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Compare the Top Reporting Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best Reporting software currently available using the table below.

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    Docmosis Pty Ltd

    Docmosis is a highly scalable document generation engine that can be used to generate PDF and Word documents from custom software applications. Documents are generated from templates which can be created using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. These templates utilize simple placeholder fields to handle text, repeating and conditional logic with flexible formatting features to control how data and images are injected into the documents. Data can be passed to Docmosis in either JSON or XML format. Generated documents can be output in multiple formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX and ODT. Docmosis means that developers and/or non-developers can design templates. The Docmosis engine can be purchased as a perpetual license and used on-premise OR subscribed to on a monthly basis from our secure Cloud service. The software is capable of being integrated into systems built in Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C# & more; essentially any software which can perform a http:// POST

    Starting Price: $50.00/month
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    ChristianSteven Software

    PBRS™ (Power BI Reports Scheduler) saves time and money by making it easy to automate the filtering, distribution & delivery of Power BI Reports & Dashboards. Simply define single or packages of Power BI reports, schedule, run them automatically, and send the reports to print, fax, folder, FTP, SMS, Dropbox, SharePoint, Slack & email in a number of standard formats including Excel, Excel Data Only, CSV, MS Word, PDF, Powerpoint, HTML and more. Includes SSRS report scheduling, plus Data Driven subscriptions & scheduling for both SSRS and Power BI.

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    DashboardFox Icon



    Dashboards, codeless reporting, interactive data visualizations, data level security, mobile access, scheduled reports, embedding, sharing via link, and more. DashboardFox is a dashboard and data visualization solution designed for business users with a no-subscription pricing model. Pay once and you own the software for life. DashboardFox is self-hosted, install on your own server, behind your firewall. Looking for Cloud BI? We offer managed hosting services, but you still retain ownership of your DashboardFox licenses and data. DashboardFox allows your users to drill-down and interact with live data visualizations via dashboards and reports. Business users can create new visualization in a codeless report builder without needing a technical pedigree. An alternative to Tableau, Sisense, Looker, Domo, Qlik, Crystal Reports, and others.

    Starting Price: $395 one-time payment
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    SmartCompliance Icon


    Lô đề sốSmartCompliance

    Insurance tracking and compliance management solutions. Self-service & full-service solutions that automate certificate of insurance or proof of insurance renewals, eliminate manual data entry, & help ensure compliance. COI tracking software and services that manage the time-consuming process of collecting certificates of insurance, sending renewal requests and confirming third-party compliance. Proof of insurance tracking software and services that help property managers easily track tenant policies to ensure coverage & compliance with renter’s insurance requirements. Certificate issuance solution and services that relieve the burden of creating, delivering, storing and managing certificates of insurance. Experience for yourself why SmartCompliance is the most trusted provider for certificate of insurance or proof of insurance tracking, issuance, and compliance management.

  • 5
    Toucan Toco Icon

    Toucan Toco

    Toucan Toco

    Lô đề số Data Stories for non-technicals. Get simple answers to fundamental questions. Toucan is the market leader in communicating insights to non-technical business decision-makers. We empower them with simple but comprehensive reporting, data visualization and data analysis applications meant for all your employees. Use our platform to easily design and deploy an impactful data application as a team. Within 2 hours and without any specialists skills. We also provide Embedded Analytics features. Build your analytics in days, Iterate in minutes, Distribute in a click.

  • 6
    Site24x7 Icon



    Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations within small to large organizations. The solution monitors the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure, including private and public clouds. End-user experience monitoring is done from more than 100 locations across the world and various wireless carriers.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month
  • 7
    IntraStage Icon



    Our software has been designed to efficiently manage the challenge of megabyte to terabytes of Test Data and Product Quality in any format coming from R&D, Supply Chain, Repair and Manufacturing Environments. Our talented and committed team has over 100+ man years of experience and have been working with Fortune 1000 companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Industrial and Medical Device industries since 2006.

  • 8
    ClicData Icon



    ClicData is the world first 100% cloud-based Business Intelligence and data management software. With our included data warehouse, you can easily cleanse, combine, transform and merge any data from any data source. Create interactive and self-updated dashboards that you can share with your Manager, your team or customers in multiple ways: email delivery schedule, export or even dynamic dashboards via our LiveLinks. With ClicData, automate everything from data connection, data refresh and management, and scheduling routines.

