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Compare the Top Vertical Market Software of 2020

Compare the best Vertical Market software currently available using the table below.

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    Art Galleria

    Lô đề số Work less, achieve more. We believe that no matter whether you are a gallerist, an artist or a collector, technology should be there to support you in achieving more with less effort. Discover the comprehensive all-in-one platform for art management, art marketing and sales, and website creation services to help you manage your collections, keep your data organized, automate and grow your art business.

    Starting Price: $10/month
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  • 2

    Lô đề sốClub Caddie Holdings Inc

    Best For: Public and Private Golf Courses, Country Club and Resorts for both single course operators and management company's Product Details: Cloud Based. All-In-One Program Solution. Built by golf industry professionals. Cost-effective and easy to use course management software

    Starting Price: $249/month
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  • 3


    Lô đề số Run a moving company with modern technology with Elromco, a moving company dispatch software. With Elromco's online moving software, owners are able to easily manage and grow their moving businesses. Elromco enables users to manage customer relationships, bill and collect payment, convert their leads to moves, and increase their profits. Elromco also allows users to interact the software via tablets, smartphones, or iPad.

    Starting Price: $289.00/month Partner badge
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    Lô đề số Mailroom by PackageX is the new (and smart 💡) way to manage business mailrooms. Our cloud-based mailroom management software uses machine vision and AI to optimize your business mailroom operations by up to 80%! 📦✉️ Our product is trusted and used by teams like WeWork in more than 100 cities worldwide for delivery automation and mailroom management. PackageX Mailroom is easy to use, highly scalable, and works across industries, including: 👉 Higher Education, 👉 Real Estate, 👉 Virtual Offices, 👉 Co-working Spaces, and 👉 Hotels & Restaurants 🌟 How PackageX Mailroom works Simply snap a photo of any package or delivery label (even handwritten!), and PackageX Mailroom management software will: 👉 Automatically extract all relevant information, 👉 Match deliveries to the correct recipients, 👉 Manage notifications, 👉 Send alerts and reminders to all recipients, 👉 Collect proof of pickups, and 👉 Keep track of every item that enters and leaves your mailroom

    Starting Price: Free
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    Lô đề số Notifii Track is a cloud-based package tracking software for apartment offices, university mailrooms, and corporate mailrooms. Quickly and easily log packages as you receive them. Automatically alert the recipient via email and text message. Capture signature proof-of-pickup/delivery. Notifii Track saves you time (literally, just a few seconds to scan a package) and increases package accountability. Use Notifii Track through your web browser, or on any iOS/Android device. 30-day free trial available.

    Starting Price: $79.00/month
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  • 6
    MIE Trak Pro Icon

    MIE Trak Pro

    MIE Solutions, Inc.

    Lô đề số We want your company to grow and succeed in a competitive manufacturing industry. MIE Solutions provides ERP software for the discrete manufacturing industry, including aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication, electronics, and more. We offer both on-premise and cloud solutions to our customers as well as perpetual and SaaS licensing options. The software, MIE Trak Pro, has a multi-division capability and can be used in both small, start-up manufacturing businesses as well as mid-sized and enterprise companies in the discrete manufacturing industry. MIE Solutions provides services to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We want your business to grow and improve because what you do and what you make is important to us! Manufacturing is an ever-developing industry and we understand this. Let us help you grow and continue supporting your customers with on-time delivery and competitive prices (while remaining profitable).

    Starting Price: $125/user/month Partner badge
  • 7
    HelmBot Icon



    Lô đề số Appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, staff management, marketing automation, and a whole lot more. HelmBot is like having 10 different software systems, all in one, and our customers love how simple it is.

    Starting Price: $95 per month
  • 8
    Envoy Icon


    Lô đề sốEnvoy, Inc.

    Envoy’s workplace platform is transforming the modern office with products that make work more meaningful. Envoy allows you to manage everything in your space from a single location, redefining how offices interact with visitors, ensure employee health and safety, book conference rooms, and manage deliveries in over 13,000 locations around the globe in industries like manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Visitors creates a warm welcome for guests and safeguards your people, property, and ideas. Visitors with Protect ensures your employees’ health by allowing you to pre-screen anyone who enters your space and providing a completely touchless entrance process. Deliveries ensures that packages safely reach their recipients at work, without mailroom pile-ups or communication delays. Rooms helps you manage meeting logistics in the way that works best for you. Book conference rooms, manage your room capacity, and quickly enable contact tracing all from one place.

