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Compare the Top Task Management Software of 2020

Compare the best Task Management software currently available using the table below.

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    Lô đề sốOffice Timeline

    Lô đề số Office Timeline is a robust and easy-to-use PowerPoint add-in that helps you create Gantt charts, roadmaps and swimlane diagrams in minutes, by leveraging professionally built, fully customizable templates. The interface blends seamlessly with the native PowerPoint one, so it's guaranteed to look and feel familiar right away. Intuitive drag & drop actions eliminate the learning curve traditionally associated with project management software and give you full control over the design of all elements. Import features from popular software like Excel, MS Project, Smartsheet or Wrike allow you to bring in external data without manually entering the tasks and milestones. Save the templates and share your work directly from the add-in to make the best use of your time. Our vision is to help users of all levels ace presentations and tell a clear and compelling story via engaging visuals, without putting in hours of work before every single meeting.

    Starting Price: $59.00/year/user
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    Desktop.com’s Early Access release enables individuals, businesses and teams to effectively declutter their digital environments by keeping all web apps and bookmarks organized, tagged and searchable under one single icon! Key features include: - Create shareable desktop(s) - Sort and separate assets for better overview - web apps are auto-organized into categories and links/bookmarks can be tagged and placed into folders - Drag-and-drop links and bookmarks into the service - Accessible from any device so that you can always access what you need when you need it - Invite family members, colleagues, friends or others to your shared desktop(s) - Easily switch between accounts – keep your business tools and personal tools separated - Single-Sign-On (SSO) - Explore our integrated app store with more than 1900 web apps ...and many more features to come soon! Join the journey towards an organized and smart way to use web based resources from anywhere, at any time.

    Starting Price: $5 per user per month
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    Lô đề số Align and focus your team with OKR goal tracking and status reporting. Weekdone makes sure company and team goals are always visible so employees know what’s expected of them as they start planning their week. Automated reporting and live dashboards help team leaders stay updated, track their goals, and manage weekly activities. With live progress updates, employees can encourage each other while leaders can support team members with 1:1 discussions and personalized feedback.

    Starting Price: $90 per month Partner badge
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    Lô đề số Ravetree is an award-winning work management software platform that empowers teams to deliver work faster, be more informed, and spend less time searching for information. Companies use Ravetree to manage their projects, resources, and creative workflows—all in one place. Ravetree eliminates the pain of moving between different applications to find important information, relying on cumbersome spreadsheets, and entering the same data in multiple places. It’s easy to get work done with Ravetree!

    Starting Price: $29/user/month
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  • 5
    HelmBot Icon



    Appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, staff management, marketing automation, and a whole lot more. HelmBot is like having 10 different software systems, all in one, and our customers love how simple it is.

    Starting Price: $95 per month
  • 6
    Project Insight Icon

    Project Insight

    Lô đề sốProject Insight

    Lô đề số Project Insight is award-winning work & project management software that centralizes all of your work, tasks, and projects into one easy to use online platform. We offer a completely FREE expandable version or a full-featured enterprise edition.

    Starting Price: FREE + $3 ADD-ONS + ENTERPRISE
  • 7
    Noodle Icon



    Noodly by Vialect is the most complete intranet portal software on the market. Feature-packed and affordable, Noodle offers all the critical functions companies require within one secure site. Top tools include employee profile pages, intranet workflows, instant messaging, mobile intranet, single sign on, database forms, task manager, notifications, and much more.

    Starting Price: $6/user/month Partner badge
  • 8
    HighGear Icon



    HighGear is the leading no-code workflow automation platform that allows everyday business users to build enterprise-grade workflow applications, without writing code. Mid-to-large enterprises in regulated industries, such as banking, insurance and energy rely on HighGear to manage work, improve visibility, streamline operations and meet compliance requirements. Easily create forms, design processes and automate workflows with an intuitive platform trusted by management and approved by IT.

    Starting Price: $1,475 per month
  • 9
    actiTIME Icon



    actiTIME is the ultimate time tracking software for data-driven companies. Ideal for businesses of any size and any business type, actiTIME helps companies create project scope, assign work to employees and teams, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data. actiTIME can be customized to a business' specific needs as it offers users the ability to turn any features on or off, set up visibility levels, and create own work structure.

    Starting Price: from $5 yser/mo
  • 10
    IntelligenceBank DAM  Icon

    IntelligenceBank DAM


    IntelligenceBank marketing operations software helps content marketers seamlessly manage digital assets, creative content approvals and compliance, and creative project management. Through integrating Digital Asset Management (DAM), online brand guidelines, marketing workflows and approvals with calendars and kanban, IntelligenceBank gives you a way to easily manage marketing and creative projects from end to end, within the one system. Our beautifully designed software is used by over 400 brands globally. We offer 24/7 support with offices in the US, Australia, and Canada.