    Starting Price: $25.00/month
  • 9
    Windward Core Icon

    Windward Core

    Lô đề sốWindward Studios, Inc.

    In as little as 11 lines of code you can extend your new or existing applications with the ability to generate documents, eliminating the need to “reinvent the wheel” and allowing you to focus on building the Core features of you application. Windward Designer offers free-form control over your templates, so stop accepting mediocre results and create your templates exactly the way you envision them. The only limit is your imagination! The best part? Our Designer is an add-in to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint), and output to universal formats like HTML or PDF.

    Starting Price: $220 per month
  • 10
    Noviqu Ensight Icon

    Noviqu Ensight


    We help manufacturers realize the true potential of their most important asset, people. By providing a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the people and equipment in the facility our customers can reduce cost, decrease downtime and increase revenue and profit margins. We combine safety, maintenance, quality, training, and work into one complete platform that integrates with existing tools and ERP's to create a better overall picture of the facility. By utilizing our product employees are better trained, more informed, all while increasing transparency of the facility to managers.

    Starting Price: $300/month/facility
  • 11
    Reporting Log Icon

    Reporting Log

    Intech Cloud

    Lô đề số Reporting Log is Sales Force Automation tool to monitor day to day Growth and Activities, that helps to manage field force for any kind of marketing industry. We are fastest growing Sales Force Automation software company. Reporting Log Provides Online/ Offline based reporting applications that make data extracted in a query accessible to the user. It's a common reporting tool that makes a variety of information available on a single screen, in the form of charts, graphs, ordered lists, etc.

    Starting Price: INR 150 to 500
  • 12
    Omniscope Evo Icon

    Omniscope Evo


    Lô đề số Visokio builds Omniscope Evo, complete and extensible BI software for data processing, analytics and reporting. A smart experience on any device. Start from any data in any shape, load, edit, blend, transform while visually exploring it, extract insights through ML algorithms, automate your data workflows, and publish interactive reports and dashboards to share your findings. Omniscope is not only an all-in-one BI tool with a responsive UX on all modern devices, but also a powerful and extensible platform: you can augment data workflows with Python / R scripts and enhance reports with any JS visualisation. Whether you’re a data manager, scientist or analyst, Omniscope is your complete solution: from data, through analytics to visualisation.

    Starting Price: $59/month/user
  • 13
    Indigo DRS Data Reporting Systems Icon

    Indigo DRS Data Reporting Systems

    Lô đề sốIndigo Scape DRS Data Reporting Systems

    Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System for Rapid Report Development (RRD) using HTML, XML, XSLT, XQuery and Python to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with HTML. Representing the ultimate in reporting software our advanced technology and reusable reporting system is a powerhouse in data reporting. Indigo DRS is totally unique in its ability to query in XQuery, Python and SQL and use data from multiple different sources and types simultaneously making it the only choice for demanding business, financial, scientific and engineering reporting. With advanced reporting features, unmatched functionality and effortless integration of this powerful software technology into your business you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities!

    Starting Price: $500 per month / user
  • 14
    esProc Icon



    esProc is a professional structured computing tool, which is ready to use, built-in with SPL language more natural and easier to use than python. The more complex data processing is, the more obvious the features of simple SPL syntax and clear steps are. You can observe the result for each action and controlled the calculation process at will according to the outcome. It is especially suitable to solve the problem of order-related calculation, such as the typical problems in desktop data analysis: same period ratio, ratio compared to last period, relative interval data retrieving, ranking in groups, TopN in groups. esProc can directly process the data files such as CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML.

  • 15
    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics Icon

    SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics


    Lô đề số SensrTrx is manufacturing productivity and analytics software that provides real-time visibility on the factory floor that helps reduce downtime, improve on-time delivery, and increase profitability of manufacturing companies. SensrTrx empowers manufacturers to start small, think big, move fast, and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing productivity and analytics software.

  • 16
    Intellistant Icon


    Infolink Technologies Pvt.Ltd

    Intellistant is more than a CRM software for Business automation! Packed with all essential modules from Lead generation to Quotation / Invoice / Payment management with a smart product catalog and a fully automatic Tax calculator, real-time reporting system for field force, comprehensive inventory module to track both incoming and outgoing stock, Analytics and Reports to make quick business decisions, Intellistant works as a Intelligent Business Assistant. Dedicated database and exclusive stand alone application for each customer ensures safety and security for data and documents.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month/user
  • 17
    Smartsheet Icon


    Lô đề sốSmartsheet.com

    Smartsheet is an award-winning work management and collaboration platform built to help teams have less talk and more action. With Smartsheet, organizations have access to a powerful platfom that enables them to opem more doors for new ideas, customers, and revenue. Featuring a spreadsheet- like interface, Smartsheet offers tools such as file sharing, Gantt charts, work automation, portals, dashboards, and so much more.