    Starting Price: Free
  • 9
    Device42 Icon



    Device42 is a robust, comprehensive data center and network management software solution specifically designed by engineers with IT experience to discover, document, and manage medium and large datacenters. Featuring an intuitive web-based interface, Device42 actionable insight into enterprise infrastructures, with clearly identified hardware, software, service, and network interdependencies, powerful visualizations, and easy-to-use UI, webhooks, APIs, and so much more. Lean on Device42 to prepare for and plan network changes and reduce MTTR should an unexpected outage occur. Device42 has what you need for maintenance, audits, license certificate, warranty, and lifecycle management, passwords/secrets, inventory, asset tracking, capacity planning and budgeting, building room and rack layouts… Oh, and Device42 integrates with your favorite IT management tools? Including ITSM, CM, and SIEM integration; data mapping; and more! Try it for yourself today, free for 30 days!

    Starting Price: $1499.00/year
  • 10
    DocuSend Icon


    Mail Technologies Inc

    Lô đề số Remotely send your documents directly to the U.S. Post Office through our cloud-based mailroom. DocuSend works with any accounting, billing or CRM software that produces PDF documents containing a valid mailing address. Users can upload directly or developers can integrate our REST API to offer a "Send Mail" button in their software, either as a reseller or for internal direct connectivity. There are enormous economic advantages for any business or organization that needs to safely print and mail documents on-demand.

    Starting Price: $0.83 for 1 pg 8.5 x 11" document Partner badge
  • 11
    Kicksite Icon



    Kicksite is a 5-star rated martial arts school management software solution created to help streamline operational workflows and engage students. This comprehensive, cloud-based platform offers a host of capabilities such as attendance and inventory tracking, communication management, tuition collection, lead management, rank promotion, and social media management to help efficiently manage martial arts schools. Experience the business benefits of using an innovative and uncomplicated martial arts school management software with Kicksite.

    Starting Price: $79.00/month Partner badge
  • 12
    Genius ERP Icon

    Genius ERP

    Genius Solutions

    Genius Solutions is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, including software, implementation services and field expertise for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers. Genius ERP is built for manufacturers handling make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order and assemble-to-order manufacturing. Accurate estimating, product engineering, inventory control, production planning, accounts management, field services and complete oversight: one system that helps simplify complex manufacturing.

  • 13
    Veevart Icon



    Veevart is transforming the way museums, cultural institutions, and design and architecture firms understand and reach their audience, and run their operations. A cloud-based solution, Veevart offers a simple and complete Salesforce based application that brings together tools such as donors, members and visitors management, collection management, gift shop and POS application, ticketing, inventory, marketing campaigns, website management and more.

  • 14
    Fieldmagic Icon



    Fieldmagic is modern and easy to use field service and asset management software with a built-in CRM designed to help organisations accelerate and track their sales performance, schedule jobs, capture field data more efficiently, and deliver better customer service.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month/user
  • 15
    SkySpark Icon



    SkyFoundry’s software solutions help clients derive value from their investments in smart systems. Our SkySpark analytics platform automatically analyzes data from automation and control systems, metering systems, sensors and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. SkySpark helps building owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.

    Starting Price: $60.00/one-time
  • 16
    Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization  Icon

    Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization

    Smart Software

    Smart Software is a leading provider of demand planning, inventory optimization and supply chain analytics solutions headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA. Founded in 1984 Smart has helped thousands of customers plan for future demand utilizing industry-leading statistical analytics. Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization (IP&O) is the company’s next generation suite of native web applications, helping inventory carrying organizations reduce inventory, improve service levels and streamline Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning. Smart IP&O, hosted on Amazon Web Services, is a Digital Supply Chain Platform driving three applications: demand planning, inventory optimization, and dashboard reporting. Smart IP&O functions as a transparent extension of our customers’ ERP systems of choice, receiving daily transaction data and returning forecasts and inventory policy values to drive replenishment and production planning.

  • 17
    Tavant Warranty Icon

    Tavant Warranty


    Lô đề số Tavant Warranty is an industry-leading warranty management solution that brings together OEMs, suppliers, and service channel partners in a real-time collaborative environment. The product enables end-to-end warranty lifecycle management and is the only solution of its kind on the Salesforce platform. The product has evolved with over 20 years of experience working with leading manufacturers globally. Tavant Warranty helps reduce warranty spend, increase supplier recovery, reduce claim processing, and consolidate fragmented warranty data to improve forecasts. Tavant continues to add new components to its warranty management suite. TMAP (Tavant Warranty Analytics Platform) is one such product that uses the latest artificial intelligence techniques to generate actionable insights. Other extended modules like Supplier recovery, Campaign Management, Audit Management, Field service management, etc. cover the entire gamut of aftermarket services for the manufacturers.

