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School Administration Software

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Compare the Top School Administration Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best School Administration software currently available using the table below.

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    EduKool ERP Icon

    EduKool ERP

    Dot Com Infoway

    With the help of EduKool ERP system, you can manage all the administrative tasks of a school in an effective manner. There is something for everyone involved with the school – principles, administrators, teachers, students and parents. From routine tasks like sending fee reminders to complex tasks like timetable management and bus routes management, everything can be managed from a single dashboard, even from your mobile phone. Speed and unparalleled efficiency are the biggest benefits of using EduKool ERP system.

    Starting Price: $4/Student/Year
  • 2
    Classter Icon



    Lô đề số A robust student and learning management system offering a holistic approach to education. Classter is a modular, cloud-based management solution that provides all key features required for the effective administration of any academic institution: K12, University and Academies! Classter is a global pioneer in the field of Education Technology, offering an all-in-one Cloud-based SaaS that bundles: Student Information System (SIS), School Management System (SMS) & Learning Management System (LMS). The platform offers an end-to-end and modular information management solution that can be used by any educational institution. Fully integrated with Office 365, Google G-Suite and other 3rd party systems: from ERP and government databases to SMS services and BI tools. More than 200 academic institutions from all educational stages trust Classter to bring their people, operations and data together in one place.

    Starting Price: $0/month for up to 50 students
  • 3
    USATestprep Icon



    USATestprep empowers administrators to assess and track the performance of students, classrooms, and schools. USATestprep was founded by two teachers who believe that web-based technology could improve student test performance and curriculum mastery. USATestprep offers more than practice questions. It includes games, puzzles, videos, and enhanced technology activities - all aligned to your state's standards. Our diagnostic assessment system provides a performance snapshot at the student, class, school, and district level. USATestprep is very user-friendly! Students and teachers can use the site effectively from the first day of purchase. We also offer a live online training session, as well as tutorial videos on every important aspect of our site.

    Starting Price: $425
  • 4
    wizGrade School App Icon

    wizGrade School App

    Soft Digit

    Lô đề số wizGrade School App (formally known as SDOSMS), is a complete school management System for Nursery, Primary & Secondary (K-12) School; Universities, Polytechnics, College of Educations, Awarding Institute e.t.c. wizGrade has free downloadable version for schools. wizGrade is an advance, complete, highly efficient, multipurpose, flexible, portable, robust, user friendly, highly secured and perfect solution for all school management and administration. wizGrade was carefully designed and developed to simplify how school manage and administer their schools activities in a more smarter and amazing way.

    Starting Price: wizGrade School App is now Open Source - 100% free + source code
  • 5
    feKara Icon



    feKara School Management software is cloud-based SAAS product which includes all possible of school management for small to medium size educational institutions. feKara is designed to cater to all players involved, the school management, teachers, students and parents alone. With multi-tier communication with all stakeholders simultaneously; it is one of the best choices for school admins.

    Starting Price: $350.00/one-time
  • 6
    RosarioSIS Icon



    RosarioSIS is a Student Information System for school management. Schools, Students, Users (parents, teachers and staff), Scheduling, Grades, Attendance, Activities, Discipline, Food Service, and Student Billing are modules that come included. They offer the configuration options, tools, PDF documents and reports for teachers and administrators to run and have an overview of their school and students. Additional free or premium add-ons will broaden your communication and learning process possibilities. RosarioSIS is translated in Spanish, French and Arabic and can be accessed from any mobile device.

    Starting Price: €20/month
  • 7
    Canvas Icon


    Lô đề sốInstructure

    Lô đề số The Learning Platform that Helps Great Education Happen. Open, intuitive, and born in the cloud, Canvas streamlines all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience. We designed Canvas to empower teachers and engage students and then get out of their way—an approach embraced by institutions across the globe. The Canvas Learning Management Platform allows schools to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by their institution. Canvas simplifies teaching, elevates learning, and eliminates the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies. Canvas is made up of a powerful set of highly integrated learning products that allow institutions to get all of the functionality they need and none that they don’t.