  • 11
    GoodDay Icon


    GoodDay Work

    GoodDay is a modern work management platform that brings together the best tools for high-level planning, project and product management, task organization and productivity growth based on transparency, agility, and motivation

    Starting Price: $5.00/month/user
  • 12
    BugHerd Icon


    Lô đề sốSplitrock Studio Pty Ltd.

    Lô đề số BugHerd is the world's simplest visual feedback & bug tracker tool for websites, loved by thousands of great teams worldwide to manage their web projects. Point & click client feedback directly to your site, with ZERO project limits. --- 🌟BugHerd works in 3 easy steps:🌟 1. Pin feedback to your webpage elements with the intuitive browser extension. 2. Contextual metadata is automatically added to all pins including; browser, OS, screen size & resolution, selector information and more. 3. Task cards are instantly created from feedback, helping you manage your workflow. --- No more emails, no more spreadsheets, no more headaches. Get started in minutes, with a free 14 day trial.

    Starting Price: 14 Day Free Trial
  • 13
    Beesbusy Icon



    Lô đề số With Beesbusy, organize, plan and work together easily with your team to accomplish your tasks and projects. Beesbusy is indeed the only application to offer natively the management of professional and/or personal projects. The goal of Beesbusy is to enable collaboration between beginners or occasional users needing simplicity and project managers or experts for whom advanced planning features are necessary. These features include Gantt charts, customizable multi-projects views, team planning charts, on-demand notifications, a customizable dashboard... With Beesbusy, manage everything, from daily business tasks to complex collaborative projects. No set up needed, you can start right away.

    Starting Price: €9.99/user/month
  • 14
    Checkvist Icon


    Lô đề sốTrirt Software

    An ultimate online list maker with unique vim-like keyboard support 🤓 Ideal for software developers and all keyboard lovers. ✅ Create and share nested lists with unlimited hierarchy. ✅ Organize notes and code snippets. ✅ Import and export from any other system. ✅ Attach files, add recurring due dates, integrate with Gmail, Dropbox or Google Calendar. Minimalist, fast, and flexible list-maker with a generous free version. Write a book, do research, plan a project release, or manage your daily routine.

    Starting Price: $3.90/month/user
  • 15
    Intervals Icon



    Know exactly where your time and energy is going with Intervals. Built for the unique needs of small teams and small businesses. Intervals is used globally by web developers, marketers, system administrators, consultants and a variety of businesses that need to control their workflow and easily report where their time is going. Ideal for showing clients how much time their work requests take. The robust platform gives administrators the ability to create clients and projects with unique billing rates, budget limits, and alerts, and present accurate and detailed reports to clients. The platform has robust reporting. Users can track individual billable hours with timers, collaborate with others on their tasks, and submit changes to keep a detailed outlook on project progress. Includes a work request queue for handling customer requests/tickets, invoicing, document management, email integration, and more. Integrates with Google drive, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Slack, and others.

    Starting Price: $49.00/month (unlimited users)
  • 16
    Propmaster Icon


    Narra no ki Inc.

    Lô đề số Propmaster is a web-based, To-Do list app designed for filmmakers, especially for the art department. The app works both as a personal prop list organizer and as a collaboration tool for a bigger team. Making scene lists and prop lists under each scene is quick. It can categorize and sort your prop photos by scenes, sets, locations, and props, just the way you work in the actual production. It comes with an easy steps to share the list of photos with other non-member crew. Each element can be labeled, or even put approved/disapproved marks, by other collaborators. If you are a filmmaker and trying to organize your workflow, Propmaster deserves a try for sure. Jobs, Scenes, Sets, Locations, Vendors, Props, and Options are all pre-defined, and each element automatically comes with its own folder to store its images, and other types of files. That can skip many steps that you otherwise needed to set up by yourself in other collaboration application.

    Starting Price: free
  • 17
    TaskBlast Icon


    Vorealis Software

    Versatile and easy to use Project Management tool to get all team members involved. Manage your projects and tasks the way you've always wanted. Engage your team better to collaborate and interact on your projects in a more versatile and friendly way, regardless of whether it is an on-premise, remote, or a team with the participation of freelancers and non-tech-savvy staff. The intuitive, compact and friendly interface of TaskBlast will make it easier for all team members to get started with task updates, time estimation and tracking, bottleneck identification, task reassignment, as well as supporting the adoption or use of agile methodologies in a more comprehensive way. If your team uses an agile methodology then TaskBlast has the tools to help you implement agile successfully. Backlog, Milestones, Scrum/Sprints/Scrumban/Kanban, work in progress limits, velocity, burndown and more.