  • 18
    Synchroteam Icon



    Lô đề số Synchroteam scheduling software and mobile app is the best tool to organise your Service Business. Synchroteam is a complete, feature-rich, and customizable solution suitable for field service businesses of all types and sizes. It covers scheduling and dispatch, mapping and GPS tracking, job management and reporting, inventory management, quote, invoice, field service CRM, payment solution and more.

    Starting Price: $22.00/month/user Partner badge
  • 19
    Fitli Icon



    Fitli provides business management software for small fitness and wellness companies. That means Fitli is yoga studio software. Fitli is pilates studio software. Fitli is personal trainer software. Fitli is dance studio software. You get the picture. If you want an online and mobile platform to manage your small Fitness and Wellness business, Fitli has you covered. It is everything the other guys are not. Fitli is laser-focused on delivering in three areas. - First is Simplicity. Get set up in minutes and never look back. - Second is Service. Simply Amazing. Read the reviews. Their customers love them. Maybe the best service you are going to find without paying extra. - The third is Affordability. First of all, you get the Free Trial. Then choose a plan starting as low as $29/month.

    Starting Price: $32.00/month
  • 20
    ALERE ERP Icon


    TIW Technology

    ERP software as it should be. Sprung from deep manufacturing roots, ALERE was built with the understanding that your ERP system is only as good as the data it captures and how easily that captured data can later be retrieved for analysis. Commonly used by small to mid-sized businesses, ALERE has been integrated into a wide range of industries, with a wide range of needs, while still easily scaling as those organizations grow. ALERE's real-time reporting mechanisms provide managers and sales reps with up to the second information on financials, inventory, and work order status. Flexible work orders, advanced BOM structures, a powerful MRP system, barcoding, real-time costing and a finite scheduler can meet the demands of even the most dynamic manufacturing floors. ALERE’s support for mixed mode manufacturing has become a keen edge in today’s highly manufacturing competitive environment, enabling our customers to become more competitive, efficient and profitable.

  • 21
    SwipedOn Icon



    Lô đề số The SwipedOn visitor management system will streamline your front desk and impress your visitors. The visitor sign-in process is quick, intuitive and easy. NDA's and visitor agreements are as simple as scroll, sign and tap. For added security, you can choose to take visitor photos and print ID labels automatically. Best of all, SwipedOn instantly notifies your staff of their guest’s arrival. So make the change and reinvent your welcome today!

    Starting Price: $25.00/month
  • 22
    RhinoFit Icon



    RhinoFit is a feature packed and easy-to-use member management software designed for all types of fitness business models such as gyms, dojos, bootcamps, crossfit, and personal trainers. The versatile RhinoFit platform is available on all of your internet based devices and provides many business management tools you need to run your operations smoothly and efficiently- saving you time and money. We crafted our software to fit a range of your business needs and as a commitment to you, we use your feedback to introduce and adjust features to create the best gym management software.

    Starting Price: $57.00/month
  • 23
    Tipalti Icon



    Lô đề số Tipalti automates the entire payment process, liberating you to focus on making a strategic impact. Cut the manual work and focus on revenue growth and cash flow management instead of back-office financial operations. End-to-end automation provides the infrastructure for long-term success. KPMG-certified FATCA tax compliance, audit trails, and role-based views mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Best-in-class supplier payment experience, with global coverage, rich payment method choice, and unparalleled supplier visibility.

  • 24
    Cedreo Icon



    Lô đề số The only 3D home design software to create conceptual designs in just 2 hours. Cedreo is a 3D home design software for home builders, contractors, remodelers, real estate agents and interior designers. It allows you to create a complete conceptual design presentation in just 2 hours including 2D and 3D floor plans and interior and exterior photorealistic 3D renderings. With Cedreo, you streamline your sales process, reduce the cost of the pre-sale phase and improve your client's buying experience. You can easily and quickly handle the design in-house to stay ahead of your competitors and save external design costs. You will create stunning photorealistic 3D renderings to help your clients envision the project before it is built, facilitate communication and sell faster.

    Starting Price: $79
  • 25
    Tovuti LMS Icon

    Tovuti LMS


    Lô đề số Tovuti's all in one cloud-based learning management system (LMS) gives you all the tools you need to create, deliver, and track the effectiveness of your eLearning programs.

    Starting Price: $450 per month
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Vertical Market Software Overview

Lô đề sốBy nature, the technology industry is rapidly changing, especially in the successful SaaS sector.

Lô đề sốEveryone knows how to use the tools SaaS produces or has had some experience with them. Almost every company is using some type of SaaS software.

Lô đề sốToday, the company’s business models are being expanded to reflect additional priorities, such as the formation of horizontal and vertical industry SaaS.

