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Virtual Classroom Software

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Compare the Top Virtual Classroom Software of 2020

Lô đề sốCompare the best Virtual Classroom software currently available using the table below.

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    eTrainCenter Icon


    Creative Logic Solutions

    Lô đề số eTrainCenter is a fully integrated learning management system (LMS) and learning content management system (LCMS). Installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, eTrainCenter LMS enables businesses to manage, organize, and deliver online content seamlessly. Core features include online courses, SCORM 1.2, multiple languages, virtual classrooms, quizzes, surveys, classroom-led learning, e-commerce, and more.

    Starting Price: $150.00/month
  • 2
    clickto Icon



    The platform to plan, monitor, and run engaging virtual programs. Clickto is the virtual program management and operation platform. You will quickly and easily connect to and interact with your audience – wherever they may be. The only all-in-one platform for going virtual. One platform, infinite possibilities. With Clickto you’ll have your virtual online program up and running in no time, providing an immersive experience for all your participants. Clickto is so intuitive that anyone can build a program schedule – simple or complex. Welcome participants with your customizations. Turn your virtual program into a virtual home. Clickto is customizable, allowing your participants to fully experience the look and feel of your unique brand. Use your colors, logos, photos, and more. Give your virtual spaces familiar names. Add presentations and more to each virtual classroom. Keep participants engaged using our integrated virtual classroom.

    Starting Price: $1.99 per user, one-time payment
  • 3
    RingCentral Video Icon

    RingCentral Video


    Integrated video conferencing, screen sharing, and messaging for teams big and small. Work from anywhere with RingCentral Video. HD voice and video. Feel like you’re in the room with carrier-grade voice and video and an industry-leading 99.999% uptime. No downloads. Join and host meetings with a click from your browser or the RingCentral app—it’s that easy. Anywhere, any device. Connect on any device, and switch live meetings between your phone or desktop with one tap. Protect every meeting with comprehensive enterprise-grade security. RingCentral's security controls are externally verified so you don't have to take our word for it. Whether you're joining a meeting from your browser or the RingCentral app, every conversation is private and secure. Get more done before, during, and after meetings with fully integrated messaging and a modern business phone system.

  • 4
    Teachmint Icon


    Teachmint Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    Lô đề số Teachmint is an all in one solution for conducting live classes, online teaching, and more. With features like automated attendance marking, automated grading, content sharing, and more, it is the best online teaching app. The inbuilt LMS features make it the best choice for teachers and coaching centers. This simple and secure online teaching app helps teachers to conduct classes directly from their mobile phones. This App is made in India #AtmanirbharBharat.

  • 5
    ConnexMe Icon



    Lô đề số ConnexMe provides richer webinar and live meeting and event experiences, from simplifying setup and deployment for planners to powerful interaction that's intuitive for participants. The ConnexMe app allows you to easily design highly engaging sessions where speakers and participants can readily contribute, collaborate & network in meaningful ways. Generate discussion & capture feedback digitally to leverage group knowledge, accelerate learning, & help achieve business goals. Globally ConnexMe is used in webinars, leadership and small meetings, sales kickoffs, partner events, workshops, and conferences. Included are live slide sharing, annotating slides directly, streaming video/audio, brainstorming tools & visual polling - plus live Q&A, live polls or surveys with optional results display, (personalized) agenda with session/breakout detail, interactive map, documents, push notifications, speaker & sponsor/exhibitor info, attendee profiles (message/meet), custom branding & more.

    Starting Price: $699.00/one-time
  • 6
    Adobe Connect Icon

    Adobe Connect


    Create exceptional digital training, webinar and collaboration experiences. Learn How Adobe Connect can help Enterprises with Business Continuity, Governments with Rapid Response and Schools with Virtual Classrooms in current Public Heath Emergency situation. Customizable - Design your own immersive experiences with custom pods, images & layouts to personalize and brand your virtual room. Engaging - Drive and measure audience engagement unlike any other tool. Add interactivity to your sessions with multiple chat pods, polls, quizzes, simulations, breakout rooms, games and more. Powerful - Leverage Backstage & Prepare Mode to allow presenters and hosts to collaborate behind the scene during live session. Leverage limitless functionality and extensibility with custom apps. Persistent - Create your virtual room once with the right layouts, pods and content and use it forever.