  • 8
    EduWonka Icon



    Founded in 2018, EduWonka is a software organization based in Singapore that offers a piece of software called EduWonka. EduWonka offers online, business hours, and 24/7 live support. EduWonka features training via documentation, webinars, and live online. The EduWonka software suite is SaaS, and Android software. EduWonka is k-12 software, and includes features such as attendance tracking, classroom management, communication management, curriculum management, enrollment management, financial management, parent portal, progress reports, and student information / records. Software pricing starts at $2800.00/year. EduWonka offers a free version, and free trial. Some competitor software products to EduWonka include OpenEduCat, SmartClass, and SCL.

    Starting Price: $2800.00/year
  • 9
    MyClassCampus Icon



    MyClassCampus is a software company based in India that was founded in 2015 and offers a software product called MyClassCampus. MyClassCampus is school administration software, and includes features such as admissions management, curriculum management, event calendar, facility management, financial management, scheduling, student information / records, student portal, Reporting/Analytics, online payments, online calendar, and parent / student portal. MyClassCampus offers business hours support. MyClassCampus is available as SaaS, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. Some alternative products to MyClassCampus include wizGrade School App, Eazzy Education, and ZEROERP.

  • 10
    Admission and Registration Icon

    Admission and Registration

    Lô đề sốESKADENIA Software

    Lô đề số ESKADENIA Software is a software company and offers a software title called Admission and Registration. Admission and Registration offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions. Admission and Registration is school administration software, and includes features such as Reporting/Analytics, online payments, and online calendar. With regards to system requirements, Admission and Registration is available as Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. Admission and Registration includes online support, and business hours support. Some alternative products to Admission and Registration include PikMyKid, iGradePlus, and Runscho.

  • 11
    Populi Icon



    Purpose-built for higher education, Populi is a web-based administration management solution that covers admissions, academics, online learning, financial aid, student billing, contacts, donations, bookstore, library, and more. Intuitive and secure, Populi helps small and midsize colleges manage classes and students effectively, view daily activity logs, set appointments through a smart calendar, and store documents in various formats, such as videos, audios, spreadsheets, and images.

    Starting Price: $199.00/month
  • 12
    ampEducator Icon



    ampEducator is an e-Learning Student Information System (SIS) for public and private institutions. The cloud-based software offers a mixture of essential features, including managing options for Admissions, Accounting, and Progress Reporting. Other useful in-app tools include an all staff integrated email, which they can use to communicate with each other, prospects, students or other contacts in the system. The best feature of all is the smooth implementation process ranging from 2 to 3 days tops; after, support requests can also be placed directly from the application or submitted by emai.

    Starting Price: $149.00/month
  • 13
    Edsby Icon



    Edsby is a comprehensive single digital learning and data software platform for K-12. Edsby engages students, parents and teachers on all of their devices and gives school districts, states, provinces and national governments powerful new ways to facilitate their K-12 digital transformations. Unlike other systems, Edsby was designed specifically for K-12, so it includes features for the full spectrum of K-12 learners, including assessment and reporting for the unique needs of early year students. It respects the regional policies, terms, standards and data security required in K-12. And it has tight connections to a district’s existing systems of record.

    Starting Price: $5 USD/student/year
  • 14
    Gradelink SIS Icon

    Gradelink SIS


    Help your school save time, increase enrollment, and achieve its mission with Gradelink. An award-winning student information system and school management system, Gradelink is suitable for pre-K up to college-level schools. It combines management, teaching, and learning tools to help schools perform their best. Top features include attendance management, report cards, classes and scheduling, communications, student information, and student/parent access.

    Starting Price: $92.00/month
  • 15
    STARS Campus for Career Colleges Icon

    STARS Campus for Career Colleges

    Training Masters

    STARS Campus Solutions is a web-based campus management system built to maintain operational records for colleges and schools. Secure, fast, and reliable, STARS offers a wealth of features beneficial for schoosl. These include CRM, mass email and texting capabilities, smart calendars, instructor grade book, point of sale system, attendance scanning, document management, and more. Maximize your school's potential with STARS.