What exactly does all of this mean? Read on to find out.

Horizontal and Vertical SaaS

The next couple of paragraphs will discuss how horizontal and vertical SaaS are constructed and what makes one different from the other.

Horizontal SaaS

Lô đề sốThe horizontal SaaS model has been around the longest – for over a decade to be exact. Horizontal SaaS focuses on software categories tailored to a specific business need. Examples include HubSpot for marketing, Salesforce CRM, and QuickBooks for accounting. Horizontal SaaS provides a variety of services that cover a large scope of the market throughout different businesses. There are several kinds of businesses that utilize the Horizontal SaaS model.

The horizontal SaaS model reaches lots of industries, which is why sales and marketing strategies require a significant amount of available resources. They try to target individual industries differently by running numerous parallel advertising campaigns.

Lô đề sốOne example of this is Slack. This company runs paid advertising campaigns meant to appeal to an assortment of businesses. Their “customer stories” page highlights stories of different nonprofits, agencies, and businesses that utilize their software. Gathering various stories from other clients is essential to ensuring that prospective customers are able to find something that relates to their business.

Vertical SaaS

The vertical SaaS model focuses on software that’s targeted to particular industries. This trend has become more recent in vertical market software, which makes it less mature than the horizontal market. More recently, several critics have felt that there might be additional opportunities for new vertical SaaS due to their increased popularity.

Lô đề sốThere are several examples of vertical SaaS, including:

  1. MY PT Hub – A software suite designed specifically for personal trainers and the fitness industry.
  2. SingleOps – End-to-end software for the green industry (forestry and arborists).
  3. DonariusChurch management software for ministries and nonprofits.

Vertical market SaaS models don’t strive to be all things to everyone or cover an extensive product category; they narrowly focus on industry verticals instead, as their solutions are built specifically for industry niches. By doing this, the potential market size is narrowed.

It’s been the case more often than not that people with experience in a certain industry have developed their own vertical market software. For instance, a dental practice developed the Health Assurance Plan for use in all of their practices. Once they realized how well it was working, they made it available for other practices to use. This example solved a specific industry problem regarding offering dental plans to patients who either don’t have that option available to them, or can’t afford insurance.

A vertical SaaS takes a narrower approach to marketing than a horizontal SaaS, which requires fewer resources.

There are also industry-neutral or targeted software that can integrate with multiple or existing solutions (for example, Zapier that works with Slack, HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, Xero, etc.)

Lô đề sốThe strength of these kinds of SaaS harness the existing amount of power of other large SaaS platforms, which opens the door to opportunities and co-marketing solutions within verticals. For instance, the pharmaceutical industry was able to achieve this with Veeva.

More brands, including HubSpot and Salesforce, are creating proprietary ecosystems known as PaaS (Platform as a Service). Other SaaS companies can get in on this opportunity to go vertical knowing that a robust brand will take them under their wing.

Additional Thoughts on Horizontal vs. Vertical SaaS

As previously mentioned, horizontal SaaS, from a market standpoint, is at more of a mature stage and has overcome the challenges that are associated with educating potential customers, as well as creating awareness.

These customers already realize the benefits that good SaaS tools have to offer, which is why the “customer success” concept has become a primary focus. This gives customers the ability to achieve their product’s desired results. Customer success, in turn, should lead to increased SaaS retention rates. Customers have numerous options they can choose from. For one thing, there are many project solutions being offered through multiple SaaS. In order for them to survive, they will need to retain and attract plenty of their own people.

The bigger players are dominating their specific market in a horizontal SaaS model. Salesforce, for example, is essentially its own platform. Any new players in the project management sector might find it challenging to come up with their own spot next to Zoho Projects, Trello, Basecamp, and Asana (Even though it may be difficult, it isn’t impossible. Disruption is always a possibility if new technologies or approaches are developed in the future).

A horizontal market software solution, on the other hand, can target a wider market, which means that there’s room for other SaaS compared to SaaS that target a narrower vertical. The horizontal market will take longer to become entirely saturated.

When businesses observe how a vertical market software operates, one of the most obvious challenges is that most of them are still targeting verticals that take a more traditional approach to business operations. Their work is cut out for them as far as educating construction, banking, insurance, or healthcare companies is concerned, which is why they must change and adapt instead of maintaining the status quo.

From that perspective, vertical market software has matured and has reached the point where horizontal SaaS was around 6-8 years ago.

Vertical market SaaS platforms have the opportunity to go far. They can offer solutions with a variety of features that will specifically answer the problems individual verticals currently face. At this point, a company would be hard-pressed to describe any vertical model as “dominant” because they’re in a market that’s relatively new.