    Starting Price: $50.00/month
  • 7
    WizIQ Icon



    WizIQ is a cloud-based education and training platform for institutes, tutors, and organizations. Affordable and easy-to-use, WizIQ gives learners the freedom to access the courses from anywhere, using any device. Offering live classes and self-paced courses, WizIQ enables organizations to launch their own custom-branded learning and training portal with a host of features such as course builder; tests and assessment builder; virtual classroom; customized mobile application; and commerce and reports.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month
  • 8
    Paradiso LMS Icon

    Paradiso LMS

    Paradiso Solutions

    Lô đề số Paradiso LMS is a top-rated eLearning software trusted by corporations, training companies, and educational institutions worldwide. An end-to-end learning management solution. Paradiso LMS lets organizations manage their eLearning effectively through mobile, social, and video technologies. Our LMS offers many features such as gamification for motivating and engaging learners, social learning for collaboration, blended learning, e-commerce, advanced reporting, and more. The platform also seamlessly integrates with more than 100 leading business tools.

    Starting Price: $1136.00/yearly
  • 9
    SAP Litmos LMS Icon

    SAP Litmos LMS


    SAP Litmos is a SAAS/Cloud platform for e-learning, also known as a learning management system or LMS. SAP Litmos cloud-based LMS is intended to get learners engaged with great user experiences anytime, anywhere, on any device. SAP Litmos LMS allows you to create courses and learning paths utilizing video, audio, text, surveys, and more in SCROM, Tin Can, or AICC. An LMS gives training professionals everything they need to manage their entire training program from one secure, centralized environment. A cloud-based solution that unifies virtual, classroom, mobile, and social learning, SAP Litmos LMS empowers training departments, sales and service leaders, safety and compliance managers, and HR teams to collaborate, author, globally distribute, and track web-based training courses, as well as schedule and track instructor-led courses. It automates formerly burdensome tasks so that teams can focus their energy on aligning training with the company’s strategic agenda.

  • 10
    Samba Live Icon

    Samba Live

    Lô đề sốDigital Samba

    Lô đề số Your video conferences are about to get a lot more interesting. Use our new & unique layouts feature to change the layout of your video conference, webcast, or webinar in just a few clicks. It's simple and straightforward to use with different content types. Show multiple content sources such as live videos or presentations side-by-side. Add multiple side panels like shared notes, Q&A, or your media library. Samba Live is feature-rich & easy to use. Meetings, webinars, virtual classrooms and white label solutions. From small meetings and large webinars to everything in between, get every feature at a price that matches your needs. Whether they're students, staff, or administration — engage your learners with intuitive and reliable technology. The only fully customizable webRTC based white label solution for enterprise. Meet anywhere and everywhere with download free full HD video right in your browser.

  • 11
    BigBlueButton Icon



    Lô đề số Engage your online students. BigBlueButton is a web conferencing system designed for online learning. Looking for a professional solution for teaching remote students online? BigBlueButton provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms. Synchronous learning tools should feel like part of your management system (LMS). Instructure, Schoology, Jenzabar, and D2L all ship their LMS with a native integration for BigBlueButton. Moodle and Sakai have plugins for deep integration. And BigBlueButton is learning tools interoperability (LTI) 1.0 compliant for widest adoption. BigBlueButton backed by a world-wide community of developers (and commercial companies) that care about making the best web conferencing system for online learning.

  • 12
    ScholarLMS Icon


    Lô đề sốBitKea Technologies

    ScholarLMS is a powerful and fully comprehensive cloud-based learning management system (LMS) solution. Trusted by businesses worldwide, ScholarLMS delivers unmatched customer services and sys-admin training to its clientele. Affordable, scalable, and user-friendly, ScholarLMS offers a host of features that include eCommerce integration, all-in-one calendar, online classrooms, course management, and file management tools as well as language support and certifications.

