from anywhere - Intelligent optimization techniques provide reliable connections even when connected over lower bandwidth 3G and 4G connections. • Secure connections - With support for SSL/AES 256 bit encryption you can be assured that your sessions are safe.

    Starting Price: $60.00/year/user
  • 25
    RG System Icon

    RG System

    RG System

    Lô đề số Designed for MSPs and IT Professionals, RG System provides a SaaS IT Management platform that combines RMM, Data Backup & Restore and Endpoint Security on a centric portal. With RG System, you protect your whole IT infrastructure - servers, workstations and devices - and you benefit from unique Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security and Dell EMC Avamar integration. Remote access, patch management, ticketing, reporting, VMs backup, replication, firewall... you manage and secure your IT environments from the same web based interface. The portal is affordable, easy-to-use and on a pay as you go model. Make IT Easy, that's what we do!

    Starting Price: $1.50
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What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software provides computer users with a way to connect to a computer when the user and computer are not in the same location. Once connected, the user can do just about anything on the computer that he or she would be able to do if seated directly in front of the unit. Remote users of desktop technology can fix issues with the computer, perform regular maintenance, manage apps, and initiate administrative tasks.

Lô đề sốRemote desktop software is an integral part of the services and IT framework of many companies. These companies operate in a variety of industries that include multinational companies and overseas learning institutions. For many companies, remote technology represents a modern technology that is perfectly suited to their needs.

Remote desktop technology has succeeded in transforming the IT industry and the manner in which modern business is conducted. Customer satisfaction, worker efficiency, maintenance costs, and worker retention have all been positively affected by remote desktop technology.

The Importance of Remote Desktop Software

The advanced technology enjoyed today allows many individuals to complete job duties without going to the office. Remote desktop systems add to this ability and provides greater connectivity to desktop computer users. This added flexibility can benefit both the work and personal lives of computer users.

Lô đề sốYou should make sure you understand all you need to know pertaining to remote desktop solutions to ensure you get the most out of this tool.

Remote Desktop Software Benefits

Computer users familiar with remote desktop technology will readily attest to the many benefits they can now enjoy as a result of the tool:

  1. Freedom - Many people dream of working from their bedroom or couch while wearing pajamas and enjoying a conversation with their cat. Remote desktop software can make this scenario and many others much more of a reality than in past times. This type of freedom is not something workers will experience when visiting the home of a client or working in a corporate setting. The free and carefree environment that is possible with remote desktop technology will improve the effectiveness of workers and reduce levels of worker attrition.
  2. Speed - IT specialists with clients in need of help who live a considerable distance from them no longer need to battle traffic or commute to their client's location. IT pros can begin work on their client's problem immediately upon receiving the call for help.
  3. Flexibility - Tasks and projects can now be completed without the need for workers to spend all of their time working at a desk. Job duties can be completed from home or any other location a worker finds convenient.
  4. Savings - Remote desktop tools make it unnecessary to spend excessive money on office equipment like computers, tables, and chairs. Remote desktop culture lends itself perfectly to the "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" philosophy. In many cases, employees only need a laptop to completely fulfill their job duties.
  5. Accessibility - Employees who possess a sufficient internet connection and a remote desktop connection manager can access the files and information they need from their office no matter where they are currently located. This makes it possible for employees to fulfill job requirements or meet an important deadline even if they take a few days off or enjoy a vacation.

What Industries Can Benefit From Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop tools are useful to most people regardless of their job description. However, the technology has proven especially useful for people working in certain fields:

  • IT Professionals - Remote desktop tools allow IT specialists to fix common tech problems without having to travel physically to the location of the person they are helping. This ability saves both money and time while adding to the efficiency and productivity of the IT professional.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) - Working from a remote desktop allows managed service providers to immediately address problems of clients. The technology allows managed service providers to work on a global level without spending money on travel expenses.
  • Customer Service and Support - The ability of customer service specialists is enhanced due to the fact they can now provide solutions to people they are helping that could once only have been performed if they were sitting at a computer together. The remote support aspect of remote desktop software has widened the scope of services that can be provided by a customer service provider and helps to eliminate potential misunderstandings between the service provider and his or her clients.
  • Individuals - Computer users who use more than one device to facilitate their tech needs can now connect these devices for more efficiency. They can also help less savvy friends and family members with computer problems without having to leave their present location.

The Bottom Line

Lô đề sốQuick and instant solutions are often needed by companies who want to survive in today's fast-paced business world. An investment in remote support can be just what a business needs to create a productive and efficient work culture. Educating yourself regarding the benefits and uses of remote desktop software tools will enable you to save money, improve the work environment for your employees, and maximize the efficiency of your company.