    Starting Price: $199.00/month
  • 16
    USA Scheduler Icon

    USA Scheduler

    USA Scheduler

    Lô đề số USA Scheduler is a top-rated scheduling software for schools and universities. The software enables schools to simplify and streamline the scheduling process while considering specific teacher requirements as well as accommodating the choices of students.

    Starting Price: $1500.00/year
  • 17
    SchoolDoc.com Icon


    Lô đề sốDocNetwork.org

    Secure and easy-to-use, SchoolDoc.com is an electronic record and online registration solution that is ideal for school nurses and directors. With SchoolDoc.com, users are able to gain access to vital medical information, reduce risk and liability, help keep safety in school operations, and more. Simple and free, SchoolDoc.com's free online registration feature will not have any additional cost to the school since it has no setup fees or monthly fees to use the service. SchoolDoc.com also features detailed electronic health records with legible and organized documentation.

    Starting Price: $6.00/year/user
  • 18
    Surfside Lighthouse Icon

    Surfside Lighthouse

    Lô đề sốSurfside Lighthouse Group

    Surfside Lighthouse is a fully integrated student information system developed by Surfside Software. Primarily suited for small and midsize schools, Surfside Lighthouse provides a robust set of tools that enables users to track student performance, mark attendance and grades, contact management, and more. The solution also allows school administrators to store information in a centralized database and help teachers and administrators run queries and create customized reports.

    Starting Price: $495.00/one-time
  • 19
    BigSIS Icon



    Elegantly organize and manage all school data with BigSIS, a cloud-based student information system for private schools in North America. BigSIS features integrated modules such as enrollments, managing admissions, gradebooks, and more. With BigSIS's student information module, administrators can track student details from admission until graduation. BigSIS also provides users with an integrated email system that enables teachers to communicate with parents.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
  • 20
    RunPTO Icon


    Lô đề sốCloudInfoSystems

    RunPTO is a complete management software system designed for a PTA or PTO. It's feature includes: 1. Accounting/Finance Manager 2. Membership Management 3. Student Directory 4. Volunteer Signups 5. Event Signups 4. Workflow Forms 5. Document Storage 6. Email Blast 7. PTA Tax Form 990EZ 8. Calendar Management 9. Website Builder 10. Online Store 11. QR Codes 12. Role Based Security

    Starting Price: $299.00/year
  • 21
    Fedena Icon


    Foradian Technologies

    Fedena is a multipurpose college & school management software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration, management and learning related activities. It has everything your institution will ever need. Gradebook, transport, examination, bulk data management, students progress tracking, reports, parent-teacher collaboration, attendance, fee management and 50+ feature-rich modules. Automate everything, generate insightful reports, make better decisions. Benefits of Fedena: 1. Fedena is the most affordable solution and it has a easy to use interface. 2. It grants users API access, serving to enhance user productivity by integrating securely with third-party applications. 3. Apart from web application Fedena comes with Mobile App using which institute can manage all features at their finger-tips. It can be used by students, parents & teachers. 4.To manage group of institution Fedena offer Multi-School Management Solution.

    Starting Price: $699
  • 22
    OpenEduCat Icon


    Lô đề sốTech-Receptives Solutions

    Lô đề số OpenEduCat is a comprehensive open source ERP for University, College & School, for efficient management of students, faculties, courses, and classes.

    Starting Price: $650.00/year/user
  • 23
    Beehively Icon



    Provides schools, districts, and educational institutions with student information systems, websites, and content management systems.

    Starting Price: $2500/year
  • 24
    Store 4 Schools Icon

    Store 4 Schools

    Software 4 Schools

    Student Store 4 Schools is a web based point of sales system designed for schools. This easy to use interface is designed to be used by educators and even students to manage your school sales. Integrates with touch screen monitors, barcode scanners, credit card swipers, printers and automatic cash drawers. This product is designed by teachers for teachers

    Starting Price: $349 / Year
  • 25
    Victoire Scheduler Icon

    Victoire Scheduler

    Victoire Software

    Victoire scheduler is an online solution to create and manage school schedules.

    Starting Price: $9.99/month
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