    Starting Price: $49.00/month
  • 13
    Deskle Icon



    Deskle is a tailored workspace for visual thinking, research, and collaboration. We carefully collected experiences from experts in various industries and fields to build this platform. Rockstar project managers, agile innovators, digital marketers, modern engineers, and freelancers all bring together their distinct knowledge and skills in order to help your organization scale, collaborate and iterate faster!

    Starting Price: $6.00 per user per month
  • 14
    GroupMap Icon



    GroupMap is a real time, secure online group response and planning tool for facilitators, educators and managers looking to improve the effectiveness and productivity of: * Group brainstorming * Virtual meetings * Workshops and breakout groups * Strategy and planning * Collaborative and focussed team meetings * Facilitated discussions * Innovation and ideation * Education and training * Agile retrospectives * Polling GroupMap's unique technology manages information overload, reduces group think and removes the noise and edit wars from current collaboration systems. This results in more focussed and effective discussions based on the input from the group. All results are shown in real time and there is no manual collation. GroupMap can be used in face to face settings, as well as any virtual environment.

    Starting Price: $20/month/user/10 participants
  • 15
    Newrow Smart Icon

    Newrow Smart


    Newrow Smart online virtual classrooms are purpose built for online instruction – helping remote instructors, facilitators, and teachers engage their students effectively online. Keep everyone focused and engaged in with high quality, real time audio and video, an easy-to-use interface, and a suite of collaborative tools that helps you transform distracted viewers into active learners. Click a link to join right in the browser. Simple, elegant design makes getting started a breeze. Collaborative tools to enhance engagement beyond just video conferencing. Hassle free online virtual classrooms that just works allowing you to grow your online programs. Play with a range of views that encourages remote learners to actively participate in your online virtual classroom. Start off with video conference view where everyone can see and talk with one another. It’s a fun way to get everyone in the class to join the discussion.

    Starting Price: $27.00/month
  • 16
    The Brainier LMS Icon

    The Brainier LMS

    Brainier Solutions

    Lô đề số The Brainier LMS is an award-winning learning management system (LMS) for companies of all sizes. Equipped with an innovative reporting wizard, this cloud-based platform offers a content library of learning materials, generates learner and trainer user analytics, and allows curriculum and content to be 100 percent accessible, from anywhere at any time. Core functionalities include certification and compliance management, learning management, virtual classroom, content authoring, social and mobile learning, and SCORM compliance.

  • 17
    Glisser Icon



    Make your live events, training sessions, and even classrooms more interactive and engaging with Glisser, an award-winning audience engagement software. Glisser allows you to share presentation slides to delegates' devices in real-time, then uses audience interaction- Q&A, live polling, social feeds and private note taking- to improve the attendee experience and provide useful event analytics. It's simple for event organizers to set up, and requires no audience download.

  • 18
    Classcraft Icon



    Classcraft motivates learners to reach their potential through sustainable, playful learning experiences that promote growth and human connection. With Classcraft’s approach to tiered intervention, educators can improve student behavior by fostering intrinsic motivation, ensuring their implementation maintains consistency, and providing targeted support to at-risk students.

    Starting Price: $120/year
  • 19
    HowNow Icon



    HowNow helps companies build skills and work smarter by bringing together scattered learning resources, internal systems, skills mapping and employees into one searchable tool that lives everywhere you already work. The learning platform enables knowledge sharing, recommends relevant content based on your experience, skills gaps and learning preferences, and surfaces content in the apps where your work - inbox, CRM, helpdesk, Slack and 100s more. Feels like magic, powered by AI.