    Starting Price: $8/month/user
  • 18
    GanttPRO Icon



    Lô đề số GanttPRO is online Gantt chart software that helps single users and teams plan, schedule, and manage their projects. The project planning tool allows project managers and teams to create and assign tasks, track progress, work with tasks dependencies and milestones. Also, this Web-based Gantt chart tool is used to efficiently manage resources and cost as well as collaborate with teams, and share plans with third parties not registered in the app. As of March 2020, 500K+ users had registered in GanttPRO. The software is used by teams from world-known companies such as Salesforce, Sony, HubSpot, NASA, GitHub, DHL, Vodafone, and others.

    Starting Price: $8.90/month/user
  • 19
    Asana Icon



    Lô đề số Track your work and get results with Asana, a leading project management tool for modern teams. Asana provides teams access to a wealth of features that lets them stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach goals. oPM software by enabling teams to track everything they're working on. The platform includes visual boards, timeline, integrations, calendar, dashboards, and more.

    Starting Price: $10.00/month/user
  • 20
    MeisterTask Icon


    MeisterLabs GmbH

    Lô đề số MeisterTask is the most intuitive online project and team collaboration management tool on the web. Flexible, smart, and easy to use, MeisterTask enables users to create a project, add as many team members, assign tasks, and follow each member's progress. The solution offers integration with popular tools such as Zendesk, Slack, and GitHub, and more. Whether you're an event manager looking for a smart and simple task list or a marketing team using the Kanban system or a programmer working with sprints, MeisterTask's project boards seamlessly adapt to your team's workflow while its smart automation feature ensures your team can work consistently and efficiently.

    Starting Price: $8.25 per user per month
  • 21
    Microsoft Planner Icon

    Microsoft Planner


    Organize teamwork with Microsoft Planner. Take the chaos out of teamwork and get more done! Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress. Launch Planner from the Office 365 app launcher with a single click. You can then create a new plan, build a team, assign tasks, and update status—in a few easy steps. Each plan has its own board, where you can organize tasks into buckets. You can categorize tasks based on their status or on whom they’re assigned to. To update the status or change assignments, just drag and drop tasks between columns. The My Tasks view provides a comprehensive list of all your tasks and their status across all your plans. When working together on a plan, team members always know who is working on what. Built for Office 365, Planner lets you attach files to tasks, work together on those files, and even have conversations around tasks.

    Starting Price: $5 per month
  • 22
    Trello Icon



    Founded in 2011, Trello is a software organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software called Trello. Trello features training via documentation, live online, and webinars. The Trello software suite is SaaS, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android software. Trello offers online support. Trello offers a free version, and free trial. Trello is team management software, and includes features such as collaboration, content import / export, drag & drop, feature management, milestone tracking, prioritization, and workflow management. Software pricing starts at $12.50 per user per month. Some competitor software products to Trello include Wrike, Beesbusy, and Hive.

    Starting Price: $12.50 per user per month
  • 23
    Basecamp Icon



    Lô đề số Before Basecamp: You’re wondering how you’ll quickly transition your team to remote work. People are stressed, work feels scattered, projects are slipping, and it’s tough to see + manage everything. After Basecamp: Soon you’ll be feeling like ”hey, we got this”. Everything will be organized in one place, your team will be working together (even though they’re apart), you’ll be on top of things, and a sense of calm will set in. Because of COVID-19, your company is likely scrambling to figure out how to transition to remote work. It may feel daunting, but you’re in the right place with Basecamp. We built Basecamp to run our entire remote company - and we've been working remotely for 20 years. We know what it takes, we do it every day, and we built those learnings into Basecamp. Tens of thousands of other companies rely on Basecamp every day.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
  • 24
    Wrike Icon



    Get full visibility and control over your tasks and projects with Wrike. A cloud-based collaboration and project management software, Wrike is trusted by leading companies, such as airbnb and Verizon, to help their teams achieve more. Wrike offers world-class features that empower cross-functional, distributed, or growing teams take their projects from the initial request stage all the way to tracking work progress and reporting results.

    Starting Price: $9.80 per user per month
  • 25
    Jira Software Icon

    Jira Software


    Lô đề số Jira Software by Atlassian is the #1 software development tool for teams planning and building great products. Trusted by thousands of teams, Jira offers access to a wide range of tools for planning, tracking, and releasing world-class software, capturing and organizing issues, assigning work, and following team activity. It also integrates with leading developer tools for end-to-end traceability.

    Starting Price: $10.00/month
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