    Starting Price: $14.00/month/user
  • 18
    Zoho Analytics Icon

    Zoho Analytics


    Lô đề số Get powerful actionable insights on your business with Zoho Analytics (formerly Zoho Reports), a self-service business intelligence and analytics software. With Zoho Analytics, businesses can connect and import data from any source, analyze data through visual reports and dashboards, and share and collaborate on reports and dashboards securely. The platform also offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading business apps.

    Starting Price: $25 per month
  • 19
    iGrafx Icon



    Lô đề số We believe that process is at the center of everything. We deliver business transformation software that turns your processes into a portfolio of valuable assets. Our platform is the most comprehensive, supporting RPA and workflow automation, customer journey, governance, risk, compliance, and more, as well as SaaS and private cloud deployment. It’s also the most scalable, currently supporting the largest, global enterprise requirements. We possess 400+ years of process passion, and we share it.

  • 20
    Tillpoint Icon



    Lô đề số Tillpoint is the multi-award-winning EPOS system capable of running your entire business. Its innovative modular design allows users to easily manage all areas of operation, including the POS, Inventory, Staff and Accounting. Tillpoint currently has over 25 modules, all of which are included in the subscription plans, resulting in a complete, centralised, and cost-effective all-in-one solution. The cloud-based system was developed with scalability in mind and is suitable for all sized businesses across a range of industries, particularly hospitality, retail and services. Multi-store businesses, such as chains or franchises, will have access to the hierarchy feature, which allows businesses to easily manage and control simple to complex organisational business structures with accompanying access privileges. Support and training are included as part of the subscription, as well as free lifetime software updates and full access to all future features and modules.

    Starting Price: $29/month
  • 21
    Looker Icon



    Looker is a data analytics solution software that helps companies reanalyze business intelligence and data visualization. Users can easily integrate data from across data sources into a single view. With Looker employees can organize data, and make better-educated decisions when they access fresh reliable data.

  • 22
    WebCEO Icon


    Web CEO

    Lô đề số Automate business marketing and dominate the niche with WebCEO, an SEO software tool suite. Intuitive and quick, WebCEO has an interface that allows users to access information on different campaigns and efforts. WebCEO integrates 19 online SEO tools that any SEO user needs for website audits and analysis, effective keyword niche research, safe link building, and more. WebCEO also features White-Label SEO tools that restrict or grant full access to the users' colleagues or clients.

    Starting Price: $39.00/month
  • 23
    Grow.com Icon



    Simplify reporting and gain a single source of truth across your entire organization in minutes with Grow.com. Grow is the #1 business intelligence platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Grow makes it easy and affordable to visualize and share your business performance in real time by uniting data from hundreds of sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and SaaS applications (such as HubSpot, Quickbooks ,and Salesforce. Grow' dashboards offer a suite of powerful tools and features. You can combine multiple data sources in a single chart, use filter and drill capabilities to dig deep into your numbers, or employ share URLs and automated email (and Slack) reports. Plus: - Unlimited Users - 100+ Integrations - No SQL needed (but available to use) - Support from BI Consultants - Simple ETL

    Starting Price: $1500/month
  • 24
    Datadog Icon



    See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere with Datadog, a modern monitoring and analytics solution for modern teams with hybrid cloud environments. Datadog gives teams end-to-end visibility across systems, apps, and services, improving agility and increasing efficiency. Datadog makes this possible by seamlessly aggregating metrics and events across the full Devops stack. Start monitoring with Datadog effortlessly in minutes.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month/user
  • 25
    Reportz Icon



    Reportz is a dashboard-based, white-label live reporting tool for digital marketing companies, agencies, and freelancers that can help automate client reporting processes. Set the right KPIs and let our tool do all the routine work for you. Onboard your clients and provide them with the most transparent client reporting they've ever seen. Unlimited integrations. Unlimited users. Free white-label account & email reporting. Unlimited KPIs inside the dashboards.

    Starting Price: $7.95 per month/annual
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