    Starting Price: $38.00/user/year
  • 20
    VEDAMO Icon



    Teach online and manage your courses. Use the VEDAMO interactive Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System for successful online tutoring. Created by tutors for tutors. Conduct live online classes with our virtual classroom regardless of your location. Create your own online academy to manage your courses, content and learners. Easily manage and blend traditional face-to-face tutoring with online learning. VEDAMO’s flexibly priced cloud-based services are trusted by a large number of: - Freelance tutors, consultants, coaches, mentors, etc. - Small tutoring organizations and vocational centers - Kindergartens and schools - Universities and educational institutions - Corporations. A live video-conferencing tutoring environment in which you can: Create an unlimited number of live interactive online sessions, 24/7, work simultaneously with up to 25 learners per session.

    Starting Price: $25 per month
  • 21
    Radix VISO TeacherView Icon

    Radix VISO TeacherView

    Lô đề sốRadix Technologies

    Lô đề số A state-of-the-art cloud-based classroom management solution that provides educators with the tools to facilitate efficient collaborative distance learning in or outside the classroom. Share your screen, video camera and whiteboard in lecturer mode or group collaboration, remotely monitor and assist students in real-time. Streamline the learning experience and keep your finger on the classroom pulse. A cloud-based distance learning platform, combining classroom management and video conferencing capabilities with easy one-click access that is built to scale. Allow teachers to teach and students to learn remotely and have the same seamless experience of a traditional physical classroom environment virtually.

    Starting Price: $15 per user, per year
  • 22
    BrainCert Icon



    Lô đề số Cloud-based eLearning, virtual classroom, training, and learning management system. Create and sell online courses, tests, and live classes all from one platform. E-Learning Platform For Instructors: Super easy-to-use platform to deliver any type of training online. Want to teach Yoga or Software skills? No problem. Enterprise LMS For Organizations: Your own custom branded, easy-to-use, and cloud-ready learning and teaching platform for your organization. Virtual Classroom API For Collaboration: Power your website, LMS, or CMS with Virtual Classroom with real-time live video conference, chat, whiteboards, and more. We have four products, integrated on one platform. Imagine having a single platform to do everything from conducting online meetings to selling courses. That's BrainCert. BrainCert offers the largest secure global infrastructure, enabling you to schedule and launch live virtual classroom sessions no matter where you or your attendees may be!

    Starting Price: $39.00 per month
  • 23
    Enrolmy Icon



    Enrolmy Virtual enables providers to schedule, market and run online activities while at the same time making it effortless for parents to find, book and pay. - Schedule all your virtual activities on a dedicated website - Quickly and easily promotes & markets these activities - Manages all your virtual bookings and credit card payments - Integrates with Zoom teaching tools and manages all your links - Automates confirmation and reminder communications through email and SMS - Helps with reporting with dashboards to gain meaningful insights

    Starting Price: $13.00/month
  • 24
    LearnCube Icon



    Lô đề số The Online Classroom designed for teaching, tutoring & training. LearnCube’s virtual classroom is professional, reliable and simple to use. Get started in seconds. Purpose-built for live online education. Interactive online whiteboard, reliable audio & video, white-label with your business branding. Draw, write, sketch ideas in real-time. Add video, audio, images, PDFs, Google Docs, to speed-up learning. Wipe online whiteboard with a click. Teaching via Skype? Get students participating with one click. Teaching in a physical school? Get participation from every corner of the room. Works on all devices and browsers: tablets, mobiles, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, projectors, smart-boards, digital whiteboards. If you can view this webpage you have the skills to use our web whiteboard, it's that easy. Centralized file repository, instantly present or share your lesson material. Use your own logo and subdomain to create a professional seamless experience.

    Starting Price: $19.00/month
  • 25
    ProProfs LMS Icon

    ProProfs LMS


    Lô đề số ProProfs LMS is a cloud LMS that you can use as a one-stop solution for all your online training needs. Using this software application, you can create online courses in minutes, share them with learners, and track learning progress in real-time. Well-stocked library offers 100+ courses and templates that are ready to use right away. Instructors can modify them a bit to suit specific learning needs. The built-in virtual classroom software lets you centrally administer learners and manage course assignments easily. Features such as multilingual support, SCORM and Tin Can compliance, and self-paced learning add to the overall learning experience. Knowledge measurement also becomes easy with an integrated quiz tool that supports a variety of question types. You can also leverage 100+ settings for branding, and course privacy. Course creators who wish to sell and monetize their courses can do so simply by using ProProfs Store that supports several secure payment gateways.

    Starting Price: $79.00/month
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What is Virtual Classroom Software?

Virtual classrooms are increasingly a key part of education systems across the world. Now, with recent events that have unfolded across the globe, virtual avenues are needed for everything from business to health to education. Virtual classroom software provides all the tools an organization needs to conduct teaching and learning online.

Individuals or organizations who are interested in virtual classroom software likely have questions. This guide will explain what virtual classroom software is, what the benefits of virtual classrooms are, and what you should know when selecting virtual classroom software for your organization.

A Brief Overview of Virtual Classroom Software

Learning management software is a broad category, with virtual classroom technology falling under it. Virtual classroom technology gives organizations and individuals the capability to collaborate and hold conferences. This allows instructors to interact with their students no matter where they are located around the globe. As long as they have an Internet connection, they will be able to interact while maximizing location and time flexibility.

Virtual Classroom Software Features

Virtual classroom software allows teachers, trainers, and educators to directly interact with students no matter where they are located. This means there are no travel costs. There are a few basic features a person should expect when purchasing virtual classroom software. Virtual classroom software is essentially web conferencing software that is built from the ground up with education and learning in mind. Virtual classroom software features include:

  • Interactive whiteboards - Educators can use virtual whiteboards to share information with their students. Text, highlighting, and annotations can be used in real time to teach students. Students can also be given access to the virtual whiteboard.
  • Chat - Personal or group chats allow instructors and learners to interact. Educators can conduct tests, and questions can be answered in real time.
  • Streaming media - A built-in media player can be used by the educator to play video and audio files.
  • Session recording - Absent students can benefit from sessions being recorded by the instructor. The audio/video recording functionality can also help teachers prepare introductions to their classes.
  • Streaming audio and video - Educators will be able to interact directly with students in real time because of audio and video live streaming capabilities.
  • Screen sharing - Educators can share their screen or desktop with their students during class sessions.
  • File sharing - Educators can share files to their attendees using the software. These file types typically include Word documents, PDFs, and more.
  • Breakout rooms - A breakout room is designed to allow classes to be divided into smaller groups. Each room has its own document sharing, whiteboard, and chat. This allows students to collaborate while solving problems.
  • Polling - Educators can conduct surveys and quizzes during a session. Afterward, they can view the results laid out in chart form to assess learner comprehension.
  • Attendance and notifications - Educators can monitor how many attend a session. They also can send notifications to students about future classes.

Advantages of Using Virtual Classroom Software

When an organization uses virtual classroom software, they can expect a variety of benefits. This software allows their students to work at their own pace and enjoy flexibility when completing courses. Students who are employed or who have commitments can still enjoy training and education when they are not able to attend classes in person.

Lô đề sốAs long as a person has an Internet connection, they can access the organization that offers education, allowing the organization to expand its reach. And there are no travel costs for learners or instructors.

Lô đề sốSoftware used for virtual classrooms can be used by large organizations and individual tutors. Marketing is often aimed at large organizations and educational institutes. They can often benefit from this technology when providing personal development courses or internal new hire courses. This eliminates the need for travel.

Lô đề sốSome forms of software cater to secondary or higher education. Software has also been designed with the corporate world in mind. Vendors will offer specialized products with specific buyers in mind. Some products can be used effectively for almost any type of organization.

Lô đề sốWhen purchasing virtual classroom software, the most important thing to evaluate is the needs of the buyer. The software should offer the functionality and features needed by the organization, business, or individual. This is true regardless of how or to which specific group a software is marketed.

Virtual Classroom Software Trends

It is true that some educators doubt the effectiveness of tools used in virtual classrooms and remote learning. However, virtual classroom software is becoming more and more popular because of the many advantages it offers. Even well-known educational organizations have started using these tools. Due to global events necessitating social distancing, virtual classroom software is becoming more popular and necessary than ever.